BGMI 3.1 Update: Release Date, New Features, and Events

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Friends, are you eagerly waiting for the 3.1 update of BGMI? After reading this article, your curiosity for this update will increase further. In this article, I will tell you what new is going to come in the BGMI 3.1 update, what new features will be added, new events, new themes, and about the upcoming Royal Pass.

As you probably know, BGMI brings a new update after every 2 months. This update is based on some theme like the previous update brought the Shadow Force theme. Every two months, a new theme is implemented, based on which events and modes appear in BGMI. You might be aware that BGMI’s anniversary is held every year in March, so there are a lot of amazing things to be seen in BGMI in the next update.

BGMI 3.1 Update: Release date and Theme

As of now, there is no mention of BGMI update 3.1 anywhere from BGMI officials. But according to PUBG Mobile’s official social media handle, update 3.1 will be released in PUBG on March 12. You might know, the update for BGMI comes 10 to 15 days after the update is released in PUBG. Therefore, we can say that March 24 can be the possible date for the release of the 3.1 update in BGMI.

If we talk about the theme, then PUBG has confirmed that this time Arabic Night theme is going to come in the game. We will see modes based on this theme in maps like Erangle, Miramar, Livik, etc. and theme-based events will last in the game till the end of this version. Along with this, BGMI’s anniversary is also in March, so some new things will be installed on each map to celebrate the anniversary, like the celebration cakes seen last time.

BGMI 3.1 Update New Features

The new update will introduce a lot of new features, changes, and events as follows:

bgmi 3.1 update nimbus island
  • The new Nimbus Island will be introduced, which will be the next place of hot-drop. A lot of ultimate loot will be found in this place, so you will have to fight a lot to acquire this place.
  • The new update will also have a special object that will help in creating Teleportation Portals that can be used to travel from one place to another in quick time. Utilities such as grenades and Molotov cocktails can also be used to access teleportation portals.
bgmi 3.1 update jinn
  • Players will be able to summon a Jinn inside the secret room somewhere on Nimbus Island that will provide level 3 loot and assassins like the highest damage gun Lynx AMR and AWM.
  • The update also features a new utility in the form of a grenade. When the grenade is thrown towards the enemy, it will create a dome-like structure and all players in the circle will automatically start dancing.
  • The 3.1 update will also introduce a new vehicle in the form of a flying carpet that can be used by two players at the same time.

New Innovation: Arabic Night theme mode

The features mentioned above are just leaks and players can expect some changes going forward. It will be interesting to see what other features the 3.1 update brings to BGMI as the features mentioned above will definitely make things interesting the way players take to the field.

There are two islands, Day Island and Night Island: Day Island is bright and suitable for gunfire, while Night Island is darker and better for concealment.

You can choose to enter anyone. There is a countdown timer for the Nimbus Islands. Once the countdown ends, you will be taken somewhere higher up in the play zone. While on Nimbus Island, you will not be harmed by the Blue Zones. The Nimbus Islands will disappear at the end of the countdown and will not be available again in the same match.

Upon entering Nimbus Island, you will receive a respawn card. Respawn cards are used when eliminated on Nimbus Island. You can summon a Genie on Nimbus Island, and it gives each player on the summoning team an additional special respawn card.

The Nimbus Islands are divided into three areas, with the Palace area having the best supply. After looting, you can leave by going to the portal inside Nimbus Island and touching it.

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