5 Ways to Drive Traffic from Facebook to Your Website 2020

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If you are looking for the ninja techniques to Drive Traffic from Facebook to your website, this article will help you most.

All we know the millions of people spend their time on Facebook daily. Therefore we can convert these people to our website traffic. 

Now, this is difficult to get more fans to your Facebook Fan Page according to Facebook’s new announcement.

Use the following 5 steps for Drive Traffic from Facebook


1. Make it Easy to Share Your Content on Facebook

You write the fresh content daily but you don’t get any shares for that content. Therefore your first step should be to add a social share button on your website.

In WordPress, you have the option to add a social media share button by using the plugin for it. 

In blogger you can use the tools or Javascript for it. Some Blogger templates have the social media sharing buttons.

Try not to overlook share buttons on the individual pages of your websites. While individuals may not be sharing your “Reach me” page, you may have great substance on an asset page of your website that you need to permit individuals to share without any problem.

Additionally consider requesting a Facebook share in the event that you believe you have an especially accommodating blog post.

Recall that individuals are generally going to share something that is helpful to them. At the point when you’re making content, consistently remember your client’s advantage.

2. Enhance Other Places on Facebook to Add Links to Your Website

To drive more traffic to your website, ensure you have joined in a different parts of your Facebook page that individuals might be visiting.

Use your About page

drive traffic from facebook


Don’t forget to give your website link into your Facebook About session. 

Add links to your Milestone

drive traffic from facebook


Add links in Photo Description 

drive traffic from facebook

Add a link of a related post in the Photo description. When people click on your photo, there the link should appear.

Optimize your Personal Information

Don’t forget a single place to place the links of your website. Adding the website link in your Personal Information.

These things increase the chances to get more clicks on your website links.

3. Optimize Your Facebook Post

The following thing you need to do is try to optimize the way you post. There are essentially three distinct ways you can post a connection to your website, and relying upon your crowd (and how Facebook’s algorithm turns out to be working right now), you can get various outcomes. 

The customary way to post a connection is simply to cut and paste the link into the status area and permit the connection to pull in the photo and metadata

Another way to post a link is to post a photo and afterward add the link into the status update with a little snippet about the link. 

The decent thing about this is that the description travels with the photo when it’s shared so you’re then controlling the message a touch more. The other pleasant thing is that photos can appear bigger in the news feed.

With these approaches, you need to test which one gets the most engagement and drives the most traffic for you.

When you post the content, you might need to consider boosting it with some promoting.

4. Make sure your content should be shareable

If you have a website that never shows signs of change, you will battle to get a lot of traffic to it. Posting links to a similar page on your site, again and again, is as useless as Sisyphus rolling the rock up the slope.

Now a days, the name of the new game is content marketing. Your content should be proved as pure in this market.

The fresh, new, and unique content is not important for only social media marketing but also for search engine optimization.

Search engine crawlers crawl thrice per week. If you don’t have fresh and unique content, you will lose the game of content marketing.

You can use these Article Writing Tools to optimize your best article.

5. Advertise

Advertising your content on Facebook is a very great option for you to drive more and targeted traffic to your website if you are ready to spend some money on it.

To direct people to your website, you can either make an advertisement without any preparation with a link to your website or lift content that you’ve just posted. 

At the point when you help content, make sure to post something that doesn’t have a photo that has over 20% content in it or it won’t get endorsed by Facebook. 

You can use Facebook’s content overlay apparatus to gauge the measure of text.

drive traffic from facebook

Final Words:

Have you found some techniques to boost your traffic? If you have, share your thoughts by comment below.

These were the magical 5 Ways to Drive Traffic from Facebook to Your Website.

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