How you can earn money online with Star Clicks?

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Are you interested in earning money online? You might like this article. Because in this article, I will give my genuine review of Star-Clicks. How to earn money online with Star Clicks, whether is it real or fake, does it really pay, and everything, I will tell you in this article.

Star Clicks is a platform not for students. This is for adult people who are already doing jobs and already earning money and are willing to earn extra income. Because to earn money on this platform, you have to spend money, although money can also be earned for free here, but it is negligible. So I do not recommend this to students or teenagers. How you can earn money as a teenager in India is a detailed article in which I have listed the ways that a student can comply with.

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What is Star Clicks all about?

Star-Clicks is a paid-to-click (PTC) website that allows users to earn money by clicking on ads and completing simple tasks. The platform was launched in 2008 and is headquartered in the United Kingdom.

To earn money on Star-Clicks, users can sign up for free and browse through various advertisements and tasks available on the platform. They can click on the ads and complete the tasks to earn money. The amount earned varies based on the type of task, location of the user, and other factors.

Star-Clicks offers various payment options, including PayPal, Skrill, and Payza, and users can cash out their earnings once they reach the minimum payout threshold. However, it is important to note that while Star-Clicks is a legitimate platform, users should always exercise caution and do their own research before signing up for any online earning opportunities.

Whether Star Clicks is real or fake?

This screenshot is for the purpose of showing earning proof of Star Clicks.

‘Is Star Clicks real or fake’ is the big question asked by people who are willing to earn money online with Star Clicks. There are many sources available on the internet which determine that Star Clicks is a legit platform, on the other hand, many people claim it to be fake. My personal opinion on this is that these people are wrong. I myself have used Star Clicks and earned money from it. I want to tell you that Star Clicks is 100% real, therefore do not hesitate to go for it.

In the above image, you can see the earned balance in the account. This balance is not limited to this; you can also withdraw it.

Star Clicks is an excellent and trusted source from which you can earn money and take out your pocket money comfortably. But if you want to earn a lot of money then Sorry Star Clicks is not for you. Because you get only $0.01 for one click. And also you get limited clicks to do in a day, therefore you can not make enough amount.

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How to create Star-Clicks Publisher Account?

In order to start making money on Star-Clicks, you need to register as a publisher. You may now have an idea and you are aware of it is really working, so let’s see how you can join as a publisher:

  1. Go to the official website of Star-Clicks, click on the link.
star clicks earn money online
  1. Click on the “Sign Up” button to open account creating page.
  1. To choose your account as publisher, click on “Publisher Sign Up” button.
star clicks earn money online
  1. Enter all the details correctly. You will be asked for Personal Information such as name, date of birth, home address, mobile number, Sign In Information such as Email address and password, and Security Question.
  1. You will also be asked for referral ID. Use my ID ‘52821352‘ as referral ID and click on “Register” button.
  1. Doing after above step you will shown a welcome message. Read that message completely and click the “Send Activation Email” button.
star clicks earn money online
  1. You will receive an account activation mail on registered email id, go to your email account and click on account activation link.

You have created and activated your publisher’s account successfully. Your account is now ready for signing in using your registered email address and password. You are just one step back to earn money online on Star Clicks.

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How you can earn money online on Star Clicks?

To earn money on Star Clicks, you must first create an publisher account using your mobile number and email id. You can use my referral code “52821352” to create your account.

There are three ways of earning money online through Star Clicks. One is by watching ads on their website, one is by showing ads to your website using HTML code provided by them and the last one is refer and earn. In order to grab offer number two, you have to spend a small interval of money. Because this offer is available only for Silver and Golden members, which are paid. However, plan number one is also paid but it can be used for free to some extent.

1. How to make money by watching ads on Star Clicks?

star clicks earn money online
  1. First of all, get signed in to your account on Star Clicks.
  2. Go to Pay Per Clicks Ads → PPC Ads – US$0.06 which is located at the left side of the page.
  3. You will see 6 different small boxes containing links, which are nothing but ads, click on any one of them to watch the ad.
  4. You will be redirected to the advertiser’s website, and at the same time, Star Clicks will also be reloaded.
  5. Close the advertiser’s website tab and go back to the Star Clicks website.
  6. After that, you can see you will have earned $0.01 in your account.
  7. The same process you have to follow for each PPC ad is available.

