How Can You Earn Money From Facebook?

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Nowadays, every single youngster is searching for such a way by which he would make money. So in this article, I will tell you all about how can you earn money from Facebook.

As we know, there is high competition on each and every platform. Every single person is searching for sources to make some money online. To get paid from blogging, freelancing, YouTube has become a lot of difficult, because of more competition. Therefore Facebook can be proven the best resource to generate online money.

There are many methods by which you can generate money with Facebook. First of all, you need to know can you earn money from Facebook?

Can you really earn money from Facebook?

The answer is “yes”. Yes! you can earn money from Facebook. There are many ways to earn. like in-stream ads, fan subscriptions, branded content, and subscription groups. These are the main four powerful methods to generate money from Facebook.

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How to earn from Facebook?

To earn from the above methods you need to add some quality and unique content to your Facebook creator page. You need to create your own ecosystem for your Facebook account.

1. In-stream Ads

Before, In-stream Ads was known as Ad breaks. In-stream ads are the ads you can include in your Facebook page video. Follow the link to know what is In-stream ads and how to get monetized with this program of Facebook.

We all know about AdSense ads. As similar to AdSense, Facebook In-stream ads shows the video ads during, before, and after your video. Here you need to get monetized with Facebook ads.

To get monetized you need 10,000 followers on your Facebook page as well as engagement of 30,000 views on your Facebook video. But the video should be 3 minutes long and viewers should watch it for a minimum of 1 minute. Then it will count a single view. You don’t need to put breaks between your video manually to show ads. Facebook will identify breaks automatically.

Here the revenue depends on the number of ads appearing between your uploaded video and who is the advertiser of the ad too.

2. Fan Subscription

This is the second method to make money from Facebook. This is another method where you need to get monetization before starting to get paid by Facebook. In India, there is no option available to apply for this monetization method by yourself. That means Facebook will invite you to get approved with this monetization method when you will fulfill their criteria.

I have written a detailed article about it. Follow the link to know what the Facebook fan subscription is and how you can get approved to earn from this method on Facebook.

You strictly need to check your Facebook notifications because they will send you the invitation to apply for it anytime. After applying you will get the approved or unapproved message on or before a week. To make money with this method, you need your good image as well as high value on Facebook. Your content must be valuable that the people will spend money to get your subscription to your Facebook feed.

3. Collaborate with Brands

This is the third method to get monetization from Facebook. This is a pretty easy way in comparison with the upper two methods. That means there are no big challenges to getting monetized. You must need 1000 followers on your Facebook page. Follow the link if you want to know about what is Facebook Brand Collabs Manager in detail.

After getting 1000 followers, there the option to get approved with Brand Collab will open for you.

Here you have to set a good portfolio on your Facebook page because the big brands or businesses always search for the corner where they can promote their brands or business. If you have good engagement with people and big amount of followers they will collaborate with you.

They will promote their brand or business with the help of you to reach your audience and for this, they will pay you a good amount.

4. Add Paid Membership to Group

This is the fourth and last method to get earnings from Facebook. This is a simple way. You just need a Facebook group with a large number of members. You know today’s trend, many of new person trying new businesses every day, therefore, they need to do marketing their products or services. For that, they are searching a place where they can sell their products.

If you have a big group on Facebook, those types of people want to advertise the product on your group. These types of people become your paid members. You have to give them permission to show promotion or advertise of their products.

Therefore you need to create a big Facebook group, after getting a large number of members you turn it into a paid group. Sellers will pay you.

5. Sell Likes and Followers

As I have mentioned in the above lines, how important Facebook is for those people who really want to generate money. This is a more simple method than above all methods.

To sell likes and followers you need the people who will help you to increase the number of likes and followers. Therefore you need to create a different network. That means you need to create an ecosystem.

Now you are ready to do reach those people who need likes and followers. Set the price and give them your service.

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Frequently asked questions about earn from Facebook

With Facebook monetization, people have many questions in their mind as following:

Q. How much dollars does Facebook pay for every 1000 views?
→ Facebook pays about or less than a dollar for every 1000 views because now you are late. Facebook paid a good amount at the time when Facebook ads had just started, no more people were there to get monetization. Some well-branded advertisers are there who give a good amount.

Q. Do payments in Facebook done via Google AdSense?
→ No. On Facebook, all payments are done with the ‘Facebook audience network’. simply you have to signup there. All your information including bank details, payment details manage there.

Q. Is it mandatory to have 30,000 page views in the last 60 days?
→ Yes. It is a must to have 30,000 page views in your last 60 days not only this also each view should have minimum of 1 minute watch time. Either you will fulfill these criteria you will carry on with or you will be lost your monetization too.

Q. What is the best Category to get quick monetization?
→ As we know maximum people like to watch entertainment videos. Therefore you may make your audience satisfied with like comedy videos as well as mysterious stories etc. Maybe new people also join you, Think about yourself.

Q. Can you use the same content on Facebook as well as YouTube?
→ It doesn’t matter if the content is really yours. I said you uploaded it to your YouTube channel and you own all the copyright to that content. You have the right to upload that content anywhere.

Q. Can you Monetize your Facebook Profile?
→ No, you need a Facebook page for it, you can’t use your Facebook account.

Q. Can you monetize your website with Facebook ads?
→ Why not. If you have a website, here is a special program for you on Facebook named the Facebook instant article. After signing up you have to only put your website’s link. It will be done some reaction and your website’s content will appear on your Facebook page and you will earn from there.

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