How to teach online and earn money in India?

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Are you passionate about teaching but yet you did not get a job anywhere, this is the right article for you. In this article, I will try to give you a brief knowledge of how you can teach online and earn money as well as I will share with you the top online teaching platforms in India where you can apply and become a teacher.

Many people are searching for “I want to teach online and earn money” on the internet. In India, there is a large number of people who have a passion for teaching. What do people do to become a teacher, they do D.Ed, B.Ed, and even they give TET exam, yet they do not get the job as a teacher. Nowadays, due lack of vacant vacancies for teachers, it has become difficult to get a teacher’s job even by giving donations to schools and colleges.

Don’t be disappointed, you can still build your career as a teacher by teaching online and can earn more than you could earn by teaching in a school. If you wish you can earn money by solving doubts online too. I will tell you the right way of becoming an online teacher and how much a teacher can earn by teaching online, so let’s get started:

How to become an online tutor?

If you are wishing to earn extra income by teaching online, there are many platforms available on the internet from which you can start your career as an online tutor. It doesn’t matter what you do, I mean whether you are on a job or you are a housewife or anything you do. But it is necessary for you to be an expert in a particular subject which you want to teach for. If you have experience in teaching it doesn’t matter whether offline or online, they give you first priority.

Let us consider there are two types of online tutoring companies: One is which provides the study for competitive exams like SSC, RRB, MPSC, UPSC, Banking, etc and the second is which provides the study as per school syllabus. Nowadays many platforms provide online coding classes too, it is the best, you can go for it too if you are a master in it. However, this is not part of our article, in this article we talking about the above two only.

If you want to work with known platforms then you can follow their selection process to get selected in that company. There is a different selection process on different platforms, interview to check if can you speak clearly, skill test to check how capable you are in your subject. Some of the platforms ask for experience then you can tell them the name of the coaching center where you have taught. If you are a fresher not have experience, there are many platforms that are waiting for you.

If you want to be your own boss, I mean if you do not want to work under a company or a command then you can start your own teaching YouTube channel. YouTube is the best platform to teach online and earn money for those who want to teach individually. You will have flexibility, and freedom and do not need to share your earnings.

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How to teach online and earn money?

If you teach online just to earn money then you are not doing well. A teacher needs to be interested in his job. Your motive should not be just making money, it should be spreading knowledge. If you start teaching online with full dedication in a small education society, then seeing your skill, you will get offers from many big online learning platforms. Therefore do not hope to earn more in your starting phase of teaching online. It will be going to happen to you too in the next few years, so don’t worry.

Now let me tell you how you can join an online learning platform to earn money from teaching online. As I already told you, the learning platform which is based on the competitive exam is a good place to do work in comparison to those platforms that teach school students. Because there are graduate-level students, handling them is many times easier than handling children. Apart from this, these types of learning platforms are bigger than another one, so you can teach online and earn more money too.

If you work in any online learning platform, you will get paid by that company. Apart from your payment, you will be given rewards too. On the other hand, if you teach online on YouTube then you will earn money from AdSense and from sponsorships if possible. If you become famous as an online tutor on any e-learning platform, you can open your YouTube channel of learning. You do not need more effort to grow your channel. It will be the second earning source for you.

How much does an online tutor earn?

If you are a fresher tutor and do not have taught anywhere yet then you will probably not be going to earn enough amount. In your starting years, your motive should be to gain experience only. As your experience increases your salary will also keep increasing.

Generally, an online teaching platform in India offers an annual salary in the range of 0.7 lakhs to 6 lakhs to an online tutor. If we talk about monthly then the average monthly salary range of an online tutor in India is 10k to 50k. If the tutor works hourly then he gets paid 200 to 1000 per hour. There are such popular teachers who started from zero and now they earn 10 to 30 lakhs per month. As well their academy runs on their name. Therefore don’t underestimate online teaching.

What are the benefits of teaching online?

Teaching online can be proven more beneficial for you. You will get many advantages from teaching online, you will grow more and you will earn more too. The following is the list of advantages of teaching online:

  • You can join free of cost: It is really free to join any online teaching company. They just need a skilled person, they do not ask for donations like schools. There you get selected on the basis of your performance in the interview and skill test.
  • You can earn the optimum amount: There are many platforms where you can teach online and earn the money. You can earn as much money through online teaching as you would not have imagined that even a teacher can earn so much money. some of them offer a monthly fixed salary and some offer hourly payment.
  • It is Lesser time-consuming: Have you ever joint online tuition? There are many teachers in a company, but each of them teaches hardly for 5 hours a day and the rest of the time they are free.
  • Teach from anywhere: As this is an online job so you can do it from any corner of the world provide the internet is available so you can go online. Therefore you can enjoy your holidays without wasting your paid leave by adjusting your working hour.
  • Flexible working hours: Many online learning platforms provide pre-recorded videos to students and this proves to be more beneficial for a tutor because they just need to give over the recordings within a certain time.
  • You will get rewards: You will be rewarded for contributing by the company which you are teaching for. You may get a salary appraisal too.
  • Keep teaching without disturbance: If you are shy while teaching face to face then you will definitely love teaching online. You can not see if students make weird faces at your teaching and Nobody can bother in between classes.

Top online teaching platforms

  • Chegg
  • Vedantu
  • Unacademy
  • Khan Academy
  • Myfavtutor
  • Cuemath
  • YouTube
  • Adda247
  • TutorChamps
  • TakeLessons
  • Udemy
  • Wifistudy
  • GuruQ
  • Brainly


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