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Hey, today we are going to explore the Google Survey Platform. This app is one of the trusted platforms where you earn money from paid surveys. I want to tell you how to get the survey in Google Opinion Reward? If you are willing to get paid Apps, E-Books, Games, Movies, and TV shows in the Google Play Store without spending money on them, you can get them using Google Opinion Rewards.

What is Google Opinion Rewards?

Google Opinion Rewards is a platform powered by Google, which allows us to earn Google Play credit by answering easy paid surveys. Actually, this platform works as a mobile app and it is easily available for Android and iOS. This app was established in 2016 and in 2017, it became available in India. It has 50 million+ downloads on Google Play Store. It offers you a paid survey, by giving the answer to that survey, you get paid with Google Play credit. It means you will get a Google Play balance. You can use this money to buy paid apps, e-books, movies, and games on Play Store. On iOS, users are paid via PayPal.

How do Google Opinion Rewards Work?

This is most important to understand the working way of the app. I have already told you that this app is the product of Google. So Google is one of the huge IT companies in the world and they have many apps and tools. The developers of Google are looking for feedback from the audience regarding their tools and apps. Hence they have established this app to get people’s feedback regarding their tools and apps by offering paid surveys to users. The survey of this app includes questions regarding other products of Google. Google collects the data from feedback and makes changes in its products by keeping the public demand in mind.

The questions in most surveys of Google Opinion Reward are related to online shopping and many online things. The survey is very easy you can solve it in a few seconds only. Google was asking questions on Google+ in the survey before Google+ was closed. It means they wanted to understand what people think about it.

You get the new survey in 15-20 days. There is no fixed time to get the survey. By giving the answer to these surveys you will get paid. Let’s see how to get started with this app:

How to get started with the app?

  1. First of all, download the app from the Google Play Store and App Store.
  2. Select a Google account, with which you have to log in. (You can add another account using the “Add Account” button.)
  3. Open the app read its terms of Service and click on the “Accept” button.
  4. It will open the Account Setup page, you have to add the below information:
    • Enter your first and last name.
    • Enter your postal code.
    • Select your country.
  5. Now enter your address, age, gender, language, and income then click on the “Continue” button.
google opinion rewards
Have no survey yet
Have got a new survey

After that, it will open the dashboard of the app. As you can see above two images with different information:

1st: Here I had not received any survey yet, hence it was showing “No survey at this time“.
2nd: The second image is from when I got the survey, so it is showing “New survey available“. You can answer this survey by clicking on the “Answer Survey” button.

How to answer the survey?

If you got a new survey click on it to go ahead. The questions are multiple-choice-based questions. Read the question first and you can see there are options, in the options, you have to choose anyone.

In the above image, this is one of the questions in my survey. There, I wanted to know what that sign was. I knew this was a sign of peace, so I chose the second option.

Your first survey will be a test for you and you won’t get paid with that survey but you still have to answer. Because the first survey is for you to understand how to answer the questions and to understand the interface of the Google Opinion Rewards app.

How to use this money to Play Store?

Now you have a question in your mind how to transfer this money to Google Play Store? The answer is that you do not need to transfer the money. You can use the money direct. I mean if you want to buy an e-book, click on the buy option directly. It will show your earned Google Play balance directly.

You need to note that you don’t get these surveys daily. You will get your next survey after 10 days or above. So don’t associate with liers. They say that by doing this you will get the survey sooner, by following these tricks you will get the survey sooner, these are all hoaxes. Nothing like that happens. Only when Google wants to provide a survey will you get it.

How to get more surveys in a few time?

By following some tricks and tips you will get more surveys in a few time, I want to tell you this is wrong thinking. Because there are not any tips to get more surveys in a few time. You can follow the below activities therefore it will increase the chances to get more surveys.

  • You need to check your app regularly. When you get the survey in your app, it will appear as a dot on the app icon. You need to check it regularly even if you didn’t appear a dot on the app icon. One more thing, you will get notified when you get the survey.
  • Try to give a positive answer to the questions. I think this can also help you to increase the chances of getting the survey. What is the mean of the positive answer? Instead of giving a positive answer, don’t give a wrong answer. By doing so, You won’t get as much as you should have got.
  • If you choose English as your language, the chances of getting more surveys may increase. I am not damp sure about this, but what’s the point of trying.
  • You need to open this app every day and wait at least 1 minute on the app. I am not sure about it, but by researching, I got these points.

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Now you know why do you get surveys on the Google Opinion Reward app. It is a genuine money-earning app trusted by Google. If you play PUBM mobile you can also buy Royal Pass using Google Play rewards. If you want to know more trusted earning app click on the link below.

I hope you understand this new method to earn money with Google Opinion Reward. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it with your friends. If you have any queries feel free to ask me.

Thanks for reading.

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