What is Facebook Reach? – The Best Trick to Increase the Number of It

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Today I am telling you the very important and very interesting topic that is about Facebook Reach. In this article I am telling all things which you need to know about it. As well as we are talking about the way to increase the organic Facebook reaches. Yes, if you are looking for the way by which you can increase your Facebook organic views, read this article carefully, It will be proven as very useful for you.

As now a day every second person use Facebook. You post your information such as photos and videos there daily. Therefore every person willing to have the more followers or fans on their account. To increase followers on Facebook you need to do case study of Facebook reach first.

As well as I am gonna tell you the ninja technique, which will help you to get double number of viewers than previous number. it will help not only to increase Facebook reach but also to grow page and increase page follower automatically. For that your must need to know how Facebook algorithm work. As a creator you need to know everything about Facebook algorithm. Once your page reach increased, automatically your engagement will also increase and once engagement increase, no more time will to get converted them into your followers.

But it will possible when you get better understand every single point in this article.

What is Facebook reach?

Facebook reach is nothing without the number of people who view your content. Millions of people are on Facebook who post something daily. As well as there are also many people who post regularly for custom purpose like earn money and promote business. Those people do more struggle for views on their post. They also get good numbers of views. To manage and count them people use tools. The term which is use for views in Facebook is Facebook reach.

It count everything like views as well as engagements like – reacts, comments and clicks etc.

As you know Facebook is one of big as well as best social media platform. Therefore billions of people come on Facebook daily. To giving them the best experience, Facebook always try new things for it.

Why do Facebook reach decreasing

day by day?

There are two reason for it. The first reason is Facebook and another is you. You need to read this carefully, if you did, there are more chances to convert your decreasing reaches and engagement into high reach and high engagement. Because you are getting less understand and want more. You need to concentrate more on reaches. If you get good number of reach, your everything will be ok.

Why Facebook

The algorithm of Facebook depend on two things. First is engagement and another is interested. This is too important term you need to understand this both terms deeply. Because the algorithm of Facebook is totally depends on this two important pillars.

When you post anything on Facebook like photos, videos, milestones, it does not get good reach. Facebook do regular updates in their algorithm. It’s not more, in future it will change regularly. Facebook have put whole platform on personal engagement and interest. Yes it’s true.

Now you need to know about personal engagement and interest. Then what is personal engagement and interest? Suppose you have a Facebook account and you are connect there only with your friends. You have sent friend request and someone have sent you friend request and after doing this the new friend suggestion generate called mutual friends. Facebook have decided only your friends and mutual friends can reach up to your post. If someone share it with the people those are not your friends, other can also see your post.

Your post reach upto only those people who are your friends and this is called personal engagement and interest. Facebook will give first preference to this personal engagement and interest.

In your Facebook profile Facebook determine your interest and see your engagement and as per your interest Facebook shows the best post for you. This is called personal engagement and interest. Facebook algorithm detect your activities in your feed after that it will happen.

Suppose you have a very close friend on Facebook and you regularly do react as well as comment on his post. Also you are close to some pages and business. Facebook algorithm will detect it and show their posts on the top in your feed.

As you know there are many active people on Facebook. They have already made many engagements on their friend’s profile. Facebook have set specific limit of post on feed. If someone followed your newly made profile or page, there are less possibility to appear your post in there feed because Facebook gives the first preference to personal engagement and interest. Facebook show your post at bottom on their feed. This has become the big reason to decrease Facebook reach.

Why you are not getting more reaches the above paragraph is the reason for it. Facebook always gives the first preference to your interest and engagement. The availability of different kinds of post in your feed is depends on with whom you are engaged more.

Why Yourself

This is more important than above reason. You create Facebook page for particular reason like earn money, to show ads, for business whatever. After creating page you do post on it and share it on some groups and with friends. because there are more chances to get more reaches by sharing.

Sometimes You do wrong thing. Sometimes you share your post in groups which is known as spam group. Similarly your share also be the spam. let me explain you – suppose a group of hotels and you are sharing the post of pets there. As I know this is totally spam. There are a lot of chances to get spam label by strict group members. By this reason Facebook algorithm get the signal that your content is spreading spam.

Once you determined as spam Facebook algorithm decrease your organic reaches too. Because they need valuable content not spam. Even if you use used content i mean you have not unique content. Once Facebook algorithm determine it and know you as a spam. and its result into decreasing your reach. But it does not tell you anything.

Therefore Don’t upload unoriginal content, duplicate content, click bet content and in-authentic content. Even if you upload any of them, there will be starting to decrease your page quality. You reach will also limit and your post engagement also decrease.

Don’t share anywhere that’s why it detected as in-authentic. If you have already monetized page, try to avoid sharing. Because sometime your wrong sharing gives you chances to loss your monetization too.

Let get started without wasting your valuable time –

What to do to increase Facebook reach?

