How can you earn from YouTube, even if you don’t have more subscribers?

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“How to earn money from YouTube without AdSense” is a very common question of many people who upload videos on YouTube. You may be surprised to hear that even if you don’t have many subscribers to your channel, you can still make money.

Maximum people try YouTube to get monetized with Google AdSense. But if you are a beginner and got monetization, you can’t generate a good amount. If you are intelligent, you will do smart work. I also recommend that you should go for alternative methods to earn from YouTube.

Why you should not depend only on AdSense?

The first thing you know about AdSense for YouTube is this is not easy to get monetization from AdSense for YouTube channels. There are many terms and conditions you have to follow to get monetization on YouTube. If you like video making, you can easily create videos. But because of one mistake, your money goes to another. What type is this?

I don’t care if my money goes to someone else. Therefore you need to start some alternatives with AdSense or you can try it without AdSense too.

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Keep in mind before moving to AdSense

I am not telling that AdSense is the worst. AdSense is the best way to earn money and it is also the long-lasting way which can give you long-lasting earning. But there is some kind of things, which by maximum people don’t like. Let see one by one below –

  1. Have to fulfill their criteria: This is the most headache thing to get AdSense approval. You have to follow its criteria in the case when you want AdSense approved. The first thing you have to do is follow AdSense monetization policies. The second thing is you should be one of the eligible countries where the YouTube partner program is available. You must have more than 4000 watch hours by genuine traffic and must have more than 1000 Subscribers within 12 months. If you start from today, you can not get 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers in the night. It will take at least 6 months for all this to happen and then you will get AdSense approval.
  2. No revenue for actual views: People think that by opening a YouTube channel and getting AdSense approval, everything is done. But this is totally wrong thinking. You think ads will now appear on your video and you will get paid when people see them. My friends, you are thinking wrong because there are many types of ads. An ad is such that you don’t get paid for it unless your viewers click on it. Some ads are like that you don’t get paid until your viewer doesn’t watch it for 30 seconds. You won’t believe it but they won’t give you anything unless you see an ad in full. Now tell me one thing which viewer watches the advertisement for 30 seconds, I don’t even watch. This is the real truth that people don’t like to watch ads hence some people do ad-block. Now what? it is over.
  3. Different revenue for different topics: Yes, this is reality, AdSense discriminates against you. I mean, not really on you, but on your niche. How many ads will appear on your video, depending on your niche? If your videos are related to technology obviously you get paid high. Not only that, but AdSense also makes a difference in your CPC (Click Per Cost) and RPM (Revenue Per 1000 Impression).

    Let understand with an example below – Suppose there are two types of advertisers. The first advertiser has a mobile company and the second advertiser do business with pet food. The first type of business doesn’t need to show more ads on your videos, on the other hand, the second type of business needs to show more ads on your videos to promote their business. But your traffic is not relevant to this business therefore your viewers don’t click on ads. And this is the biggest reason for losing your income from AdSense.
  4. Less revenue for small channels: How many AdSense pay for the 1000 views? this is a very common question of more people. Nobody knows AdSense’s exact revenue for views. Let’s just assume that AdSense pays $1 for 1000 views. Is this enough for you, In case you have fewer subscribers? Not for me. New channels get more views with great difficulty. With great difficulty, they get a couple of 1000 views. It means they got $2 only. From my point of view, this is not enough for you. You should try something other with YouTube.
  5. Your revenue goes to others: This is one of the biggest problems for everyone who runs a YouTube channel. If you used someone else content in your videos, YouTube’s algorithm can easily capture it. You will have to delete your channel or you will have to reimburse the full revenue to the content owner from where you copied for this video issue. Let us think about new YouTubers, They don’t have more topics to make incredible videos hence they try to copy others’ videos. Thus their channel has to be shut down before they can grow.

    This is also good from the second point of view. You copy someone else content. Have you ever wondered how hard the owner worked to make that video? YouTube has restricted this so that only they can get the fruits of their labor.

Let’s talk about the ways by which you can I can make more money from YouTube without AdSense:

How to earn money from YouTube without AdSense?

As I have already told your AdSense is the most beautiful way to earn from YouTube but only when your channel is already popular. Now we see how many problems we have to face. There are also many ways to earn without AdSense on YouTube. I am not talking about the AdSense alternative, the reality is only AdSense has the right to display ads on YouTube videos. Here I am talking about something different than ads. By doing this way many YouTubers are earning well and you can also start a good amount of earning.

1. Paid sponsorships

Paid sponsorship is one of the best earning sources on YouTube even if your channel has less number of subscribers. The reason for this is that the business has to give sponsorship to relevant niches for their product. If you start a YouTube channel with those topics which are rare but there are many industries available relevant to it in the market, you will easily get sponsorship offers from the companies.

How can you get paid sponsorships on YouTube?

As I have mentioned before you must have a YouTube channel with different topics than common topics. In India, there are many technology channels, which show the gadget review videos and you have also started a review channel. In this case, you need to forget that you will also get the sponsorship.

Suppose, there is a tech-related YouTube channel and you have a pet-related YouTube channel. That tech channel has 1 million subscribers and you have less than 100,000 subscribers on your channel. The business opened in Pune, Maharashtra, India, and the business is relevant to pet food. So now tell me, if they will have to promote their business where will they go? Obviously, they will come to you. Therefore this thing is clear that the number of subscribers doesn’t matter.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the best source of earnings. You can generate a very big amount from it. Even you can earn more than the revenue generated from AdSense from YouTube. The normal thing is you need only just describe the skill. In affiliate marketing, you don’t need to contact someone. You can observe yourself and grab the product which you have to sell. Nowadays, affiliate marketing is not just for Amazon and Flipkart, You can sell digital products too. I have the best platform to find digital products and that is WarriorPlus.

