How you can earn money online on the Meesho app?

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Do you use Meesho to do online shopping? Then you will wonder to hear that you can make up to Rs. 10K-25K per month from it. Read the article completely, this is all about how you can earn money from Meesho in a few easy steps.

You might not know that women use Meesho more than men. The reason for the attraction of women towards it is that women’s clothes are available here in many varieties and at very low prices. Although there are many things for men too men like to purchase from offline shops more than online shopping. You must know that currently, Meesho is India’s number one dropshipping platform. This platform is not only for shopping but by doing dropshipping along with shopping, good revenue can be generated from it.

In order to earn money on Meesho, reselling does not mean that you have to have the good and then sell it to customers. Here is a quite different scenario of reselling on it that I will introduce to you in further of this article. And apart from this, you can earn 25% of commission by referring Meesho too.

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What is Meesho all about?

Meesho is an Indian-originated reselling platform established in December 2015 by two IIT Delhi graduates Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwal. Currently, Meesho is active only in India thus the headquarters is located in Bengaluru city. They give the opportunity to individuals and small businesses to open their online stores on Meesho to earn money. These stores can be run on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms by promoting the product on their own. Meesho plays only the role of supplier for those.

Prior to Meesho, Atray and Barnwal started a startup named Fashionier in which they used to do hyper-delivery of fashion. But they used to have more resellers than sales. So they decided to shift from direct selling to dropshipping. This decision proved right and Meesho started growing initially. The company got its biggest push when it was selected for Y-Combinator. It is the world’s largest acceleration program from where Meesho got initial funding. After that, they got official funding from SAIFPartners. Till now many big companies have invested in Meesho like NASPERS, Sequoia Capital and even Facebook has also invested in Meesho.

In the starting phase, Meesho was available only for garments. But now Meesho extended their business to earn more money. Now it deals with home furnishing, home decor, kitchen & dining, beauty, health, jewellery, accessories, footwear, bags, and electronic products.

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How does Meesho earn money?

Many people must be thinking, even I was also how Meesho earns because they sell at on much lower price than other platforms. Following is the list of the ways through which Meesho earn money:

  1. Commission: The largest part of earnings of Meesho come from commissions. Meesho charges a few amounts of commission from its sellers. They charge different percentages of commission for different categories of products.
  2. Penalty charges: Seller who does not follow the rule, is not time worth, does not ship on the given time, does not maintain the quality from those they charge penalty.
  3. Logistics: Their second biggest source of revenue is logistics means shipping. Basically, they provide their own logistics services to their sellers and generate good revenue from it.
  4. Advertisement: If a seller wants to display his product more than the others or he wants to rank on Meesho in order to get more sales, Meesho charges them some amount. This is the primary method of Meesho to earn money.
  5. Selling database: A selling database is the common earning method of maximum huge companies. They turn customer’s databases into money from this.

Meesho’s biggest revenue source is funding and investment they raise. They are collecting and increasing the valuation of the company. So the company is earning its biggest amount from funding after increasing the valuation of the company.

How you can earn money on Meesho by Dropshipping?

Meesho is an online shopping platform. But the purpose of making Meesho is to make people able to earn money by dropshipping sitting at home. It is very easy, no investment is needed, and flexible timing to be given, even teenagers can also try this. I have a special article on how to earn as a teenager in India, you can read it.

I have explained what is the process of dropshipping on Meesho in a few easy steps. The first step to do in order to earn money from Meesho is to get logged in to Meesho using your mobile number.

Step 1: Choose a correct product to earn money on Meesho

earn money from meesho

To earn money on Meesho, selecting the right product is very important. In order to find the right product that you want to resell, you can use the search bar or you can go through the categories too.

Look at the image I found of this jacket, this is for Rs 749. You too have to find such a product that looks more premium than it is actually worth.

Step 2: Share the product details

Meesho has a wonderful sharing feature using which you can share details about the product including product image, its price, used material, etc. When you share a product using the Share button, the image of the product is auto-shared and the description is copied to the clipboard. So that you can make changes as you want like changing the price and adding an attractive note in order to attract the customers.

In order to earn money on Meesho, sharing product details with attractive descriptions and affordable prices is very important. You can share product details on any social media app that is present on your phone.

