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Are you a teenager who wants to earn a passive income for himself? So this article is for you because in this I am going to tell you some such ways by which a teenager in India can earn as much money from which he can easily meet his expenses.

Being a teenager is not easy, this is the age in which most of us start struggling for our life. You have to face a lot, one of them is the financial problem.

Your parents give you money for tuition fees, study materials, parties, and much more. But not all parents are able to give this much to their children. That is why children should also save money and should not spend extravagantly. So that whenever there is a need, you can spend your money on yourself.

There are many ways through which a teenager in India can earn money. This is especially for the students only so that their time will not be wasted and the work will also go on. Students should focus on their studies more than work, which is more important. Through this article, I will tell such methods which are recommended for the students, which can be done in less time. Due to this, there will be no bad effect on the studies.

If you start any of the following diligently in your teenage, you will have achieved a great position by the time you become an adult. At that time your batchmates will be wandering around for jobs and you will be a successful self-employed adult. You will have money and when you look back you will feel proud of yourself.

How a teenager in India can earn money?

The ideas in the list below are in your hands to implement. In this, the maximum methods are related to online, so we consider that you have a computer, even if it is not there then it is imperative to have a mobile. Being an Indian I know most of the teenagers in India do not have a computer, however, it is wrong to mention this thing again and again.

1. Start a Blog to earn money as a teenager in India

Running a blog as a teenager is not a big challenging thing. Because more money does not have to be spent on this and time has to be given less, although the brain costs more. Being a blogger, I recommend you to start blogging.

Anyway, adolescence is very passionate about doing research, and research is considered to be a big factor in blogging. You can write on any easy topic like homework for your own class subjects, question answers, science projects, computer projects, etc.

Apart from this, you can write on other topics but it will have a bad effect on your studies. If a teenager in India converts her own studies to blogging, she will increase her knowledge and earn money parallelly.

How to get started with blogging?

If you want to start blogging absolutely free, then check out our How to start a blog on Blogger for free article.

There will be no traffic on your blog for 6-7 months after starting the blog. Thus you have to leverage your social media handles. Try to connect with more and more children in your class, create a group of them on WhatsApp or Facebook anywhere. Then share the link of your articles on those groups. Try the same with your friend circle from other schools. This is the best practice if you as a teenager in India want to earn money.

Nowadays, children are given a lot of homework, which children have to write after doing research on their own. In such a situation, if they are getting ready-made answers to their homework on your blog, then they will definitely keep coming to your blog.

How a teenager in India can earn through blogging?

Now it’s about earning money, and that’s the only thing challenging. But there is nothing to worry about, Adsense gives second priority to educational topics. You just have to write 20-25 unique articles of 700-800 words. Soon you will get Adsense approval, put ads on your blog, and start to earn money as a teenager in India.

2. Do content writing work

Content writing is the process of writing, editing, and publishing content in digital format. This content can be an article on the blog, it can be an eBook, it can be a press release, it can be a landing page or anything it can be but only in digital format.

Content writing is one of the best methods for a teenager in India to earn money with studies. Content writing is a good opportunity for children who love to write. It is very easy, no investment is required in this and you get work very easily, just you have to be active on social media.

Where a teenager in India can find content writing work to earn money?

There are many blogging-related groups on Facebook, where people make posts every day expressing the requirement of written articles. You also have to find such a person, you have to make a humble request to him so that he will give you work.

As easy as it is to do content writing, it is equally difficult to find content writing work. But if you satisfy any one client with your work, then he can become your permanent client.

Apart from this, you can go to the direct websites and ask the website owner for work. Search for a keyword on Google. Contact each one of the websites that will come in the search results and ask politely about the work of content writing. This strategy will help a teenager in India teenager to earn money.

How much you can earn through content writing?

In content writing, money is given to you according to the word. The more words you write, the more money you make. If you have any work at the rate of 25 paise per word and if you wrote an article of 1000 words then you will get 250 rupees for that article. If someone likes your work, then he will give you the job of content writer on his website for a long time.

