How to Earn Money Without Investment Through Mobile?

How to Earn Money Without Investment Through Mobile

Each and every single person want to make money. You can make money online. In this article, I want to tell you how to earn money without investment through mobile? There are thousands of people who search for it daily.

People earn money by different methods like jobs, self-business and online. Have you ever thought that you can earn money online. The answer is yes. You can make a big figure account by doing some online works. There are many people who are earning a lot without going outdoor. They do not work under someone’s command. But you must have some talent and art. Everyone has something special skill. You can convert your talent into money if you got perfect knowledge and guide. You just need to identify your talent.

How to earn money without investment through mobile?

As I have already told Someone has writing skills, someone has a singing skill, someone has typing skill. Everyone has different skills. Each and every person have been learning something since his birth. There is some skill which is available from a particular person’s birth. There are also some skills which person get from others.

You can make online money by using your talent at correct place. As you know to make money online is not bad thing. Even I am also writing this article for make money as well as I am trying to give you knowledge about it by this article. The big questing is How to Earn Money Without Investment Through Mobile?

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Trust me this is not wrong way. Even I am also earning money online through the internet, so that I can comfortably fulfill my needs. There are three most important things you must have that is –

  1. Mobile/Computer/Laptop
  2. Internet Connection
  3. Lot of Passions

1. Earn through blogging

When we are Talking about how to earn money from the internet, Blogging comes in first place. Because this is most simplest way by using it you can earn a lot online. You must have one things for it and that is writing skill.

If you try to do blogging without writing skill, you will have to face many difficulties. If you not have writing skill you need to develop it in yourself. Inversely if you are master in writing, you won’t get difficulties. Because you can write every thing about the topic in which you are expert. That why you can solve all questions of your viewers.

You have to choose those topic in which you are interested. Suppose your interest is in sports and games and you are going to create a blog on finance. You will do good in beginning. But after sometime you have to face trouble to search topic to create articles. If your audience ask you questions about finance then what will you do?

Ways to make money from blogging

There are many methods by which you can earn money by blogging. If you want brief knowledge about how to earn money from website. I am telling you 3 most important methods to earn money by blogging.

1) Advertising – There are many websites available on internet you can display their ads on your blog to make money. As you know or not there are some popular site you can try – Google AdSense,, infolinks etc. If you are looking for alternative ad networks to AdSense, Check the article.

2) Affiliate Marketing – Everyone knows affiliate marketing in today’s era. Affiliate marketing is the method by which you earn commission for helping people to sell their products. When you sell a owner’s product successfully he give you a particular commission amount. You can do affiliate marketing with any e-commerce companies like Amazon, Flipkart as well as you can do it with any web hosting provider company. You can earn more money from Affiliate marketing in comparison to Advertising.

3) Sponsored Posts – It will happen when your blog will get popular, companies will contact you to review their product as well as display their product on your blog. Company will give you good money to do this in return.

2. Earn through YouTube

Who doesn’t know about YouTube? YouTube is largest video library in the whole world. YouTube is 2nd most popular website in the world. It is powered by Google. There is million of traffic on YouTube daily. Everyone know you can earn money by YouTube. Publish written content called blogging and publish video content called vlogging.

To earn money by YouTube you need to have presentation skill. If you have presentation skill you can do everything on YouTube. Presentation means how do you present yourself front of viewers. To present your self you need to have expression skill and conversation skill. Without these two skills you can not present yourself. Without presentation skill you can not earn on YouTube.

Making money from videos on YouTube is more expensive than blogging. Because you need to spend money to purchase video making software and to buy a camera to make videos.

Ways to make money from YouTube

As like Blogging, here are also three simple methods to earn by YouTube

1) AdSense – As you know YouTube and AdSense both are the products of Google. The maximum YouTuber’s source of earning is AdSense. Like blogging also here you have to take monetization from AdSense by following their terms and conditions. You can earn through YouTube even if you have few subscribers on your channel.

2) Affiliate Marketing – If you review a particular product, you can put your affiliate link in your video’s description box. When someone buy that product by using your link, you will get a commission for it.

3) Sponsored Video – Suppose you are a popular YouTuber so therefore you need to take more engagement with people. Therefore you will get more chance to get product for review. You can earn a good amount.

If you want to know the difference between blogging and vlogging, I have written a massive article for you. Read if you want to know the difference between blogging and vlogging.

3. Earn through Online tuition

Now a days more people are looking for every thing online. As you know there is still locked down in India and more countries because of corona. Therefore people don’t like to go outdoor for tuition. There are many online courses for every topic. If you want to learn drawing there are thousand number of courses regarding drawing available on internet.

Suppose you want to learn graphics designing and you live in town or village. In a town or village there are no more sources to learn high authority education like graphic designing. The solution is you have to buy a course.

If you are expert in any subject, you can launch your course too. You need to promote it or you can spend a little bit money to promote your course.

Make money from Online Tuition

There are many website available on internet which are famous for library of online classes. On that website thousands of courses are available. Is it possible for a person? No, there are many people behind it. They give you always chance to upload your course on their website.

To upload a course, You need to register on a website like Udemy. You need to fix your course price. Someone purchase your course by payment on Udemy. Udemy take some commission and give you your remaining payment.

