What is Warrior Plus and How To Make Money on It

warrior plus

Hey, If you are looking for a genuine way to earn money online and willing to earn $500 per month, keep your self with me till end of this article. Because in this article I am going to tell you the best platform where you can generate good revenue. The name of the ultimate platform is Warrior Plus. Here is less competition compare to another platforms.

This article is related to affiliate marketing. That means the host website is the website associated with affiliate marketing. I am giving you guarantee for you will never get any loss in this. This is totally free to join.

To get better understand first of all keep an eye on it’s website. On the first look of website you will see “your profit our business”. Means that when you earn more from this website, the owner get good business. Actually they have profit while you earn from their website.

We all know about affiliate marketing. let get mini knowledge about affiliate marketing –

What is affiliate marketing?

– Affiliate marketing is the way to earn in which you have to sell any product. You will get fixed commission on your sale. The commission rate is depend on the price of product.

To get deep knowledge about affiliate marketing, read this affiliate marketing article.

What is Warrior Plus?

Warrior plus is the platform which give you the chance to earn money by doing affiliate marketing with them. There are lot of products you can see on this platform to sale via marketing. Warrior Plus established and started their online business since 2006. Similar to affiliate marketing you have to do using this website.

There are many facilities are available on this site for you. But I like more is that you can get commission from the people who are looking for sales for their products. To get commission from them, you have to bring sales on their product by promoting them.

So many online teachers are available on internet who fake promise you that you will definitely earn with your learning. But they teach you hollow and you will get earning equals to your room rent. Means that very little earning you get. But this platform is not like that. You have to do everything here by yourself. Therefore there is no fraud chances.

You can see their consumer’s review not only on their website but also beside of their website. They have set three simple step by following that steps you can earn real money.

How to get started with Warrior Plus?

As I have already told you they have set simple three steps. First create your free account, second find or offer products and third/last build your business.

How to create free account?

Step 1 – Go to official website of warrior plus.

Step 2 – Click on the free sign up button at top right corner.

Step 3 – Add your detail

warrior plus
  • Username – Your user name must not be included any symbols. I mean your user name must be alphanumeric
  • Password – Use the strong password
  • Email Address – Enter your working email address there.

Step 4 – Fill the captcha and click on “Create account” button

Step 5 – Now go to your Email account and click on the verification link

(After clicking on verification link, it will redirect you to official website. You have to login there with the detail which you have entered at the time of signing up.)

Congratulations! You have successfully created your account. Now your account is ready to go ahead.

Payment options

Warrior plus is very strict about it’s policy as well as spammers. Once they consider you as spammer, they will close your account and you can not come again to your account.

It provide you three payment options PayPal, Stripe and Bank account. Simply you need to choose your payment method and after add your payment information as per requirement. To do any transaction of money on the website, you need to fill tax form before withdraw.

How to find products on warrior plus?

As I have told you this is the second step. Second step is most important step because all your revenue also depend on your choice of product. You need to choose top products which can be easily sold by you.

On the top of the website you can see three main pillars of the website. First is marketplace, second is vendors and third/last is affiliates.

Marketplace shows you the tops products which is in trend at current time. Also you can see categories wise product, alert about your sale (only if you have successfully sold something) and very important deal of the day.

You can earn here by two methods for first method you need to have your own made product. Many people are here who bring maximum sales on your product. If you are on startup position, the second method is for you. You can sale other’s products and this is nothing other than affiliate marketing.

Me and many experts advise is you can earn more with first method than second method. Therefore I recommend you try to make your own product or purchase readymade product from someone. The product is like plugin, themes and so on digital products.

After that you have to list your product here. Many affiliates will contact you and bring more people on your product. The more you get sold product, more you earn.

If you are looking for products by which you can earn by doing affiliate marketing. Move your curser on affiliate option and then click on offers. You will see many different product there.

Also you can search your products as shown in image. Simply type your keyword or product related word in search bar. You will get many numbers of products. In the list you see launch date of the product, number of sales, conversion rate of the product, visitor value, average sale price and refund rate etc.

Release Date – Release date shows you the date when owner started to sale it.

Sales – This column shows you the number of total done sales of the product.

Visitor Value – The column of visitors value show you the revenue of affiliates. If you sale the particular product in the list, you will get your revenue as per given in the visitors value column.

Recurring Products – As also you can see dotted line upon visitors value, it denotes recurring product. Recurring means, suppose you sale a recurring product to someone. After over the time the person will renew the product and you will get renew commission too. That means the recurring line show you the product which will have to renew.

warrior plus

If you move your curser on recurring product’s visitor’s value it will show you first value and recurring value too as shown in image. Recurring product will give you repeated payment. If you want one time payment, don’t go for recurring products.

Average Sale – Avg. sale is the short form of Average sale and it shows the price of product.

Refund Rate – If someone purchase a particular product and he will not be satisfied with that product, he will return the product to the creator or owner and owner will refund money him. It is called refund and the column show you the rate of refunds.

Choose the product which has less refund rate and more conversion rate. Conversion rate more than 15% is good conversion rate. Choose that product which has more than 15% conversion rate and which has minimum refund rate.

Product which solve people problem and the product which is affordable will be good choice for sale. Don’t look for good looking product. As you know, sometime the more good looking thing become very danger for you. Therefore you need to choose product by keeping passions in your mind.

How to promote the products?

Here is different way to get affiliate link than other platform. Here you have to get approval from owner first. Read the following part tot know the technique to get instant approval from owner.

After finding the suitable product, you need to promote it. Simply click on request button at the corner of your product. It will open the dashboard of the product. Whole information about product you can see there price range and commission range every thing.

To go ahead click on “Request Approval” button. After that you need to write request note. Request note must be impressive. Enter there every thing about your self. Means your blog or website information and where will you promote their product. Enter every single information about how you will promote his product. Try to give them some guarantee or something that they will give you offer to promote and sale his product. And after writing the impressive request note click on Request Offer button as shown in image.

Example to write request note –

Hi there, I have seen the list of products in warrior plus and I like your product in that list. I have interested to bring more people on your product to increase the number of your sale. I will use my social media account as well as my website to promoter your product. I have 10,000+ followers on my Facebook page as well as I have good bonding with 2000 genuine people on Instagram. I have 1500+ emails list. Also I have owned my blog named Bloggingdept. There are 20,000 daily view on by blog. If you will never get satisfied with sales from my social media or my blog, I will pay for showing ads of your product on Google too. Thank you so much.

Email Marketing is the best way to sale products. If you have not emails, go ahead and start to collect emails. You have to do less hard work to get more benefits by only email marketing. If you have email list mention about it in request note. Make 7 different template of mail. Because in single trial, your product won’t be purchase by people. Therefore you need to send them mail again and again. You have to promote the product for 7 days. And therefore you want 7 different templates to use each a day in week.


Warrior plus is one of the best affiliate marketing program. Here you can generate good revenue. Before doing writing request note make sure you have good sources where you can promote the products. If you haven’t, make your sources strong first. If you didn’t give satisfied sales to product owner, he will give you down rating. Down rating is not good for your dashboard health.

If you find something wrong in this article tell me it by comment I will correct it. If you like this article share it with your friends, your parents too.

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