3. Videos on Youtube: earn money as a teenager in India

These days everyone who uses the internet, must watch YouTube. You must have seen it, I also watch it. Have you ever wondered what would happen if you also have a YouTube channel? Having your YouTube channel will earn you money, but you will also get popularity with it. YouTube channels can be opened without any investment, and you do not need to have a computer, just a mobile with a good camera is enough. If your life is interesting, that means you keep roaming, then it will be icing on the cake. Vlogging channels are running on the most trend these days. And many people are also trying to do this because it is very easy. All you have to do is show your routine, like what you’re doing, where you’re going, and a lot of nonsense. Whatever you do will be a completely new concept, and definitely grow. There are very few channels that do vlogging as a student.

You probably know that to earn on YouTube, you have to get your channel approved for monetization from Adsense. To get monetization from Adsense, your channel must be following YouTube channel monetization policies. You will get paid for the views from YouTube, the more views, the more revenue. And here the topic also matters which means if your channel gives financial information then you get good CPC from other topics. You can make videos on any other topics. I said vlogging videos because it is very easy for an Indian teenager.

In the starting phase, your channel does not have Adsense approved or there are not many subscribers. That’s why the views also come less, although a video can go viral, that is a different matter. So you should not rely only on Adsense. That’s why you need to know How to earn on Youtube even if you don’t have more subscribers. YouTube can be proven as a very good way to earn money for a teenager in India.

4. Earn by making short videos

What comes to mind after listening to the word short videos is Tik Tok. You know that Tik Tok is banned in India, but many of its alternative apps are still in existence. Following is the list of short videos sharing apps in India:

  1. Instagram Reels
  2. YouTube shorts
  3. MX Taka Tak
  4. Josh
  5. Moj
  6. Tiki
  7. Zili
  8. Chingari
  9. Roposo
  10. Snap chat

Making short videos is also an easy task; only mobile is needed. All these platforms have the same policy to pay the creator. All you have to do is upload short videos as a creator. When you reach the specified threshold, then you start receiving money regularly from that platform.

If you have different abilities from others like painting, photo shooting, cycling, parkour skill, cooking, dancing, and many more then you should put its videos instead of nonsensical videos. You will get special value and engagements also come more on such videos as compared to others. We have an article on how you can earn on Snapchat in different ways by putting short videos.

5. Do affiliate marketing to earn

how to earn money as a teenager in india

Affiliate marketing is a way in which you can get a certain commission on each of your successful sales which will be done through your own affiliate link. With the help of this method, you can earn a lot of money in less time. This method is easier than earning by taking approval from Adsense, no approval is required for this. You can directly create affiliate links for any product on any eCommerce website. By promoting which there will be sales from your link, for which you will get the commission.

Generally, a website is the first requirement for doing affiliate marketing professionally. On which the review of the product you want to sell is written. Between that article, there are affiliate links of that product generated from different mediums like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc. The link given in the article increases your chances of getting sales. This is the common strategy of affiliate marketing which a teenager in India can also follow to earn money passively.

How do get sales automatically?

If you want to do affiliate marketing but you do not have extra time to operate a website, you can still make money normally. You have to build a network of yours so that you get sales automatically without any effort. For that, you will have to send a red notice to your entire family that if anyone wants to buy anything online, then buy only from your affiliate link. Apart from this, if you want to earn extra, then you can use the Earnkaro app. With the help of this app and the original affiliate platform, you will be charged double the commission.

If you want to do affiliate marketing at a different level then you can go for Warrior Plus Affiliate Program and ClickBank.

6. Earn through reselling

If you live in a rural area then reselling can prove to be the best for you. There is a shortage of resources in the rural area, by catching this point, you too can start your reselling business. It is not necessary to rent a shop for business, you can start it from your home. There are many things that people have to buy like cakes. You buy 2-3 good cakes from the cake shop and keep them in the fridge of your home. Then people will buy the same cake from you, then you increase its price a little bit so that you would earn profit.

