How to Create Milestone Post on your Facebook Profile

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Do you know What is Facebook Milestone post? Milestone is one of the best posts for your Facebook page. If you are wishing to see How the milestone looks like – Check this milestone I have created.

Truth be told, when you created your Page, Facebook created your first milestone! At the point when you take a gander at your Timeline, you see that the absolute first post is a milestone. It might state Founded on (and afterward the date you created the Page).

The principal thing you need to do is alter this milestone. In the event that it remains now, you won’t have the option to add any milestones before. Subsequently, alter the date for this first milestone back before the milestones you need to add later.

Milestones are like Life Events on your own account. They are comparative by the way they look and are put on the Timeline structure. While Life Events recount the account of your own life, milestones help to recount the narrative of your business.

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Follow the following steps to create Facebook Milestone Post – 

You can use any browser for it.

milestone post on facebook

Step 1 – “Click on Create”

First of all, you have to click on the “Create” button at the top right corner, you can see it.

milestone post on facebook

Step 2 – “Click on Life Event”

Now you will have the many Create options but you have to choose the “Life Event” option

milestone post on facebook

Step 3 – Now you will see the Life Events, choose your types

Here you can see many options that work, education, relationship, home, and living, etc.  

milestone post

After choosing anyone, also you can change it then. Here you can see the special button for it.

Step 4 – Now add a cool picture 

Step 5 – Give a suitable title to your milestone 

Step 6 – Add the description (it’s optional)

Step 7 – Click on the Save button

Here you can see the milestone post on Facebook is done now.

Go ahead and make a perfect Milestone ?

You can add a milestone post very easily on Facebook by using Your Mobile also.

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