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In this article, I will give you my honest review of the Earnkaro app. Whether the app is genuine or fake, how the app works, how to earn money through the app, and many more questions about this app I will try to answer through this article. If you want to earn online by getting up to 15% commission on your online shopping on your favorite eCommerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Ajio, and many more, this article is for you. This platform seems much easier in comparison to international websites like Clickbank and digistore24 because there are international-level products and getting payout is also difficult there.

Introduction to Earnkaro app

The Earnkaro app was established in April 2019 by Rohan Bhargava and Swati Bhargava also the co-founder of the Cashkaro shopping app. This platform is specially made for getting paid through affiliate marketing on the app. It has partnerships with hundreds of e-commerce websites like Ajio, Myntra, Meesho, Flipkart, and many more online shopping websites in India.

If you are interested to earn some passive income from your regular online shopping, this platform is right for you. Also, you can earn extra by involving your family members and friends in it. This platform shows the best-selling products with your profit rate which you can easily share with your family and friends through Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook, etc. Not only this, you can create a link to any product of the partnered websites through this app. Earnkaro gives you a commission according to its profit rate if a person places an order from your link. In this way, you can earn a good amount from Earnkaro.

How does the Earnkaro app work?

The Earnkaro app is very simple to work on. To make money on it you have to create an affiliate link and share it with your shareer after that you will get paid. You can make your affiliate link in two different ways.

1st way, share the entire website link accordingly

  1. Create account on Earnkaro through my link or you can use my referral code “SLIG4lftsrb” while creating account.
  2. Choose the partner website present on Earnkaro website or app, and share it.
  3. Get paid as commission when the order fully completed through your link.

2nd way, create profit link for a particular product

  1. Create account using the above link or use my refferal code “SLIG4lftsrb” while creating account.
  2. Copy the link of product from one of the active partners websites of Earnkaro.
  3. Now go to Earnkaro, paste the link in create profit link page to create profit link, and share it.
  4. Earn as commission when someone place and complete order through your shared link.

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How to earn from Earnkaro app?

Let us understand with an example: A friend of yours is buying an item from Flipkart for Rs.200. And if you have created and sent an affiliate link of the same product from the Earnkaro app, even then he will get that item for the same Rs.200 only. In this, you will get 10 to 15 percent commission as profit.

You can see many products on the app. Products can also be found category-wise. Let’s see how to make an affiliate link for a particular product on Earnkaro:

1. Choose a product from one of the partner websites for which you want to create an affiliate link.
2. Open Earnkaro and tap on the “Make Links” button.

how to make affiliate link on earnkaro

3. Paste the product link and click on the “MAKE PROFIT LINK” button.

earnkaro app review

4. You can add a short message by enabling Add a Personalized Message check box.
5. Now you can share this link anywhere you want to.

Now when an order is placed through this link you will get paid 10-15 percent as commission, depending on the profit rate.

Nowadays everyone does online shopping. In your family, there will be many people who do online shopping. What you can do to get more orders is approach all your family members and friends circle that if somebody is buying anything online then buy it with your affiliate link.

Earnkaro profit rate

earnkaro profit rate

The profit rate is your commission rate. You might get up to 30 percent commission on your successful deal. Meaning your customer has purchased the product by paying the price amount from your link, out of which the profit rate is calculated. The profit rate varies for different types of products on Earnkaro. If your product is related to the financial like IDFC First Credit Card you will get more and if the product is fashion or skincare you will get less commission on your deal.

How to earn by referring on Earnkaro app?

Earnkaro app has also its refer & earn program. Here you can invite your family members and friends to install the app. You can send the invite link via Email ID, Facebook, Telegram, Whatsapp, and anywhere by copying the link. After that, your friends will install the app from your link or create the accounts by entering your referral code. Then they will share their profit link to their friends, if the order is placed he will get the commission as well as you will also get indirectly paid. When anybody installs the app through your link, you will keep getting 10% of his profit for a lifetime. It seems like network marketing but here you don’t need to invest a penny.

  1. Go to My Profile → Refer & Earn in the app.
  2. You can see your referral link, which you can share via WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, etc.

You can also see your referral network. This is the list of people you invited and joined Earnkaro through your referral link. You can check it by going to My Profile → Referral Network in the app.

How to earn using referral code on Earnkaro app?

This is the most important thing on this platform because using this you will make your referral network, which will be proven more profitable than your affiliate links. Let’s see how referral code is important:

Somebody installed the app and create account by entering your referral code and made an affiliate link and shared it in his network, then the product was bought from his link, he got its commission and you will also get 10% profit of his commission amount. This will not happen for one turn. Whenever a purchase will be made through the link of your invited person, then you will keep getting the benefits lifetime.

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Earnkaro app earning review

I am giving you a genuine review on the Earnkaro app therefore I am showing my earning proof to say this platform really works.

earnkaro app earning review

See what I did is my friend told me that he wants to buy a shoes online. I told him to choose which one he likes and let me know. He liked shoes on Flipkart whose price was Rs. 1198. Then I created the affiliate link for that shoes and shared it with him. He placed the order through my link. Shoes were delivered and the amount was paid. After a day I saw, that I got paid with Rs. 90 to my Earnkaro account because the profit rate for Flipkart was 7.56% at the time of placing the order. As proof, you can see the screenshot of my earnings. Similarly, you can also earn. You can place big-small all orders through your link. Medicine, clothes, food, and everything are allowed here.

If your network is strong and your want to earn more then you can also earn money from Meesho. This is also an indigenous shopping app that works on reselling concepts.


I have written this article by researching and found that this affiliate platform is the best in India because top Indian brands are available on it, it is very easy to deal with the platform, and the most important thing is the minimum threshold to withdraw is Rs. 10 that means much less than other affiliate platforms. You can blindly trust this because the Great Ratan Tata, the famous businessman of India, has funded this platform.

This is my genuine review on the Earnkaro app, I found this platform really works, you can really earn from it. You just need to take care of placing more orders as possible from your link. You may also like the Warrior Plus affiliate program, where digital products are sold.

Thanks for reading.

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