How to make money on Warrior Plus Affiliate Program?

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Hey, if you are looking for a genuine way to earn $500 per month, keep yourself with me till the end of this article. In this article, I am going to tell you about Warrior Plus Affiliate Program. It is the best platform where you can generate good revenue without spending money.

In order to understand the program better keep an eye on its official website. This program is totally for affiliate marketing let’s get mini knowledge about affiliate marketing:

What is affiliate marketing?

– Affiliate marketing is the way to earn in which you have to sell any product. You will get fixed commission on your sale. The commission rate is depend on the price of product.

What is Warrior Plus?

WarriorPlus was established in 2006 in the Western US. It is an incredible platform where you can purchase digital products as well as can get paid from WarriorPlus if you contribute to selling products on the platform.

Many people are earning very well on the platform, you just need to select a product that you would be able to sell by promoting. Here are many digital products available on this platform like courses, services, support, videos, and many more. In the beginning, it seems a little different, maybe you will not understand how these products are sold and who purchases them. But don’t be confused, once you start you would understand its full cycle. I will give you a brief idea about what should be your affiliate marketing strategy on WarriorPlus.

What is Warrior Plus Affiliate Program?

I told you, you will get paid from WarriorPlus, But how? By doing affiliate marketing on it. It is very simple, you have three steps to do so one is to create a free account, two is select the product, and three is to promote the product. On this, you just have to pay attention to choose the good product. Then you will have to promote the selected product according to you, whether you do it on social media or how WarriorPlus does not mean anything to it. You just have to bring sales on the product from anywhere. You get paid for doing this, meaning if you bring a sale on your product, then you get its commission. So the more you promote, the more sales you will get and the more you will earn.

Next, I will tell you how to work on WarriorPlus. Understand its complete cycle and then proceed because you should know how to choose a genuine product.

How to get started with Warrior Plus Affiliate Program?

You can get started with Warrior Plus in just three simple steps, first create your free account, second find or offer products, and third build your business.

How to create an account on Warrior Plus?

1. Go to the official website of warrior plus.
2. Click on the “SIGN UP FREE” button at the mid of the website.

create account warrior plus

3. Enter your detail as mentioned below:
Username: Your user name should be alphanumeric (Symbols are not allowed)
Password: Use the strong password
Email address: Enter an active email address (An account verification link will be sent to this email)
4. Fill out the captcha and click on the “Create Account” button.
5. Go to your email account find the verification mail of Warrior Plus and click on the verification link, you will be redirected to the website.
6. Now login with the same detail which you entered at the time of signing up.

You have successfully created your account, Now you are ready to proceed further.

What payment methods are accepted on Warrior Plus?

Warrior plus is very strict about its policy as well as spammers. Once they consider you a spammer, they will close your account permanently so that you can not access your account again.

There are three payment options are available on Warrior Plus i.e. PayPal, Stripe, and Bank Account. You need to choose your payment method and after adding your payment information you will receive your payments there. To many any transaction of money on the website, you need to fill tax form before withdrawing.

How to find products on Warrior Plus?

The second step is the most important step because all your revenue depends on your choice of product. You need to choose top products which you can sell easily.

After logging in to your account, you can see the Marketplace dropdown menu. You can find the products in the different ways as following mentioned:

  • You can find the product by searching only on the Homepage of the Marketplace.
  • You can also know the top products of today, yesterday, last 7 days, and last 30 days.
  • Products can also be found category wise like Marketing education, Platform related (Amazon, Facebook, YouTube, etc.), Industries related (crypto, e-commerce, real estate, etc.), Software, Services (coaching, copywriting, programming, etc.), and Others.
  • You can also see a great deal of every day.

You can get a good commission by selling already uploaded products otherwise you can also sell your own products on WarriorPlus by promoting your end. Many new people are very likely to sell third-party products. But selling your own products proves more beneficial because you get the maximum part of your sales. So I recommend you to sell your own products. If you are not able to create then purchase a readymade one. Your one investment can give you 100 times more profit.

How to find good products to sell on WarriorPlus?

You can see the best products that are in the offer to sell on Warrior Plus at Affiliate Offers. You can directly search the product by product name and vendor name. You can also sort the product as pulse score, launch date, sales, visitor value, average sale, conversion rate, and vendor. Results can be separated by applying filters like prelaunch, recurring only, and category.

warrior plus affiliate program

Release Date: It indicates the date when the owner listed the product for sale.
Sales: It shows the number of times the product has been sold on WarriorPlus.
Visitor Value: Visitor Value is the total profit divided by the number of visitors sent by you to the vendor’s sales page.
Recurring Payment: It is up to the product, if a product is renewable then you will get a recurring payment when the user renews the product over time. The dotted line below the visitor value indicates the product is Renewable.
Average Sale: Average Sale shows the average price of the product.
Refund Rate: It shows the number of refunds made for that particular product on the basis of total sales made.

Choose the product which has less refund rate and more conversion rate. A Conversion Rate of more than 15% is considered to be a good conversion rate, and a refund rate of up to 8% is considered good. But you should try to find the product with a minimum refund rate, because the lower the refund rate, the better it is considered.

Product which solve people problem and the product which is affordable will be good choice for sale. Don’t look for good looking product. As you know, sometime the more good looking thing become very danger for you. Therefore you need to choose product by keeping passions in your mind.

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How to promote warrior plus products?

Here is different way to get affiliate link than other platform. Here you have to get approval from owner first. Read the following part tot know the technique to get instant approval from owner.

After finding the suitable product, you need to promote it. Simply click on request button at the corner of your product. It will open the dashboard of the product. Whole information about product you can see there price range and commission range every thing.

To go ahead click on the “Request Approval” button. After that you need to write request note. Request note must be impressive. Enter there everything about your self. Means your blog or website information and where will you promote their product. Enter every single information about how you will promote his product. Try to give them some guarantee or something that they will give you offer to promote and sale his product. And after writing the impressive request note click on Request Offer button as shown in image.

Example to write request note –

Hi there, I have seen the list of products in warrior plus and I like your product in that list. I have interested to bring more people on your product to increase the number of your sale. I will use my social media account as well as my website to promoter your product. I have 10,000+ followers on my Facebook page as well as I have good bonding with 2000 genuine people on Instagram. I have 1500+ emails list. Also I have owned my blog named Bloggingdept. There are 20,000 daily view on by blog. If you will never get satisfied with sales from my social media or my blog, I will pay for showing ads of your product on Google too. Thank you so much.

Email Marketing is the best way to sale products. If you have not emails, go ahead and start to collect emails. You have to do less hard work to get more benefits by only email marketing. If you have email list mention about it in request note. Make 7 different template of mail. Because in single trial, your product won’t be purchase by people. Therefore you need to send them mail again and again. You have to promote the product for 7 days. And therefore you want 7 different templates to use each a day in week.


Warrior Plus is the best affiliate marketing program. Here you can generate good revenue. Before doing writing request note make sure you have good sources where you can promote the products. If you haven’t, make your sources strong first. If you didn’t give satisfied sales to product owner, he will give you down rating. Down rating is not good for your dashboard health.

If you find something wrong in this article tell me it by comment I will correct it. If you like this article share it with your friends, your parents too.

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