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Facebook Fan Subscription is the second method by which you can start earning with Facebook. If you are looking for the better way to earn from Facebook this article is for you. In this article I am going to tell you all about it.

Many people know it as name as Facebook paid subscription. It gives you the chance to get money directly from your viewers. This is little bit difficult task to get money directly from viewers.

What is Facebook Fan Subscription?

Fan Subscription allows your viewers to join your page for one month by get paid from them. It allow people to access more digital and more valuable content of that particular publisher. It is little bit different from another methods and a less chances to get paid.

Suppose, if you are a popular creator or publisher and write articles or publish videos, want to earn money. You can get money from Facebook video ads and second option is this Facebook Fan Subscription. People will pay to get subscription of your page to become your viewer.

Here you have all rights to set your one monthly subscription price. You can set your price as per how strong, unique, valuable and important your content is!

Facebook provides the special badges to those people who have bought paid subscription to identify them easily in comment section. Identify them and gift with something special content and values.

Because people don’t spend money whenever they don’t get satisfaction on you. If you have created your image heavy in their mind and If your content is so valuable and powerful, it will be possible to get money directly from them.

Eligibility to get monetized with Fan Subscriptions

As you know, Facebook give us the chance to earn with several ways. If you don’t know this, Read earn from Facebook ways. To get monetized with facebook has become difficult. You need to strictly follow their terms and conditions. If you are violent their single rule, you will be reject.

Monetization is depends on how well you are doing with monetization rules and conditions.

  • You need to strictly follow Facebook partner monetization policies.
  • Your Facebook Page must have 10,000 followers or people who is in your page followers list, they should return to your page and should make 250 returning views.
  • 50,000 post engagement that means people should be reacted or commented or shared to your videos 50,000 times or viewers should watch your videos and makes 180,000 minute watch time.

Why you have to fulfil with any one of two? Because there are many different pages are on Facebook. As you know a video maker can achieve 10,000 followers easily but what about blogger like me? Therefore Facebook has put this special for all people. Its makes balance between content writers and video makers.

People like to watch videos therefore video making page can achieve 10,000 followers easily. Also there is large number of people who comes for only watching videos. But there is a problem for content writer because there is more less number of people who like to read content therefore to achieve the 10,0000 number of followers becomes hard for content writer.

Facebook observes this for till one month. If your page will complete these criteria, you will ready to get started. Read the another method to earn money from facebook that is Brand collabs manager.


Facebook Fan Subscription are the best opportunity for video creators as well as content writer. You can start today also, because there are no higher competitions like YouTube. You need to do little bit efforts, target your goals and go ahead. Come on you can do it.

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    Thanks for explanations am very earger to be part ofthis

  2. Enos Aluse

    To part of blogging os a fan subscriber is what i want to do on facebook

    1. Prashant Dhurandhar

      I recommend, to upload only interesting videos because people on Facebook don’t like to read. After attracting more audience to your Facebook page you can drive that audience to your website by putting article links.

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