This is the cycle of reselling. An individual or company buys an item and sells it by increasing the price to earn a profit, which is called reselling.

This option is also available if you want to get the goods delivered directly to the person who wants them instead of shipping them to your home. Meesho is one such platform that provides this facility. Here whatever is available is at wholesale price. And in this, you can set your profit margin according to you. You just have to promote some of these interesting things with your friends and family. When you place the order, you get the same amount of profit margin you had set.

7. Sell your pets to earn money as a teenager in India

If you pet an animal, bird, or fish in your home, then you will be happy to know that you can earn money even by selling them. I am not telling to sell you original pet. I know your emotions are attached to them so you can’t sell them. But you can earn money by selling the calves they have.

I have tried this method myself. I had a couple of love birds. Love birds lay eggs every 4-5 months and pups emerge from them. When they are 2 months old, they will be able to eat themselves, then it is the right time to sell them. In our city a pair of love birds is sold for Rs.600. There may be more or less at your location.

You imagine how much profit you are getting if one pair of yours goes for Rs.600. Who will give you money setting at home, if you do something or the other, then you will get money. Similarly, you can also sell your kittens and puppies.

8. Data entry work to earn a penny

If you want to do something, then you have to be curious. You have to do everything possible so that you can earn money. Data entry work is also one of those tasks which does not waste much time and hence does not have any bad effect on studies. So data entry work is suitable for teenager in India to earn money.

Data entry work is very easy. Data Entry is a digital process in which information is entered in an electronic medium. There are some blank documents, sheets in which details have to be entered.

Nowadays digitalization is going on all over India. Meaning whatever data is present in written format is being computerized. Think about how many days it will take for the government employees to convert the data of years ago, and as you would know how many lazy people are in the government offices in India. There must be some government employee living in your neighborhood, you can approach him for data entry work or you can ask directly by going to the offices. This will benefit you in such a way that you will get a chance to do government work and you will get money also.

9. Refer and Earn money as a teenager in India

Refer and Earn is on trending a lot in India these days. Yes, you get 300-600 rupees for inviting a person in this. This method takes very less time provided there is an acute need for a PAN card which children do not have. But do not be discouraged, apply for a PAN card today, because it will be very useful in the future too.

In India, people are turning toward trading and stock marketing. On the other hand, many platforms are being developed to provide trading and investing facilities to the people. In order to increase the number of users on these platforms, facilities like free Demat account opening and bonuses are also being offered.

Best Refer and Earn apps in India:

  1. Upstox
  2. IIFL Securities
  3. Groww
  4. Bigul
  5. 5Paisa

Apart from the trading platforms, there are also some platforms like Amazon Pay, Earnkaro, Paytm etc. on which you get rewards for referring.

10. Help with household chores

This is a way to get money from family members. You are a teenager, you have the right to ask for money at home, so do not hesitate. To make your money-seeking moment good, you have to help in household chores so that your mom/dad or whoever you ask for money will happily give you.

If you want to get money from your family members, then you have to keep your behavior like a good boy/girl, always keep smiling, always say yes to mom and dad, praise them, don’t oppose your parents by doing all this you will get more than what you need. Always make good use of money so that the next time you ask for money, your parents do not hesitate to give you money.

11. Receive money from guests

In our country, the guest is considered to be God because the arrival of guests creates happiness, prosperity, and a different atmosphere in your home. If anyone goes to someone’s house as a guest, then they take something for the children to eat. It’s like a custom. And the guests leave by giving money to the children, this is also a custom which is beneficial for you.

I know the amount collected from the guests is not enough for you. But some of your savings are being made. And anyway, drop by drop fills the pond.

12. Earn a scholarship money

Often students ignore scholarships. That is why they are deprived of what they should get, what they are entitled to. Scholarship means compensation given to meritorious students for their studies.

