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Friends, in my last article I have shared first freelancing website with you. I am also earning from this website. Freelancer is not just a website. 
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It becomes the platform for earning money. So many people are working on this website and earn money daily at a very high level. 
In the internet world, there are so many freelancing websites are already present in the world. Some websites are really in working and some are not.
Few platforms give the same chance to all freelancers. I mean the new freelancers, which have joint recently. Platforms give the same value to all types of freelancers.
Means old and new freelancer has the same value. But old freelancer has remembered how to work so they can earn more money than the new freelancer.
New freelancer thinks ‘website gives great value to old freelancer only’ guys this is wrong think of new people.
New freelancer should open the website, they should take the one-month free trial. Remember that one day will come, you will become like the employee of freelancing.
Freelancing will become a specific job for you. I have also earned more money from freelancing work. 

Website to Working and Earning
Today I am sharing my experienced second website to earn money. The website named as ‘upwork‘.
This is the very big and useful website. This is so systematic website.
The website keeps the proper ratio of workers and employers. Means website has the limit to freelancer. 

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How to work on Upwork website?

Only the experienced person can work on this website because the website needs the special persons. Who can work more than their experience and who has more different skills.
If you have not this type of any experience and skills then you cannot work on this website.
It will not give the approval to your profile.

Once your profile got approval then anybody cannot stop you from working. I am giving the guarantee to you, once you will have the new and special skill then you will get approval immediately.
The rate of the project on this website is so high. So you will not leave this website. When you will complete a project then you will get the rate as per your work as.
If you have completed the project then you got the review which can help your profile to grow up.
This website provides good service. Only you have to wait a month or more then the result of your effort will appear.
This is not an easy website like freelancer. Maximum people couldn’t wait for approval so they left this website without waiting on upwork website.
This is the big mistake of people. Who wants to earn from upwork website. This website has many secure privacies. That’s why waiting is the must to being approved. 

How to Get started with Upwork?

You should feel all the information true because there are so many problems can be created.


You can create the account by your email id.

You have got approval and If you have felt wrong information then you cannot withdraw your money. So the correct information is recommended.
Your profile’s security depends on some special questions. You can set these questions as per your information. (Example: What is your pet name?)
When you will complete your profile then it will ask to set the security question also. The answers to these questions are so important factors.
When your account got the lock then this questions and answers will help you to unlock your owned account.

So set questions and answers which you have known. If you will not remember the question’s answer then you cannot unlock your approved account.
You will have to start the new account that would not be approved. So they request you to complete your profile with true information. 


You can withdraw your money with card or PayPal


In the profile setting, you have to set all the setting in this image. 


Security of Account

The security questions are so easy. Which are related to yourself? Example: what is your mother name? or which is your favorite place? or what have you?
This is the question types that you can set by your information. But the answer to the questions should be the same as you set at the time of account creating.

How to improve the Rating of the Profile?

There is nothing without the profile. In short, the profile is so important to go ahead. To improve your rating there is the exam. The exams are related to your skills.
Give the exam properly and neatly by which your rate, as well as your skills, will become so powerful and strong. 
The website has their owned application for mobile phone. The application interface is impressive. Only the approved profiles can get work on application but you should do work on a computer or laptop.
In PC interface you can examine your mistakes early then you can correct them in few intervals of time that the mobile interface.
The application has the search option by which you will get you category project. If you searched urgent then you will get the only urgent project. which has a great price of money. 
This is my experienced second website. Please try it. Try to get approval. If you didn’t get approval then change your skills and resubmit profile to get approval. 

Over to you:
I have written this blog post as per my research and my knowledge. This was how to earn money from Upwork.
If anybody knows more about this, please tell me in the comment below.
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