How to earn money by solving doubts online in India?

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Hi there, today’s article is going to be very good for those people who are scholars. In this article, I will tell how you can earn money by solving doubts as well as also I will tell some such platforms where you can get paid by solving the doubts of the people. This concept must be new to you, I thought it too. But this is a very old thing, many websites, and apps on the internet are working on it and are also giving work to the people. Generally, such platforms are related to education, but it is not necessary. There are many doubts asking sites that are not related to education or studies.

Making money online is an art. If you use your talent in the right place, then you too will become aware of this art. If you are a scholar student, a housewife who is good at studies, or you are a teacher, then solving people’s problems online is a very good source for you to earn money. Apart from this, if you want to know how to earn money by teaching online in India, then you can read our detailed article. Teaching online and solving doubts are not the same jobs, both are different in themselves. Doubts solving is a better job than teaching because in it you just have to give the solutions to the questions asked by people. That means this is effortless work to do only if you think like a tutor.

Can I really earn money just by solving doubts?

A big yes, you can absolutely earn money by solving doubts online not only in India but also in any corner of the globe. You might know what is online teaching. Teaching is the most important role of the teacher. Along with this, clearing doubts is also the duty of a sincere teacher. Now, just like online tuition is taken, the doubts are also solved online and money can also be earned from it. There are many platforms on the Internet that work only on questions and answers. That platform has an expert team that provides answers to asked questions. That educational society has its different sources of earning money, whether it can be ads, it can be YouTube channels, it can be sponsorships or it can be anything else, it doesn’t matter, and nor it is a part of our article. The company earns many times more money than the money it gives to its employees. And out of this, they give salary to their employees.

So yes, you can truly earn money just by solving people’s doubts. You solve doubts which means you are doing a job for a certain online learning platform. You are doing work for which you will definitely earn money by solving doubts. Apart from this, you should also know how to earn money as a teenager in India without any negative impact on your studies.

How to join a doubts-solving platform to earn money?

Every doubt-solving platform has its own different joining process. On some sites, you are able to apply only when they have a requirement for doubt experts and some sites are open source, meaning anyone can provide solutions for doubts, and there are also some platforms that call people to join who have applied before. And all this goes on subject-wise and class-wise, probably board-wise too meaning they hire the appropriate person for the right class, right subject, and right board on the basis of his expertise. In order to deliver the perfect solutions to students’ asked questions, the company needs an actual dedicated person, and doubt solving is one of the main roles of the tutor, therefore they need to check whether the person is capable or not. Any platform that provides jobs for a long time can conduct your interview, or at least take tests to know how capable you are. If you perform well in the interview or in the test, then you are immediately placed on the job of doubt expert. So you need to research and apply to get the job of doubt expert. This is how you can join a doubts solving platform to earn money.

Best websites & apps to earn money by solving doubts

There are thousands of such platforms on the internet where you can earn money by solving people’s doubts. But it is not possible for me to tell you about each of them, so I am going to tell you the best 10 sites.


earn money by solving doubts is an expert question-and-answer service. If you are an expert in Chemistry, Maths, Physics, Economics, Finance, Accounting, Mechanical Engineering, Business Management, and Statistics in these areas then you can go for This platform gives you full access to contribute for answering thousands of users submitted high school and college level homework questions. Your age and qualification don’t matter here, the only goal of is to deliver the correct answers with explanations in detail so that the student can learn well and apply for homework and exams in the future. pays special attention to the payment of people, so this is not an issue of payment fraud or delayed payment. This company only provides work from home so you don’t need to go out for the job. This platform gives you complete freedom to choose as little work as you can, that’s why your schedule will be completely flexible.

2. Doubtnut


You probably know Doubtnut only for online tuition of classes 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 of NCERT, additionally, it covers IIT JEE and NEET too. But it is more popular for asking questions and getting solutions. All students can ask their doubts on But here the questions related to Physics, Chemistry, Maths, and BIology are asked more than others. If you are a master of these areas, Doubtnut is an excellent place for you to earn money by solving doubts.

The easiest way to work on Doubtnut is through their app. The app has a special section for Earn by Teaching, where all the asked doubts are displayed and the amount you will get after solving that questions is also displayed with every question. You have to submit your answer as soon as possible otherwise someone else will get paid instead of you if someone answers with a good explanation earlier than you. If you are an expert in studies of classes 11 and 12 NCERT then Doubtnut will be proven the best platform for you.

