Top 3 Ad Networks for New Bloggers 2021 – No Approval Needed

ad networks for new bloggers

Welcome to BloggingDept. Friends, most people among us have started the blogging. Today I am sharing some Ad networks for new bloggers. People like blogging so much because they like to share the opinion about something. To share the opinion or ideas is the beautiful passion of maximum people.

People like to share new ideas and the experience among them. So maximum people like to do blogging. I am talking about Ads Network for the new blogger. When they create the beautiful blog and share then they should get some profit from them to work. For this purpose, a lot of websites have been created in the vast world of the internet.

The websites really provide the chance to earn money for the publisher. So many people have joint with this type of websites and they are earning a lot of money.

But maximum people have started the blogging earlier. They don’t know anything about it. Whole bloggers know only the Google AdSense. They do not think about any other ads provided on the website.

Some websites are not working this is true but there are so many websites are available which are working properly at the time. Maximum peoples are earning from this sources.

Two years ago was famous as an alternative to Google AdSense. Then people have reacted like a passenger on the train. Don’t behave like that! If you have the correct tendency then you can earn money from anywhere. I am very serious about blogging. So I have applied so many websites ads on my blog.

After collecting the knowledge of earning tags I am creating this post. The new blogger has not the very large number of traffic on the blog and they do not have SEO ideas. They apply to high ads networks and they reject them. So new publisher think that there is no earning in blogging.

I am telling this is a wrong thing. Don’t lose your confidence. There are so many ads networks which work on no traffic limit. Means they don’t want the minimum traffic on the specific blog. The rate to earn money is not bad for beginners.

Top 3 Ad Networks for new bloggers

Here I have selected the three ad networks for you. You don’t need to work more to get approval.

1. PopAds

PopAds is the instant approval Ad Network PosAds is the good and genuine Ad Network. This is made for specially making money from the blog. This is too good for new bloggers.

PopAds have found in 2010. Since 2010 its statistic was high. PopAds provide all types of ad. PopAds allow to porn sites, and other adult content as well. There is a good and special facility on PopAds, that is auto withdraw option. After sign up set auto withdrawal option in setting. This option, you will get paid automatically when you will arrive at the minimum threshold of the website policy.

Here are some advatages of PosAds as follows –

1) Not requirements minimum traffic
2) The minimum threshold is 5
3) Money withdrawal automatically

The procedure of PopAds to get started –

Step 1 – First, go to the official website
Step 2 – Select the Signup option
Step 3 – Fill all correct information and sign up
Step 4 – Go to the home page
Step 5 – Add website
Step 6 – Wait for approval

Accepted payment types – Paypal and Payoneer this two payment method only accepted.

2. Propellerads

Propellerads is Ad network which is the biggest best for all bloggers (especially for new blogger). This is the 100% profitable Ad network. On it, anybody can earn money.

Here are some advatages of Propellerads as follows –

1) Generate Ad Unit
2) Ad Unit to your blog
3) You will get $ 1- $ 4 for 1000 views
4) The minimum threshold is 25

The procedure of Propellerads to get started –

Step 1 – Go to the official website
Step 2 – Select the Signup option
Step 3 – Fill all correct information and sign up
Step 4 – Go to the home page
Step 5 – Wait for approval

Accepted payment types – Payoneer, Webmoney this two are the only method to create the payment.

3. Revenue Hits

Revenue Hits is the different Ad Network than the other ad networks. Revenue Hits does not give balance to you for clicks and impressions. Revenue hits give only when clicking an action on the website produced by the ad. Means visitor must enter the name and email id. Then you will get your balance.

Here are some advantages of Revenue Hits as follows –

1) Revenue Hits give $ 2- $ 3 per action
2) The minimum threshold is 20
3) Payment method Paypal & bank transfer only.
4) Very different ad format
5) Your balance appears when you reach the minimum threshold.

The procedure of Revenue Hits to get started –

Step 1 – Go to the official website
Step 2 – Select the Signup option
Step 3 – Fill all correct information and sign up
Step 4 – Go to the home page
Step 5 – Wait for approval

If you are looking for earn money online, display ads is not only way for it. There are many different kinds of ways to earn money. I know anybody does not satisfy without AdSense. If your blog is correct and if it matching with AdSense privacy, no one can stop you from getting AdSense approval. You need to keep passions.

As I have already told you AdSense is not only way to earn online money. You can also earn from Facebook online.

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Final words

Thanks for reading this article. I hope this article will help you. If you like this article, please share it once anywhere. So now you have the good and genuine ad network. These are ad networks for new bloggers. It helps newbie bloggers to generate pocket money.

I hope you like and understand this article. If you like this, don’t forget to share it with your friends. If any query you did found then you can comment me below.

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