Step 3: Place the order to earn money on Meesho

  1. Go to the product your customer likes and click on the Buy Now button.
earn money from meesho
  1. Then select the size, and keep easy return always enabled so that you can return or replace the product, after that click on the Buy Now button.
  1. Now enter the shipping address. If you want to ship the package directly to your customer’s door, enter his address.
earn money from meesho
  1. Now choose the payment method as Cash on Delivery, and choose “Yes” on “Reselling the order?
  2. Enter the amount including your profit margin which you want to show as the price of the product to your customer. (As you can see in the image my product’s price was Rs 749, which became Rs 899 after including Rs 150 as my profit margin.)

In order to earn money on Meesho, you have to add your profit margin wisely. Do not keep the margin much more that your customer may find the product price high and do not keep it so low that you do not get any profit.

  1. Now you will be shown the summary of your order including size, quantity, delivery address, payment mode, sender’s information, price detail, your margin, etc. Click on the Place Order button on that page.

Your order is successfully placed for your customer. If you will have entered the customer’s address then the package will be sent to your customer directly, Otherwise, the package will be delivered to your address.

Step 4: Earn money on Meesho at delivery

After your customer receives the package, he will pay the displayed amount as he has selected cash on delivery as his payment mode (In my case my customer will pay Rs 899). After a few days of order completion, you will receive the same amount you entered as your profit margin to your Meesho linked bank account (Thus I will receive Rs 150 as my profit), and the rest amount will go to Meesho and the supplier.

This is how you can earn money by dropping on Meesho. This is a suitable earning source for household women because the craze of online shopping among girls is increasing day by day, and only a girl can recognize a girl’s choice very well.

This video is uploaded on the official YouTube channel of Meesho. You can watch this to learn What is Meesho reselling & how to use the Meesho App.

Payment methods on Meesho

earn money from meesho

Meesho accepts all payment methods that other websites do. let me tell you that UPI (Google Pay), Wallet (Paytm, PhonePe, Mobikwik), Debit/Credit Card, Net Banking, and everyone’s favourite COD payment methods are available on Meesho.

If you pay online on Meesho, then you get a discount of up to 10-15%. Apart from this, you also get 10-15% off on making payments through wallets i.e. Paytm, PhonePe, and Mobikwik. By making online payment and using payment methods on which discount offer is available, you can earn more than your profit margin; let’s see how?

Let’s have my example of how I earn more money by dropshipping on Meesho: I am getting on an average 25% off by paying online and using the offer available payment method. My product price is Rs 749, so I am getting Rs 187 off and my profit margin is Rs 150. In this way, I am earning Rs 337 on a normal dropshipping.

How to refer and earn money on the Meesho app?

Meesho also provides the feature of earning by referring but I do not recommend you to refer. Because if you refer Meesho to people then you yourself reveal your secret, because of which you are losing your customers.

earn money from meesho

You can earn money also by referring on Meesho in just three easy steps as follows:

  1. Invite a friend: You will get the Refer & Earn option in the Account menu at the bottom right corner of the app interface. There you will get the button ‘Refer & Earn’, using which you can share the referral link on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and anywhere you want to share.
  2. Friend places an order: Your friend downloaded the Meesho app from your referral link. Now he will choose a product on Meesho and place an order.
  3. Get paid: You will earn 25% of the money as a commission on his order or a maximum of up to Rs 350 on Meesho. Remember this is going to happen only on his first order. So tell him to place an order of a minimum of Rs 1400 so that you will get the maximum benefit.


If you do work on Meesho with full dedication, you will earn up to 25,000 per month. Nowadays, Dropshipping on Meesho is a very good way to earn money. Dropshipping is a very good method, which you can do with zero investment.

The only challenging thing in dropshipping on every platform that provides dropshipping services is to find potential customers. For that, you can create a social media group of your friends and family members and product information there. If possible, tell your friends that if they want to go shopping, they should do it through you.

There many platforms like Meesho are available on the internet that allow you to earn money by dropshipping and reselling.

If you like this type of content means methods to earn money, keep visiting our blog, we come up with new methods of earning money. Thanks for reading!

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