This tips and tricks will give you a lots of benefits only when you implement it in your way properly. As you know every digital platform like google, facebook, twitter and so on have their special algorithm and every platform work on their algorithm. If you learn how to react with algorithm, there nobody can stop the growth of your page.

To work with these tips and tricks you need to create new Facebook page. If you have old popular page and getting good number of reach, no need to follow this. Because sometimes more greed is not good. May be it will be proven not good for your page and here are dark chances to loss your current reaches too.

Suppose you have 50,000 followers but also you are getting only 200-300 daily reaches, you should follow this tips. As I told you may follow this tips without any doubt if your page is new and fresh.

First thing you have to do that is you must do primiere before uploading video. Do primiere before uploading every video. If you don’t know what is and how to do primiere on Facebook, follow the link. Read Facebook primiere before this article.

After uploading video after primiere, you have to login with another Facebook id. This id should not be connected with that id with which you have created your Facebook page.

Now you have to go to your primiere with that another id and start to react on your primiere by your self. You have to press every reaction as like, love, wow in series. You have to do this from starting to ending of primiere. Give the whole watch time to that video with that different id, different device and different internet.

When you run a primiere on your page and apply this trick to that primiere, there are no more views but it will reach upto 20 to 30 people immediately.

You create the Facebook page to upload the videos on it. You can earn from your page by following ways –

Note – Precaution about that there should no any connection with each others in this both ids. Means that they must not have linked with each others yet. Everything you need have another I mean not only different id but also different device, different internet. Because Facebook observes your ip address.

Why it may be happening to your reach?

It is happening because Facebook can detect every activity. Therefore it detect that you have reacted on your primiere. Facebook take that reactions as a genuine reaction and treat you as a anti-spam. Therefore Facebook try to give your content as a suggestion to maximum people as possible as.

If you follow this trick, you will get more reach on a view. Keep caution in your mind about you don’t have to use the already linked id or device or internet. Facebook can easily detect it and consider you as a spam. Facebook should not know that id, internet and device is yours.

This trick is nothing without spam. Yes, it is spam. You have to do this once in 4 or 5 days. Don’t do this daily. If you do this daily Facebook will detect your activity and start to considering you as a spam. As you know, you have to do this once in 4 to 5 days as well as you have to do another primiere with taking 4 to 5 days gap.

If you have good engagement, good reach, good followers and willing for more reach, engagement and followers by this trick, you are wrong. As I have already told your this thinking will grow down you.

Keep this in mind to touch good Facebook reach

Searchable and Engageable content – You need to do some research. You need to find out similar niche and category content. Don’t copy them, you have to get only ideas from there. Create your own ultimate version and share that on your page.

Avoid Engagement bait – Engagement bait is like click bait. There is different content than showing in thumbnail. If you will do more engagement bait, it detect by Facebook algorithm. It’s result into decreasing reach. The organic engagement is best engagement. Don’t ask the people to like your video. Sometime you put like “if you like this video leave a comment” or “if you like this post, share with your friend Don’t do this. It is bad in the eyes of Facebook algorithm. It is totally engagement bait.

Ask open handed questions – Suppose you have page of make up and cosmetics. Then you can ask question like “what kind of foundation you use”. This trick will boost your comment session. Algorithm does not detect it as engagement bait.

Give positive response – Don’t forget to response on people’s comment. Try to be more engaged with people. You have to try to reply every comment. Therefore people feel good. This will also help to boost your engagement.

Post video content – You need to upload native videos. Native videos means uploading videos in the Facebook environment. Don’t post the link of YouTube reversely you need to upload actual videos. If you post YouTube link, it’s result decreasing the number of reaches. Because YouTube is the number one competitor of Facebook at this time.

Remove spam comment – There are many different types of comments. You have to remove that comments like verbal abuse, links of some wrong things and more wrong things. Sometime you will have to face Facebook community strike too, if you didn’t remove spam comments.

Avoid auto liker – Facebook algorithm can detect it easily, but it react slowly. After some day you will find decreasing your engagements and reaches too.

Don’t spread fails content – This is like beat yourself. If you are spreading fails content, directly people will report on your content. Finally you will loss many more. Even Facebook have special algorithm named as “fact checker algorithm”. It detect the your wrongness easily.


As you do SEO for ranking for your website, similarly you have to do here. These all above things you can called them SEO for Facebook. Because Facebook has started work by algorithm. firstly you need to upload fresh and unique content. Try to make your own content because you can also upload it on another places too like YouTube.

Here are conditions I am repeating – You strictly have to use totally different Facebook id. Not a single connect of this id with the id where you have to create your Facebook page to upload content. You strictly need different device and internet too.

Another condition is you don’t have to implement this in already growing page. Because there are many chances to fall down your page, If you do this in already growing page. Even there are chances to loss your current reach too.

Read this article if you want to drive traffic from facebook to your website.

This is not my personal experience. This is the experience I have got from many creators like you. They have got many benefits from this trick. What do you think about this trick, tell me in the comment.

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