3. Chegg India

earn money by solving doubts - chegg

Chegg itself is a very large US-originated Education-related company. You get to see almost all the educational subjects on Chegg. The reason it is very popular is because of its questions and answers facility. A large number of students ask their doubts on this platform. If you are an expert in any subject, then you can also earn money by solving the doubts of the students. But you can join Chegg only if you are really an expert in the study.

On Chegg, you get around 150 rupees for each question. You are allowed to join Chegg only if you are pursuing graduation or you are a graduate, If you are in the 12th class then you are not allowed for Chegg. You can join Chegg only if you are really an expert in your chosen subject because for joining you have to pass 2 tests. If you perform well in the test you will be informed shortly via a welcome mail.

4. Vedantu


Do you know Vedantu? Vedantu is an online learning platform known for online courses and study material for classes 1 to 12 and for JEE and PET. Additionally, this platform is also famous for questions and answers. If you are an expert in studies from classes 1 to 12 and want to earn money by solving doubts then can prove to be a very good option for you.

A question-answer expert is a very good job role in itself. Vedantu allows you to work from home for this role, which means you will have completely flexible time. Vedantu gives you the freedom to choose your favorite subject in which you are an expert. In order to get started with Vedantu, you have to go through a test on the subject you selected. You will be called for a test after a few days of submitting the application form on Vedantu. You can also get a job as an online tutor on Vedantu which have a different process to join.

5. Kunduz app

earn money by solving doubts - kunduz

If you are a student and want to earn money by solving doubts sitting at home the Kunduz app is for you. This app is giving you 20 rupees for each question you answered. You will not get classwise questions on this app. On this app, questions of all subjects of classes 1-10, as well as higher level arts, commerce, and science stream questions are available. There is a list of random questions on this app, you have to accept only those questions that you are able to answer.

6. TutorChamps


TutorChamps is a platform for students to learn as well as to earn as well. This platform includes the questions of every subject from standard 6 to 12 and above. Questions of every subject you get to see on this platform. Not only this engineering level questions are also available here. This can be the best source for those who wish to earn money just by solving doubts. If you are a student of class 12 then obviously you can solve the question of class 6 to 10 very easily. To do on TutorComp, you are not bound by time, which means you have flexible working hours. You get 60 rupees for each question you answered on TutorChamps. Here you get an assignment too to be solved, for which you are given 200-600 rupees. To get joined to TutorChamps you have to pass a test on the subject you have chosen.

7. Solution Inn

earn money by solving doubts - solution inn

Solution Inn is another question-and-answer platform. This platform is very special, especially for those students who want to earn money along with their studies by solving the doubts of other students. This platform provides part-time jobs which students can easily do. There is no time limit to work on this platform, you can work whenever you are free. A special feature of this app is that earning is done in dollars on this app.

At present, about 80 rupees are being given for solving a question on this platform. Here you get to see almost all the topics, even engineering-level questions are also available. While joining this forum, you are allowed to select the chapter of the subject in which you are an expert. You have to attach your educational documents on this platform here. To join the solution inn you have to give a test in which all your answers should be correct. Don’t waste more time, start ASAP.

8. Toppr

earn money by solving doubts - toppr

Toppr is the best online earning platform, I too like it very much. Toppr is popular for online video classes. Online tuition for classes 5 to 12 and for commerce and science is available on this platform. Toppr is deployed along with India’s top educator to teach the students from 22 different boards across India and 58 exams including JEE, NEET, MHT CET, CLAT, CA, and various scholarship exams. Along with this Toppr provides help to students with their homework by clearing the doubts they asked. That’s why Toppr hires you as a subject expert so that you can earn money by solving the doubts of the students. You can also get paid by doing work of story creation, solution writing, rating and tagging, DTP, and quality check on Toppr.

To do work on Toppr, you have to join the Toppr community. To join the Toppr community, you have to apply for that. You will receive an email when your account gets approved. Now you can earn money by solving doubts on Toppr.

9. Meritnation

earn money by solving doubts - meritnation

Meritnation is an another website where you can earn money just by solving doubts. Meritnation is a unit of Aakash EduTech Private Limited which is India’s number one online test-prep platform. Meritnation provides live classes for standard 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 science and 12 science. Along with this, it provides study material including standard 1 to 12 NCERT solutions and textbook solutions of class 1 to 12 of CBSE, ICSE, Maharashtra State Board, Gujarat State Board, Karnataka State Board, Kerala State Board, and Tamilnadu State Board for the purpose of helping the students in homework.