4. Earn by Selling your Skill

This is a very good answer for How to earn money without investment through mobile. Here you need to have digital skill like expert in SEO, Coding, graphic designing, video editing and so on. Our era is becoming digital so many businesses are going digital. Therefore they always search for experts to hire. They give their to someone expert and expert get money in return to his work.

If you are also expert in any digital skill, you can earn more by selling your skill. You don’t need to wait someone call. There are many websites where you can show your skill to get work. Fiverr is the best website to show your skill.

5. Earn through Freelancing

Freelancing is also a very good method to get payment for any type of digital work. Simply here you want to register first. After registration process is different in different websites. As I mentioned in Earn by selling your skill also here you need to have some digital skill.

But here is little bit different manner. You have to set your portfolio to impress employers. Here the employer post their requirement and work details, you have to place bid on it. the employer select you to complete his work. Once you got success to impress an employer, there are many chance to you selected by him as permanent employee of him.

6. Make money by Affiliate Marketing

I have already mentioned about Affiliate marketing above. You can do affiliate marketing in blogging and vlogging too. But you can do affiliate marketing special. I mean to say affiliate marketing without blogging and YouTube.

There are not all sellers successful to sell their product online. Those type of sellers always looking to increase his sell at any how condition. Suppose you have hosting website and you are not getting satisfied in sell. In this condition you if somebody helps you to increase your sell. You will give him particular percentage of sell’s payment as his commission.

There is a more money in affiliate marketing than other methods. But this is not easy to do. You have to do more hardwork for it. You have to communicate with people to tell all things about product.

How to start affiliate marketing?

Our article’s tittle is How to Earn Money Without Investment Through Mobile. For affiliate marketing you don’t need to invest a single money. If you don’t know anything about affiliate marketing you can start from e-commerce website like Amazon and Flipkart. You need to do register with their affiliate program first. After registration you will get their every product’s affiliate link. Those link you have to share with your family, friend or anywhere. If someone buy that product using your link. You will get commission.

7. Earn online through Paid Survey

This method is like time pass. If you are on job and looking for another source of earn in part time, this is the best option for you. There are many website available on internet which provide you online paid survey. This is not fraud. Even Google also have their survey platform which provide paid survey to people.

Here are also some website available on internet which give you some short task like install app and stay on it for a minute. This types of website are not fraud. But you need to keep attention while choosing genuine website.

But why an website pay you for give answers of their questions. Keep this in mind this is the work of survey companies. This type of companies take people’s feedback about big brands like amazon by survey. After collecting big data they sell that feedbacks to brand’s companies.

There are also many frauds website on internet. Therefore you need to find best and genuine website. If you are working on one of the fraud website, you are doing only time pass. But they do not give you good amount. If you have fixed that, you want to earn money online in any how condition, go for blogging, YouTube and affiliate marketing. You will get paid late but in big amount.

8. Earn through URL shortener

URL shortner is the method by which you do short to a URL. If someone click on your shorted URL, you get paid. Now you think what need to short URL and how you can earn from shortner URL. Nobody like long URL. As you can see the URL of this article how long it is!

If you want to put URL in YouTube, Facebook, Resume etc. and you put long URL in it. It looks like unofficial. Therefore you need to short URL.

Have you ever seen Google shortner ( This facility is powered by Google. Unfortunately Google have closed this facility. But this was a free facility. I will tell you best website by which you can earn good pocket money.

You need to do only choose a link from anywhere and put it into a website. They will short your URL. You have to place that short URL in your website, YouTube or anywhere. If someone click on it, it will open a short ad. If he click on that ad you will get more money than impression on that ad.

But this method can not give you big amount of money. If you are looking for How to Earn Money Without Investment Through Mobile, you have to do blogging, YouTube and affiliate marketing. If you have good knowledge of everything you can do all this for free in every you mobile.

9. Earn through Reselling Marketing

Reselling marketing had come a long time ago, but it got a new revolution in India thanks to Meesho. Reselling marketing is different from affiliate marketing. (Some of the active reselling marketing platforms in India Shop101, eBay, Shopee, Meesho, OLX, Quikr, 5miles, GlowRoad, Resellme, etc.)

This marketing type is good for the physical products. You don’t have to do anything special in this. The company has products, they have to be promoted by your and you have to tell about the product with your friends, family and colleagues so that they like that product and you get the order. Then according to them you have to place their order on the core platform, along with the price of the product and company charges, you have to enter your margin accordingly. Meaning you get complete freedom in this, you can earn more profit that those who are unknown.

This is how reselling marketing system works. There are also many such platforms on which there is a fixed margin. Here I have also some ultimate apps by which you can boost your earning in just mobile – Ultimate money making apps.


As you can see if not you have laptop or computer, you have to face many problems while trying above methods in mobile. There is no investment needed. Only you need to have special skill. Which skill that make you different from normal people. Second thing needed is perseverance. Third this you needed is passions. If you started blog or YouTube channel from today, it will take time to get success. let take my example – It has been 2 months since I started this blog. But not get a single money from it yet. There passions is the main key, if you want to achieve success to earn money through blogging and YouTube.

If you want to do affiliate marketing for the digital products, I have a best platform for you. The best Affiliate marketing platform or digital products is here.

If you like this article share it with your friends. If you have any query about article you can ask me by comments. Thanks for reading.

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