How to Add the Facebook Fan Page to the Blogger?

Hello friends, before starting the process of adding the Facebook fan page to the website, read the last article. In my last article, I have told the process by which you can add the YouTube Subscribe button to your website.
Facebook has given us a chance to add a widget. We can add this widget on our website. This fan page has the like button. Your readers can directly like your facebook page directly by clicking on it.

facebook fan page


This is the easiest way to grow your facebook page. If your Facebook fan will increase also your visitors will increase. Before getting started, create the Facebook Fan page


The advantage of the Facebook fan page

There are many social media sites have opened. Facebook is one of them. It is the most popular social media website. If your fans are more on the Facebook page, the trust of your website is also more.
If your Facebook page has more subscribers or followers, you are like a leader of them. When you update your website or when you write a new article, they visit it first.
If you have created your website on WordPress, you can use Jetpack plugin to add the widget in your sidebar. Facebook member plugin is also the best for you.
If you have created the Facebook page successfully, now the time to grow it. 
Now you have to increase your follower. What you can to grow facebook page. You can buy likes on the Facebook page and also fans. Such types of likes and fans are not working like real fans or likes. Here is not much value for it.
Your target is to convert Facebook fans in your regular readers. There are also special ways to increase the followers for your blog and I will share it earlier for you. In that list, the most valuable way is a Facebook fan page, therefore, it is a very important one. 

This is a very easiest way for your readers to follow your blog and become a member of its. They can easily like your page without leaving your blog.


The process to add the Facebook fan page

I have given the proper and step by step guide to add the facebook fan page in your blog. You have to go step by step. It is a very easy process.
The first step is to go to the Facebook social plugin page. Here you have to select the plugin. Here is the direct link to that page. You can use any other plugins to add facebook fan page widget to your website.
There are many lite plugins also. this is not so heavy but it is a script type.
The second step is to change the URL. After going to the Facebook social plugin page there is a default like in the box. You have to replace this link with your page link.

facebook fan page


I have used my facebook fan page’s URL you can see similarly you have to add your link in the box.
Once you add your page’s URL correctly the preview tag will automatically start its work and it will show you the preview of your widget. You can make the changes by using the setting tabs. You can set up the custom size of the Facebook widget as you like. 

facebook fan page
Default Fan Page

This is my default setting’s image. I have not done any setting yet. Let see the changes when changing in settings.


Some Settings in the Facebook Fan Page Widget

facebook fan page
Setting a Tab with header


Tabs: Tabs is the option by which you can add more information into your widget. Such as timeline, messages, and events.
Width: You can set your widget width by using this option. It represents the size in pixels. Its minimum size is 180px and the maximum size is 500 pixels.
Height: You can set the widget height by using this option. It also represents the size in pixels. Its minimum height is 70 pixels.

facebook fan page
Used the Small Header


Use Small Header: By using this option your widget gets shrunk down in its height. By using this option the share button hides. Without using this option the tabs do not work.

facebook fan page
Hide the Cover Photo


Hide Cover Photo: In this widget, you can see the small icon with the cover photo. By using this option your cover photo will hide.
Adapt to plugin container width: By using this option you get the specialized code for changing the width in your plugin.
Show Friend’s Faces: By using this option you can see the faces of your fans on the widget.

You can do this setting as per your choice. But remember don’t make the plugin heavy. Its result is increasing in the page load time. It is the bad one for on-page SEO.
Once you completed all your required settings, you have to click on the “Get Code” button. You will get three codes to add the widget in your blog.
Go to iframe code and now code the given code. Now you need to go to the widget section of your WordPress or blogger account. You have to paste the code by using the widget option. Place the code where you want to see the widget.
If you have done all process as correct then you can see the facebook fan page widget on your blog.
It can be found as a very important thing for you. It works very well to grow your visitors. The people who have subscribed your facebook page, become your regular visitors. The new visitors get the easy way to join with your blog.
Here is one minus point the facebook fan page. The minus point decreases in the load time of your website. Really it decreases your page load time. But don’t remove the widget because it varies in your ranking. Think about more visitors. Social media is very important to get a good ranking.


I have told you the successful way. By using it you can easily add the facebook fan page widget in your blog.
Here are so many paths by which you can add the facebook fan page widget in your blog. But this is the very good and easiest way to use.
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