How to Create the Facebook Fan Page for Blog?

Facebook page is one of the ways to promote your services or your brands. It can be found at the best platform for promotion.

facebook fan page


I have shared the best article for you. By reading that, you can add the Facebook Fan Page in the blog. Here is the tutorial

Now I am going to share the first step to get started with Facebook. I am telling the tutorial to create the Facebook page.

You have to give only 10 minutes to create a Facebook page. The new platform will create for you to manage or promote your branding. You can use the Facebook page very well after reading this article.

Why should you create a Facebook Page for your business?


Everybody knows that Facebook is the most popular social media website. Here are billions of people active daily. When you create the Facebook business page, the readers will automatically present on your business page to study your new business.

You can do good marketing by using this page. It depends on your marketing skill. You can make your business more profitable and bold by with the help of this page. Many marketing companies have opened their Facebook page you know.

If you have not created the Facebook business page yet, you are losing a lot of customers because on Facebook there are billions of users active daily. Facebook can be found in the best market place for you. Even many famous marketers totally depend on Facebook. If you are a marketer you should know these stories.

Therefore you should open the Facebook business page for your blog, shop, café, existing business and a new brand.

There are many other uses of the Facebook website. I hope you know some of them. We will discuss it in other articles. today we have to focus on this topic only.

Let start the step by step guide to create the Facebook Page-

Create the Facebook Business Page

facebook fan page


Social media is a versatile solution to promote your business. Your fans help you to make your business more popular on the social media website.
To get started you have to click on the “Create” button of your Facebook account.

1. Select the page type

facebook fan page


This is the very simple step and it does not take more your time. You have to simply click on the type. Here are two types of pages you can create. First is for Business or Brand and second is for Community or Public figure.

You have to select the one option in these two options. Without selecting the page type you cannot go ahead.

If you need the page for blog or website you can select the Brand or Business option. After completing this process you are able to go one step ahead.

Now you have to add the basic information for your page.

2. Add the basic Information

facebook fan page


After completing the above process, the dialog box will open. Here you have to fill the information about your business page.

Page Name: In this option, you have to add your business name that means your website or blog name.

Category: Here you can choose any one category for your blog or business. This will become the niche for your business.

Address: You can add your address here. If you have a blog, obviously you have not different address for your blog.

Phone Number: This is the optional information. But I recommend you to fill this information also.

If you are not interested to share your personal address with people you can tick the dialog box.

If you are interested to share your personal address with the people, click directly on the “Continue” button.

After that, your Facebook business page will create.

3. Add Profile Icon and Cover Image

facebook fan page


Here you get the simple option to add a profile picture for your page as like your personal Facebook account. As like your personal Facebook account you can add here the cover image also.

Usually, use the icon as your website fevicon. It represents the relation between the business page and website. It will make your page attractive.
The cover image represents the mood of your page. Use the image which appears attractive.

4. Add the short Description

facebook fan page


Description is the very important in the blog as well as in the Facebook business page. In the blog, we denote it as the meta description. Here we called it a short description. Here also it is helpful in SEO of Facebook page.

If you want to add the description for your page you have to follow the steps
First of all, you have to navigate to Setting. After clicking the boring list will open. In that list, some feature are not useful but few are very powerful to grow your Facebook page. The short description is one of them.

Now you have to click on the “Page Info” button. The new list regarding page info will open. Here you can see the special option for adding the short description for your blog or website.

Add Website: You can add your website link here. There is no benefit of it.

5. Add Email 

Similarly like the website, you can add your email id here. This may be found as helpful for your readers. Visitors have many misunderstandings, they try to solve it politely. In sometime, they are not able to show their problem to all people. Therefore it may be helpful for readers.

6. Invite friends

facebook fan page
Here we have to get a specialized option to invite our friend. We can invite any person to like our page and to follow our page.
When you click on this option you can see the list of your current friend’s profile. You have to invite them one by one.
It makes the chances to get more visitors. If the visitors more the income is also more. 


Wrapping Up:

This was the whole process to create a facebook fan page for the blog. In e marketing, there is a more different use of this page. But in blogging, you have to share your links here only. Therefore it is a simple use of it.

I have written the article on how to add a Facebook fan page in the blog. You will get it at beginning of this article. Similarly, I have written an article for the YouTube subscribe button. Things like that help you to create a community.

Go ahead and first off all create the Facebook fan page for your blog.

If you enjoyed this article you should share it for other therefore also they will enjoy. If you are interested to read articles like this you can join with us by subscribe button.

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