How to get free UC in BGMI?

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Friends, do you want to buy Royal Pass in BGMI, but due to some reason you are not able to buy UC. So this article is a good solution for you because in this I will tell you in BGMI how you can buy UC absolutely free.

As friends, we all know that BGMI is the most played Battle Royale game in India. The reason behind such strong popularity of this game is its features. Every two months a new Royale Pass is released, which people show their curiosity about the game by purchasing on the very first day. Apart from this, new themes keep coming in the game like Dragon Ball Z was released and Arabian Nights is about to come. Game modes based on these themes also come in BGMI which gets a very good response from the players every time.

Apart from this, outfits are an important point of attraction. BGMI has different ways to get outfits, Royal Pass is one of them. Royal Pass of BGMI has to be purchased for at least 360 UC, which costs Rs 450. Elite Pass and Elite Pass Plus which can be availed for 720 UC, these are the options in which we can acquire the Royale Pass.

How can you get free UC in BGMI?

There are many ways to collect outfits in BGMI, some are free, and some are paid. For making purchases in BGMI, UC (Unknown Cash) is the in-game currency in BGMI.

People often mention different apps on which UC can be earned by playing games. Google Opinion Rewards is an app on which by completing surveys you are given Play Balance1 in return. You can later convert into UC to spend in BGMI to buy a Royal Pass for free.

Here are the steps to earn Google Play balance through Google Opinion Rewards:

1. Download the Google Opinion Rewards app from the Play Store or App Store.

2. Login with the same Google account on which you have the Google Play account which is linked to your BGMI ID.

3. Wait till the survey comes. Once the survey arrives, select its genuine answers and submit the survey. Immediately after this, you will be shown how much amount you have received on the survey.

Keep answering the survey in the same manner and keep adding the amount. In this way, whenever you complete Rs 450, you can buy 360 UC in BGMI for absolutely free which is enough to get the Royal Pass.

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This is how you can buy UC in BGMI for absolutely free. This is a time-consuming method, because after receiving one survey, it may take any amount of time to receive another survey, either less or you may have to wait for a few days. Not only this, you are given a very small amount for completing the survey, the highest I got myself was Rs 14.59. So in these situations, it takes a lot of time to make an amount equal to buying Royal Pass in BGMI. Therefore, do not even think of opening crates by earning from this method.

You can also take double the benefit of this amazing method. Every season there is a UC event in BGMI. Limits are set in that event such as 60, 360, 720, etc. This means that by purchasing 60 UC you will get 60 UC for free and this will happen with every milestone, but only once with every milestone. If you can wait a lot, you will get a Royal Pass for 180 UC instead of 360.

  1. Google Play balance is the type of money that can be earned but can not be withdrawn. This balance can only be spent on Play Store related purchases. ↩︎

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