What is Meesho and How to Earn Money from Meesho?

how to earn money from meesho

Hey, today I am going to tell about India’s Number reselling app and company and how you can earn money from Meesho. Yes, Now Meesho has become number 1 reselling app in India.

I thing there is no introduction required for meesho today. Because nowadays it is spreading everywhere from its reselling.

What is Meesho and who is founder?

Who is the founder of Meesho?

– Meesho is Indian origin originated e-commerce platform and founded by Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwal in December 2015.

Meesho is the platform which gives the opportunity to people to start there online store. It means, Meesho allow people to start their business online by self promotion of their products on social media like What’s app, Facebook, Instagram etc. The headquarter of Meesho is in Bengaluru, India.

What is methods to earn money from Meesho?

There is no many method to earn like fake apps. There is only one way to earn with Meesho and that is reselling. The concept of earning from Meesho is Either you can sell your products or help to sell other’s products. Both methods can give you money.

On Meesho you have to sell your products at wholesale price to your customers. If you sell products on wholesale price obviously your graph on number of customers will increase.

There are to methods to earn money from Meesho –

  1. You can sell your own products.
  2. You can help to sell other’s products.

Let we cover it one by one.

Sell own products

Suppose you have a physical store of small business. If you are willing to sell your products also online, you can one pick your products on Meesho app by genuine products image and prices only. Messho will show your products to people who are searching for your product category. If that people bought your product you will get paid online from Meesho.

Help to sell other’s products

Meesho has become attraction for women. If you have not your store, no problem, you can also earn money from Meesho. There are many quality products available on Meesho app. Simply you have to register on Meesho by entering your mobile number.

Now as you can see there are many attractive products available on Meesho. Now the thing you have to do is promote that attractive products by sending product’s image as well as description with your family, friends or any people. You can do this using any social media platform.

Advantages to earn money from Meesho

1. When you products liked by people, you can add your profit margin on your product price. It means you can keep the price of that product as you want the profit.

2. The plus point is Meesho handles the whole delivery process. From picking up to shipping the products to customers. Meesho deliver your products to your customers without mentioning there name.

3. Cash on Delivery – To gain the trust of your customers, Meesho allow your customers to do payment on delivery (cash on delivery). Meesho collect full price of product and send your profit margin to your bank account.

4. Refund Policy – One more thing Meesho offer is no questions 100% refund policy. If the customer is not satisfied with product, the customer can return or replace the product by using Meesho app. The whole process of refund, return and replacement also handled by Meesho.

Use Meesho app to earn money from Meesho

To use Meesho app you only need to have the knowledge of two things that is how to promote your products with your customers and how to place an order using Meesho app.

There are three steps to earn money from Meesho –

  1. Browse your product
  2. Share your product
  3. Earn money

When you open Meesho app, you can see all products are available in wholesale price. There are many similar products means same saree with different color. The collect of similar product called catalog. Either you can share whole catalog or you can share a single product.

How to share product images using Meesho app?

When you open a catalog you can see share buttons. Share buttons is also available of single products. Either if you want to share your product using What’s app click on What’s app share button or if you want to use other sharing click on Others button. It will allow you to share products using many methods available in your mobile.

earn money from meesho

When you click on What’s app share button, it will run your what’s app automatically. Only one thing you have to do is select contact where you want to share your products. Finally click on Send button.

As you can see all images from your selected catalog was sent to your customers. Also you can share a photo of single product too by using buttons which you can see correct below the description of product.

How to share product description using Meesho app?

You can do this process after sending product images to your customers. For sending the product description to you customers, you have get back from what’s app to meesho. After getting back to Meesho it will automatically go to your what’s app. There only you have to select contact where you have to share the product description. Finally click on send button.

Here you go. You have done successfully. Meesho does not display the real price of the product to your customer. Meesho does not mention themselves anywhere in this whole process. Customer think that you are real supplier of the product.

How to place order for customer on Meesho app?

If you want to earn money from Meesho, you have to learn everything related to Meesho app. One of the important thing is placing order. You need to know how to place order on Meesho.

Now get back to topic. If your customer want to buy any product which you have shared with them.

Step 1 – Come back to app and go to My Account section.
Step 2 – Go to My Shared Catalogs.
Step 3 – Now go to the product which is liked by your customer.
Step 4 – Tap on Add to Cart button.

earn money from meesho

Step 5 – Choose the correct size and quantity and tap on “Done”.
Step 6 – You will see Checkout button, tap on it.
Step 7 – Choose your payment option as cash on delivery and tap on “Proceed”.
Step 8 – Enter delivery address by using “Add New Address” button.
Step 9 – Tap on Proceed button. It will open your order summary.
Step 10 – Finally tap on “Place Order” button.

After that you will see your order has successfully placed.

Payment Methods

There are two payment methods on Meesho.

  1. Online – If you choose payment method as online, reseller have to pay only the price of product. You have to collect total amount (product price + your profit) from your customer.
  2. Cash on delivery – If you choose payment method as cash on delivery, Meesho collect total amount (product price + your profit) from your customer. After collecting payment, It will give you your profit in your back account.
earn money from meesho

As you now know, you have to collect your whole amount from your customers in online payment method. If you select cash on delivery method. You can include your profit margin and you can show whole amount as wholesale price.

Before placing order for your customer, Meesho show you the real price of product and leave a blank place where you have to add your amount. There you can see your profit margin too.

Let get an example – Suppose your are selling a product of price 650 to a customer. You choose cash on delivery as payment method. There you added 700 rupees as a price of product. On delivery Meesho will show price as 700 rupees. After collecting payment Meesho will give profit margin to you and that is 50 rupees.

Final Word

If you do work on Meesho with full dedication, you will earn upto 25000 per month. Now a days, Meesho is very good way to earn money. Only a thing you have to do is to find customer to sell your products to them.

I hope you better understand what I am trying to tell you. If you like this article don’t forget to share it with your friends. If you have any query, feel free to ask it to me.

Thank for reading.

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