Scholarships are given by the government to the students every year. And apart from this, there are some authorities that also provide scholarships. These authorities conduct an exam to select the eligible students for the scholarship.

Some of the more popular national-level scholarship examinations are National Talent Search Examination (NTSE), Indian National Olympiad (INO), National Science Olympiad, etc. There are some state-level also, such as Maharashtra Talent Search Examination (MTSE) in my state Maharashtra.

These exams are very tough and you have to top this exam to get the scholarship. Through these scholarships, you start getting money every month. Its syllabus is similar to the standard syllabus of your educational class. This is also an option for a teenager in India to earn money along with studies.

13. Become an Instagram influencer

You must have used Instagram for uploading photos and videos, chatting, watching reels, etc. Instagram is one of the most used social media worldwide. There are many ways to earn money from Instagram too, but this is not the topic of our article. We just have to know how can an Indian teen becomes an Instagram Influencer and makes money.

What is an Instagram Influencer?

An influencer is someone who is able to persuade a lot of other people, for example, their followers on social media, to do, buy or use the same things they do. And because the influencer is on Instagram, that’s why we call Instagram Influencer. To put it in simple language, such a personality that people follow, behind which people are crazy, people will imitate the clothes they wear, they will follow what they say, obviously not all will do it, but some people definitely do.

How does an influencer get money from Instagram?

Do you know Virat Kohli is at number 14 among the top earning celebrities on Instagram? He charges approx Rs 5 crore for each post on Instagram.

Let us know who gives them so much money. They get money through sponsors. When an influencer promotes a brand, its fans start to trust that brand, which increases its sales. So in this way, the brand gets benefits by entrusting the responsibility of advertising the brand to the influencer.

How can you become an Instagram Influencer?

I have an opinion with you that you should go into the field of modeling because sponsorships are easily available in this field. There is a lot more that can be done on Instagram than just dancing and singing. If you are a girl then you can share short videos of topics like beauty tips. And if you are a boy then you can share short videos like top 5 hairstyles for boys. So let’s start today and now and pretend to be an influencer.

14. Earn from Facebook

Facebook is also an amazing way to earn money for a teenager in India. You must know Facebook, it comes at 3rd in the most surfed social media platform in the world. Facebook was previously at number two but Instagram took its place, although at this time Instagram is a part of Facebook itself.

I personally like Facebook the most because it offers more features than all others. I like earning features provided by Facebook. There are several ways to earn money from Facebook. But in this article, we will only know the ways that can really be of use to an Indian teenager.

You must have seen videos on Facebook, there is endless stuff. But have you ever thought that why people upload so many videos, what would you get by working so hard? It’s simple, they get money. All this happens through Facebook video ads. It is a tool that displays ads within your videos. There are some criteria to get into this program. It doesn’t take much time to work on it. You can upload any videos, but it will be better to follow a single topic.

Apart from this, there are two additional methods Brand Collabs Manager, through which you receive sponsorships and another one is Fan Subscription, in which your fans pay you to join your page.

15. Start a startup business with your friends

Children are the future of every country’s economy. If a child starts his own business from his childhood, then he can go a long way till he grows up. There are some small businesses that children can do and they do not even need much money to do.

In India, if the child wants to do anything, it is his parents who are the first to interrupt him. I want to advise such parents that if the child takes any good step, then instead of stopping him, he should be encouraged, and the child should be given a chance to show his creativity. Your child may do what you couldn’t achieve in your life. So don’t try to stop him, if he is doing something, then let him do it.

There are some suitable small businesses for kids which are home-based, consume less time, and required low financial investment. Teenagers can try Academic tutors, Child care, Pet sitting, Errand-running, Selling handmade crafts, balloon decoration, candle making, grocery store, etc with the contribution of their friends.

