How to Earn Money on Fiverr? – Full Information

Hello Friends, I have shared my earning experience with you. I have experienced only tree websites for earning.

Today I am Share How to earn money on fiverr?
I have already shared two websites about earning. These websites really help you to earn.  
Today I am going to tell you about the third true earning website. This is a very rare website because everybody cannot work on it. This website is so vast.
It is the last website which is true and I have no qualified for this website. So I have not worked on it. Don’t worry it real and genuine website.  
Numbers of people have earned and people are earning on this website. All skills which are related to the computer can be accepted here. This is the plus point of it.
The name of the website is ‘Fiverr’. This is the most difficult website. I mean it is very difficult to get work on this website.
But once you complete at least one project then we will get the badge of the expert.
In this website, the workers have a profile like other websites. Here is no problem of getting approval.
This website’s process is very different than another two. People do not depend on the profile like other websites.
Empty feel information can be accepted by the Fiverr community. This website is not famous in India but in another country like China and European country, this has become a special platform to earn like regular jobs.
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How to Create a fiverr account?

Here are different criteria to create the account. In the previous websites, accounts are of two types first is employer’s and other are freelancers.
Here you have only one type of account. If you want to hire someone for your project then you can do it in your regular account.
In fact, the special account for employer and freelancer is not here.
Step 1: Go to fiverr website  
Step 2: Click on the “Sign-Up” button
You can create the fiverr account by using your Facebook account and google account also. 
Choose the good option which is best for you.
Step 3: Set your username and confirm your email address now.
Step 4: You have to fill up the personal information now as shown in the image
Whenever you didn’t complete this form you can not go ahead to the next step.
Step 5: full the professional information as shown in the image
Your Occupation: 
In the occupation, you have to add your occupation but it is optional. 
In the skill section, you can add your skills.
This setting ask you some special if you have a special certificate like web developer then you deserve to add it here.
Step 6: Link your Fiverr account to your social media accounts.
Step 7: You can skip this step but this is an important step for safety.
This was the final step to complete your profile. congratulations you have completed your profile now.
Let’s begin the interesting and main part of this article.

What is Gig in Fiverr?   

First of all, let’s introduce with ‘Gig’. The gig is the very important definition for the Fiverr website.
You can tell it the unit of Fiverr website. The gig is the thing which contains our work information.
Like what skill you have? In how many time you can complete a project. These all several information is contained in the gig.
One Gig can be made for only one skill. You cannot add two or more skill in a single gig. The gig is our display to employers. 

The employer can see our gig. So you should make it wonderful, impressive and attractive.
the employer should impress and award you to his project after seeing your gig. This is in your hand to set the gig’s rate hourly or regularly.
We can set our work time in the gig by our rate. If you are new and haven’t done any project then don’t set the higher rate of your first gig.
The gig is the only source which can provide you with a project. So think about it. Create good and cost-free gig. Fiverr website is nothing without the gig.
There are so many questions asked by Fiverr when you are setting your gig then give the amazing answer at the time of gig creation.

How to create a powerful Fiverr Gig?

There is no problem of bid placing. Some user like this point and some users don’t like it. Fiverr is not famous in all country so there is no more traffic on this website. 

Harry up to create the account and the project will get to you.

This website is too good. The website has several and special mobile app created by Fiverr community. From here you can set a gig easily in the comparison of the website.
Fiverr mobile application has a too simple display. But you cannot create an impressive profile in mobile application because there is no filled option.
So the new user should create their new Fiverr account only in the PC. Fill all the information positive and correct. Set your rate to keep lower in the starting time.
Step 1: Click on Become a Seller button.
Now you can set your Gig as per your choice.
Go ahead and fill the information correctly and remember don’t hurry.
If you got the projects then you may increase your rate. If you are completing the project regularly then your value and profile will increase automatically.
Your profile picture may be only your and directly concentrated on your face. If you followed my instructions then you will get big success in freelancing world.
You are able to start the business. wake up and try all three source of earning and I am promising that you cannot stop yourself to do work. 
More Information about Fiverr
Fiverr is the very big website you can not only work here but also can provide work.

You can easily search here your required freelancers. If your search for anything, you will get the results.
In that result, you will get the gigs which are made by people who can do that work.
Now, this is your choice which gig or person is best for you.

Over to you:

I have written this blog post as per my research and my knowledge. This was how to earn money on Fiverr.
If anybody knows more about this, please tell me in the comment below.
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