How to do Affiliate Marketing on YouTube?

If you run a channel that is related to Blogging, you can do affiliate marketing by selling hosting, themes, and much more. On the other hand, if your channel is related to gadgets or mobile or some different things, you need to find the products and filter them according to price, service, and features. Get the ideas from your viewers that what are they interested in.

Only you need to have your YouTube channel to make it happen. First of all, you need to do a case study on what type of products can give you long-lasting affiliates and which are in much demand. Keep these two things in your mind as the filter and go ahead and choose the good products. You don’t need to have more subscribers on your channel to do affiliate marketing.

You need to create interest in the mind of people to those products which you choose as your affiliate products. Once the interest is generated the audience tries to grab the item. Choose those products that will benefit your audience.

3. Sell your services

If you have a service like any service, you can promote it on your channel to get more orders. If you are a good graphic designer and you have also a YouTube channel where you upload videos related to graphic designing. This is a very good opportunity for you to get more orders, even if you have fewer subscribers. No watch time and no number of subscribers need here. This is one of the straightforward ways to earn.

How you can sell your service on YouTube?

Here you need only an average YouTube channel and less number of subscribers. Make sure you have relevant service to your YouTube video topic. Now Suppose you provide the AdSense approval service or SEO-friendly article writing service, your videos should be about blogging and SEO-related videos. This is a very good solution on how to earn money from YouTube without AdSense.

As you can see people from all over the world are on YouTube. You can set the high price of your service for people from the USA and UK. Because you have to do their work very strictly. To make more trust you can create a Gig on Fiverr or somewhere else and start to give your service there. That way you can look more honest. Be honest anyway.

4. Sell the courses

This is also one of the best ways how to earn money from YouTube without AdSense. Here you have to do some hard work to make your courses. If you are an expert in anything like photo designing or graphic designing and if you promote your course in the correct way, you will definitely be successful to sell your course. By using this method you can earn a good amount.

How you can sell the course on YouTube?

The only thing you need to have is your YouTube channel. You need to add everything to the course. What do people do? People add only the information which is relevant to that software for which they have made the course. They do not add additional information. If they have made a course about photo editing, they would have said in that course only about photo editing.

You will have to do its inverse. Suppose you want to create a course on Wondershare Filmora and you have brief knowledge about it. You have to add every piece of information like the uses of every button. I mean don’t forget to add the uses of any single thing. Try to explain well so that your audience does not get bored. Before launching the course, Create interest in the subject in the minds of the audience before launching the course.

You created the course, but where would you put the download link? You can use direct Google Drive or something, but to make it look even professional, create a website and put a link to the course there as well. Don’t launch the course that has already been launched. Example – You launched SEO (Search Engine Optimization) course, it is of no use. Because people will give first priority to Niel Patel and Brien Dean.

5. License your videos

As you know there are many people who upload videos on their YouTube channels using others’ video clips. In this case, you can do something like intelligent. Licensing the videos is a very effective method. You can directly steal others’ AdSense revenue. But the special thing is you must have to make something more creative that has never been made before.

How you can license your videos?

You can use an already uploaded video clip or whole video to your YouTube channel. If someone uses your video, you can get all generated revenue from that person by using the copyright claim of YouTube. But why will he use your video? If you create something special, he will definitely use your video. You can make video editing template or you can make a comedy moment with the more funny sound effects so that the people or the member will reach your video.

If they download your video from YouTube and use it on other social media to create memes, what is your profit here? Here is also your profit. You need to add the moving watermark in your created creative video, what will happen if you do that? Their audience will see the video and the watermark in it, and they will reach you by direct search. Therefore you need to add a clear watermark or your channel name. This process will work to increase the audience on your channel.

I hope you have an idea about how fast the meme works to get viral. Once your video gets viral, you will start to get a large audience. This is one other best solution for how to earn money from YouTube without Adsense.

6. Sell the E-Books

This is a tremendous way of depositing money while sitting in one place. This method is like a one-time investment. Just as you have to invest once in an investment, similarly you have to write here once. As I have told you, you need to have expertise in anything, be it cooking or weight loss, or anything. You can write very briefly about what you are an expert at. To promote that created E-Book you can get help from your YouTube channel.

How you can sell E-Books on YouTube?

E-Book is like a course. Just as you have added everything in your course similarly you need to add those things in your E-Book too. You need to write the E-Book on an interesting topic. If you are going to write the E-Book on photo editing, it won’t get more success instead. Because people like to learn those types of things with the video tutorial, hence don’t create the tutorial E-Book, you won’t get more success to sell it. If you want to make money by making videos, you should sell the courses. Selling E-Books is one of the best solutions for how to earn money from YouTube without AdSense.


So finally, you have many methods by which you can earn from YouTube. You can follow these methods if your channel is not big or even if you have more subscribers. In fact, you can start your earnings before getting your channel monetized with AdSense.

Trust me these are the most effective methods, only you have to do work with an open mind. If you want to do affiliate marketing, you must know the needs of the audience. What do they like and what do they want? Search the answer to these questions first. Selling the course and selling the E-Books works the same. You need to create interest in the mind of your viewer so that they should be strong on buying your course.

To know more about online earning I have the best reference for you. Click on the link below to know more methods to start your online earning without a single investment –

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I hope you like how to earn money from YouTube without AdSense. If you like this article don’t forget to share it with your friends. If you have any questions about it, feel free to ask me by comment below.

Thanks for reading.

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