16. Tuition classes: earn money as a teenager in India

This is the home-based method by which a teenager in India can earn money. If you are poor in your studies, how will you teach others, therefore you should be a clever student yourself.

My recommendation is you should take the tuition of children up to class 2 at the most because if you do more then you will not get enough time to do your own studies. Apart from studies, if you have any skill, then you can also take tuition for it like drawing, dancing, playing an instrument, etc.

If you want to know how to teach online and earn money, then I have a detailed article for you. Being a kid you will not get a tutor job on the online learning platforms, so you are suggested to start tuition at your home.

17. Do a part-time work

If you need a lot of money, then you can do a part-time job somewhere, such as in a shop, supply work from dairy, or supply newspaper. These works are such that you will be free till 10-11 in the morning, then you can comfortably concentrate on your school and studies.

18. Freelancing: earn money as a teenager in India

This is a very good option to earn money which I have also tried. No need to go anywhere, no investment is required, flexible timing, and it requires only one i.e. any digital skill. Freelancing is considered one of the best online jobs because you can make a lot of money from it.

Skills like content writing, graphic designing, data entry, copy typing, engineering skills, web development, video editing, and photo editing are considered to be best for freelancing work. There are many freelancing websites on the Internet that provide a medium for freelancers to get work and employers to present work. Fiverr International Limited, Upwork Inc, Freelancer Limited, and Toptal are the top freelancing platform on the internet.

In this, you may have to face some difficulties in getting the projects, because the employers do not hand over the project to the new people. You still keep trying, you will definitely get success.

19. Do online survey to earn money

You can earn money as a teenager in India through an online survey. This sounds like a scan to you, right? Yes, I agree that there are many scams behind the name of surveys. But what if I tell you that there are some websites that provide genuinely paid surveys. You should at least try this once.

List of top 10 online survey websites that are genuine:

  1. ySense
  2. Toluna
  3. Swagbucks
  4. Opinion World
  5. Valued Opinions
  6. View Fruit India
  7. The Panel Station
  8. iPanel Online
  9. Timebucks
  10. Survey Savvy

On almost all these websites, you have to do the free survey in the beginning. Then after a couple of surveys, you will get paid surveys. So do not rush to judge any website.

If you want to earn a Google Play balance so that you can buy Royal Pass in PUBG or can buy diamonds in Free Fire, then you must try Google Opinion Rewards. On this app, you keep getting small online paid surveys, answering which you get paid. And this money can not be withdrawn to the bank, it can only be converted into a Google Play balance.

20. Earn by creating a mobile app as a teenager in India

Creating a mobile app for a teenager is a difficult task. In our country children are not interested in all these things. On the other hand, big companies are contributing to making children learn coding from childhood. This step taken by the companies is going to prove very beneficial in the future.

Nowadays the use of mobile has increased a lot, even small kids have started using mobile for studying and gaming purposes. Being a teenager this is much tough to develop a game but he can try making a study app. However, it will also cost money but much less than game development.

Children are using mobile to find answers and solve quizzes. So imagine if you made a quiz app based on the syllabus of any class of your educational board/university, then how beneficial it will prove to be for you and those children. After getting success in it, gradually increase your content.

To earn money from quiz app as teenager in India you have to contact all the coachings in your area and tell them how much traffic from your area comes on your app. They will tell themselves to put a banner of their coaching on our app and you will charge for it. And you can also show automated ads on the app through Admob which is offered by Google itself.


Adolescence is such an age group in which you decide your life goals, what you want to be, what to do, everything. In this article, I have told you the methods that take less time. So these methods make a teenager in India capable to earn money with their studies.

There are many ways out of these that you can consider as a career, which will help you earn money throughout your life. Like blogging, there are many such celebrities who are earning millions only through blogging. YouTube, people are leaving their jobs in the IT industry and making videos on YouTube. It is possible that the business you started in your childhood will grow very big in the future. So work hard, success will make you sit on the throne.

Thanks for reading.

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