5 Powerful Way to Earn Online Money from Website

Friends, we are hearing today about online income. There is a lot of methods to earn from the internet. Example: freelancing, blogging, affiliate marketing etc.
In these all methods, maximum people like blogging. In the past day, I have assembled the information about freelancing. I hope somebody trying the freelancing websites after reading the articles. 
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Today I am talking about a source by which you can earn. This all sources are friendly to the website. If you are a regular user of the internet, you know the importance of websites.
This is necessary to have an owned website. If you have not your own website then create website following information.
Make your website as per SEO criteria. It will help you to earn more than more.
Earn from website
The website should be attractive and expensive. There are hundreds of sources to make a unique website.
Mostly the people are using two sources. The people who are not related to computer field they can also make their website here easily.
If you are an HTML expert then not need to say about the website. No need to inform you.
WordPress and Blogger these are two main sources by which you can make the website. These are so popular sources and everybody knows about that.
In these sources, there is no mandatory to have knowledge of website development.

Popular Ways to Create a Website

1. Make Website by WordPress

Professional users of the internet world use WordPress to create a website. WordPress is the highest paid version.
When you make the website by WordPress then your website looks very beautiful but you have to pay for the domain name. (Example: .com, .in, .net, .org) Minimum 99 INR you have to pay for the domain name. 

You have to pay Not only for the domain but also for hosting. Hosting is the source by which your website go to the server of Search Engines.
If you do not have to host then you can not publish your website on the internet.
Hosting is the most important part of the website. You can buy a hosting plan on website Like Godaddy and Bigrock etc.
There are so many websites have born which provide domain and Hosting. I am suggesting you for this websites.

2. Make Website by Blogger

Blogger is the Service of Google. The whole world knows the blogger blogs. This service is provided by Google.
It is too simple to create a blog on blogger. Blogger has own domain name. Blogger provides it always free for everyone.
Here no need to buy web hosting. Blogger provides it for free. Blogger is the best platform for beginners.

Ü Read this Tutorial to Create a blog on Blogger for free

Ways to Earn From Website

1. Pay Per Click Advertisement

We have seen the Links in our Search Result. In that Search results, some links are shown by AdWords. You know that.
Pay Per Click Advertisements are the reverse of AdWord. AdWord takes money to show our link in rank.
Google AdSense gives us money to show their Ads on your blog.

For showing advertisement on your blog you need Approved Google AdSense Account.
If your website is already ready to get Google AdSense approval then you apply for Google AdSense by login in into it with your blog. 
Ü Here is Complete Guide to get AdSense Approval
There is not the only AdSense to provide us Pay per click ads. There are numbers of the platform which provides the pay per click ads.
Ü Here are some Ads Networks for newbie Blogger

2. Capture your Visitor’s id

By capturing your visitor’s id you can build your traffic. This is the way to convert visitors into your blog family.
By this way, you can convert one time visit into the regular visit. That means a new user came to your website for the first time. Show them something special on your website.
You can use the Hellobar or MailChimp to capture the visitor’s id.
Design your blog so stunning that visitors shouldn’t ignore your blog. They should read your blog again and again.

3. Affiliate Marketing

If you want the knowledge of affiliate marketing then read the following article.
Ü What is Affiliate Marketing?
This has become the most popular way to earn more money. This is the way by it you can earn the big amount.
Less effort can give you a big amount. This is the business style way to build your career.
I have told you to capture your visitor’s id. This point found so important here.
You have so many ids in your captured id list from your website. Now you can e-mail them one by one. In these e-mails place your product links.
Also, you can show the Affiliate banner on your website. It looks like the Ads. Describe your product.

4. Accept Donation from Visitors

Your website may be simply looking. You can add a question to donation.
Simply ask your every visitor for donation. You can place the donation bar also. You can create the page why do need the donation?
Every visitor will not give you a donation but some of them will donate for you.

5. Sell your Owned Products

You can earn money by selling your digital products. Like ebooks
If you have deep knowledge of something then write the outstanding ebook as per your knowledge.
If you have not knowledge of anything, doesn’t matter. You can buy unique ebooks or you can give an order for a new ebook to freelancer.
You have to pay something for it but it will become your lifetime product.
You can send the buy link to your visitors by e-mail.
Note: You have seen how important the id capturing is! It is not only for traffic, but you can also use it for many purposes.

Wrapping Up:

That was the different ways by you can earn money from the website.
There are more ways than I have told in this article.
I have written this blog post as per my research and my knowledge.
I have written this just for information.
If anybody knows more about it, please tell me in the comment below.
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Thanks for Read!

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