This is how you can watch the ads to earn on Star Clicks. There is one drawback to Star Clicks and that is limited clickable ads per day. You get only 6 ads per day and you get a PPC of $0.01. So you can earn only $0.06 per day not more than that. Obviously, you can earn more but for that, you need to spend money, which we do not recommend to you. You should try some others, we have explained how you can earn without investment using only your mobile.

You get only 6 ads per day and these are updated daily. So make sure that the day’s ad is seen on the same day.

How you can boost your earnings on Star Clicks?

In order to increase your earnings on Star Clicks, there is only one way, and that is to upgrade your membership. There are three types of memberships Silver, Golden, and Platinum as mentioned below:

Silver membershipGolden membershipPlatinum membership
Limited adsAll available adsThird-party ads
Only $0.01From $0.01From $0.02
$0.06 daily earning$3.50 daily earning$5.25 daily earing
Payout limit $50No payout limitNo payout limit
No HTML codeHTML full accessHTML & Web API access
Limited payoutsWeekly payoutsNo payouts request limit
Free of cost$19.95 to be paid$49.95 to be paid

I suppose that you recently started working on Star Clicks, and you are on silver membership, which is free. You will not be offered many benefits at this moment. When you will upgrade to a Golden or Platinum membership, you will feel that you are really earning otherwise, you will earn equal to negligible.

2. Earn money online with Star Clicks HTML code

Star Clicks offers one more earning method i.e. HTML code. In order to get more clicks, you can use this HTML code on your website as you do in the case of AdSense. They provide this facility for Golden and Platinum members only. Therefore I recommend this platform to those who are ready to spend some money before starting earning. Let’s see how you can use this code on your website:

  1. Go to Pay Per Clicks Ads → HTML code.
  2. Copy the code.
  3. Go to your website and paste the code anywhere you want.

The code is placed on your website. Now when your visitors will click on the ads then the click will be counted in Star Clicks, and on the base of this, your revenue will be generated.

3. Star Clicks refer and earn money online

There is a different scenario of earning money by referring to Star Clicks. Even on this also, you will find discrimination. That is a different commission amount for different memberships as you can see in the below image.

star clicks earn money online

If you are thinking of earning from Referral Link on Silver membership, then do not commit such a sin as you will leave Star Clicks after getting disappointed yourself. With the referral link of Star Clicks, you can earn money online when membership is taken on the account created with your link.

What payment withdrawal methods are available on Start Clicks?

First of all, your account should have a minimum balance of $50 to be withdrawn. Star Clicks provide you with a Balance Withdrawal Form to be filled out, where you have to choose your Payment Methods and enter as much amount as you want to withdraw. Paypal, Bitcoin, Bank Transfer, and Western Union these four payment methods are available on Star Clicks. Information regarding these has been added to your profile settings like your Bank details, PayPal ID, Bitcoin wallet address, etc.

Here Auto Payout facility is also available on Star Clicks, but you are only allowed to choose either PayPal as the Auto Payout method or Bitcoin. While Auto Payout is enabled in your account you do not need to do a Payment request manually.

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FAQs about Star Clicks

1) How much you can earn from Star Clicks?
Star Clicks earnings vary for various memberships. If you are a silver member you can earn up to $0.06 in a day, the gold member can earn up to $3.50, and the platinum member can earn up to $5.25.

2) Is Star Clicks real or fake?
Star Clicks is 100% real, however, earning ratio is very low here, but it is genuine.

3) How can you earn money from Star Clicks?
Display ads are the main business of Star Clicks. Apart from this, it offers HTML code to put into your website and you can also earn by referring.

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Star Clicks is a good platform for those who wish to earn extra money online. Due to the investment needed in order to earn more, it is not recommended for students. This is a good earning source for people who can spend $20-$50 on it. There are daily certain tasks on the platform that you can complete in less than an hour, so it is not more time-consuming.

Unless you buy a membership on Star Clicks, till then there are many limitations on you like daily earning equal to zero, you can not withdraw until your earning do not reach up to $50, you can not earn by referring, you do not get HTML code, CPC will be 0.01, and you get only 6 ads to click in a day. After purchasing a membership there is no guarantee that you will definitely earn the same as they mention in their description. There are many people who are not able to earn the exact amount on Star Clicks. So invest wisely in it so that you do not have to regret it later.

If you have any queries, do not hesitate to ask us by commenting. If you are interested in making money online then keep visiting our website, we keep updating tips and tricks for making money online.

Thanks for reading.

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