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Today a new thought come to my demonic mind “How much AdSense pay for 1000 views”. I hope you have got idea today I am talking AdSense. Maximum people who do blogging wish to earn money through showing AdSense ads on their blog. Therefore you need to know every thing about blogging and AdSense. To improve your knowledge I am mentioning some important things about it in article. Before start earning with AdSense, first you need to know what is AdSense?

What is AdSense?

AdSense is an advertising publishing program which powered by Google. You can earn money by showing text, image or video advertisements on or between website content and YouTube videos. AdSense allow you to earn by views and clicks on your advertisements by your viewers.

There is all types of content available on the internet. You search for particular thing on internet then it will show you thousand of results regarding it. You open a particular link. In that website you can see text, images, videos as well as advertisements too. If you click on that ads or any your interactions with advertisements give the content publisher a fixed revenue in return.

AdSense Ads can fit all types of devices. You can see those ads in desktop, tablets and mobile. AdSense ads are available in all type of content too. I mean in websites and YouTube videos.

How to get paid from AdSense?

As you know, AdSense means Google won’t give you money without any reason. To get paid from Google you have to do publishing. Either you need have website or YouTube channel. To upload content on internet you need to know there are many terms and policies of Google. If you follow all these terms and policies, AdSense give you chance to monetize with them.

A very common things which you have to follow is your content must be unique. You must need to create your content by yourself. Don’t use copied content neither articles not videos. Don’t use harmful and adult content. If you follow all these upper things, you are ready to apply for AdSense approval.

If your content is unique and following all AdSense conditions, there are dark chance to get monetized with Google AdSense. If you already have approved AdSense, don’t try to do spam. It will result into you lose your monetization and you get permanently banned from AdSense. Therefore try to keep your content neat, clean and high quality.

Keep this in your mind, you can not earn money through AdSense in a single night. If you are thinking you have quality content, you can become master in a night, you are wrong. You need to do some hardwork to generate income from AdSense.

When you create a website or YouTube channel, it get three to four months to become showable on search engine. After these three or four months you start to getting traffic on your website or channel. I want to say that you need to keep passions. Let take my example – I have started this blog on 24th December 2020. Today I have completed 2 working months on this blog but I haven’t got a single money from this blog yet.

Let start to understand earning process of AdSense –

Before talking about How much AdSense pay for 1000 views, you need to know what is impressions and clicks. We will cover them one by one. I have try to bind all AdSense factors in one liner.

  • Page Views – When you publish a video or article, someone come to watch or read your video or article. And it count one view for one person. Page view is actual view that how many person have came to your page.
  • Impressions – If you have uploaded any type of content. Suppose you have web article and three ads displaying on it. That three ads were watched by your viewer. It count one page view but three Impressions.
  • Click – A person click on ad which is displaying on your website’s article is called one click.
  • CPC – It known as Click Per Cost. That means how much AdSense paying for a click.
  • CTR – It also known as Click Through Rate. CTR is the ratio of how many people have clicked on your ads.
  • RPM – RPM is known as Revenue Per Mile. How much AdSense is paying per 1000 views.

How much AdSense pay for 1000 views?

This is the very common question of all time. First of all you need to know AdSense pay you more revenue for click in comparison to impressions. The revenue algorithm is depends upon CPC and RPM. If your CPC is high, your revenue will be also good. Similarly if your page RPM is high, your revenue will be also high.

Suppose you are getting 1000 views per day. As you know AdSense show 5 to 6 ads on long content’s page. Hence for one view you are getting 6 impression. In case of 1000 views it will show minimum 3000 impressions. Surely you will get 30 to 400 clicks.

Let take my AdSense example – As you can see in the image, My CPC is $0.21. Let suppose 35 clicks per day.

$0.21 x 35 = $7.35

It means my approximate revenue for a day is $7.35. If you ad impressions revenue in this data, it will reach up to $8 per day. It means you are earning about $240 per month. Not bad!

If you are from US or UK side, you will get more revenue than India. In same CPC you can generate $20 to $30. Here you can see the different CPC in case of mobile and desktop. If someone visit your site on mobile, you will get less CPC in comparison to desktop.


Now I hope you have got idea about earning algorithm of AdSense. The revenue of AdSense is depends on mainly clicks and impression. The maximum part of revenue generates because of clicks and the minimum part of revenue percent covered by impression. Basically click is most important factor for your revenue.

I hope you understand this article. If you like this article, share it with your friends. If you have any query about it, feel free to ask it to me.

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