Being Meritnation an online study platform, students ask their doubts here. So Meritnation hires people as doubts experts, there is a different process of hiring, but we do not discuss about it. But if you get hired you will earn a lot of money just by solving students’ doubts.

10. DoubtBuddy

earn money by solving doubts - doubtbuddy

DoubtBuddy is specially for the purpose of solving the doubts of the students of IIT JEE, NEET CBSE, and helping with homework. Class 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 students and trio streams (Arts, Commerce, and Science) of 11th and 12th students ask their doubts on DoubtBuddy to be solved. You will get 12 rupees for each question you solved on DoubtBuddy. You can earn Rs 5000 per month if you work a single hour in a day and You can earn Rs 15000 per month if you work two hours in a day for a month on DoubtBuddy. On DoubtBuddy, you get questions from many different classes and different subjects. You get the freedom on this platform to accept the questions you can solve and skip what you cannot. You can submit your answer either in text format or photo format. It is not necessary that you will get 12 rupees for every question, maybe more or less. If you solve difficult questions, you will definitely get more money.

11. School Solver

school solver

School Solver is another website from which you can get paid by solving questions. This is a 100% trusted website, as you can see in the image the world-famous magazines Trustpilot, TechCrunch, TNW, Forbes, Mashable, and Product Hunt have mentioned and rated School Solver. The purpose of this website is to help students with their homework questions and assignments. Questions from every subject are allowed here. No higher qualification is required to join to solve questions on School Solver. Money is earned in dollars on School Solver. School Solver charges a 20% commission on each bought answer and a 2% withdrawal fee from your withdrawal amount. Here every question has a different rate to be solved, you get paid when someone buys your solution. In this way, you can earn a decent passive income from School Solver.

12. JustAnswer

earn money by solving doubts - justanswer

JustAnswer is a platform where a subject expert can earn money by solving doubts. It is a trustworthy platform where many students are connected, and you can earn by answering the questions of these students. Here also the money is earned in dollars. There many subjects are available on this platform specially higher-level studies like engineering and doctorate. This platform gives the flexibility to the user to select a category regarding which he gets questions to be solved. JustAnswer charges a cost for asking the question then the expert submits their answer and when his answer is accepted, the expert gets the money according to the cost of the question. If you keep working on it daily, your rating will increase, which will work to show you a professional. And the chances of your answer being accepted will also increase.

13. Qanda

solve doubts and earn money

Qanda is an AI-based online learning platform launched by Mathpresso Inc which is a South Korean education technology company. This platform helps students with their homework by solving their doubts. Students from all over the world ask their doubts about the subjects of Maths and Science. The subject experts like you can earn money by solving these doubts. You will earn Rs. 30-50 for each question you answered. You can easily earn Rs 15k from Qanda by sitting at your home.

14. Unacademy

Unacademy is India’s largest educational platform. The purpose of Unacademy is to prepare students for various school exams, competitive exams like SSC, RRB, and IBPS, and entrance exams like JEE & NEET. Being the largest educational platform of India Unademy allowed doubt-solving educators too. Now students put their doubts on the platform, the subject experts give the solutions to these and they get paid per question. Unaceday offers Rs 15-20 for each question so if you solve 300 questions in a week you earn Rs 5k in a week which is 20k in a month.

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Doubt solving is a very easy job to earn money which a senior student can also do to solve the doubts of his junior students. There are very few platforms on the internet that do not allow undergraduates and there are more platforms that allow undergraduates students. This is a job that students, housewives, businessmen, serving personnel, and anyone can do for extra income.

Clearing the doubts of the students is the most important role of a tutor. Therefore, apply for this position only if you are really an expert in a certain subject, otherwise, you are just wasting your time and messing with students. Because you will not be able to deliver the solutions on time then you will be dismissed from your job. Solving doubts online can be a very excellent way for you to earn money online only if you have real knowledge and you are deep in your chosen subject.

If you are not good at studies, neither you can teach online nor solve the doubts, then what can you do to make money. You should know how you can earn money without investment using mobile only. If you are interested in online earning then keep visiting our site. Thanks for reading.

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