What is the meaning of Katy Perry tattoo in Sanskrit?

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Katherine Elizabeth Hudson, commonly known as Katy Perry, is an American singer, songwriter, and judge on several reality television shows. This American singer has become a topic of discussion in India for the last few days, the reason for which is her small tattoo. Yes friends, this American singer has got a tattoo in Sanskrit language on his hand. We will know the meaning of this Sanskrit language tattoo of Katy Perry in this article.

It is said that Katy likes tattoos very much, so she has different small tattoos made on different parts of her body. We will read about one of those tattoos which is on Katy’s right hand in this article.

Talking about Katy Perry’s Sanskrit language tattoo, this tattoo is on the bicep of her right hand. These two words are written on her tattoo “अनुगच्छतु प्रवाहः”, which is from the Sanskrit language of India, it is pronounced as “anugachchhatu pravaahah” in Sanskrit and Hindi. The meaning of Katy Perry tattoo in Sanskrit is “Go with the flow” in English.

If we see that Katy got the tattoo in the Sanskrit language why? So Katy’s ex-husband Russell Brand, who is a comedian and actor, also has a similar tattoo on his hand. Russell is a tattoo holic person, he keeps getting tattoos of different religions on different parts of his body. Katy and Russell had made this tattoo in the Sanskrit language when they both lived together. After their divorce, Russell removed that tattoo, and Katy still has it as is.

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