YouTube SEO Techniques for Growing YouTube Channel

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Hello guys, today I am telling you the very best and true technique by which you can grow your YouTube subscribers in a little time. You need to do some YouTube SEO for it
YouTube is a very vast platform, the millions of videos uploaded daily on YouTube. It is not easy to rank there.
Let start the YouTube techniques-

Follow the Steps to get Better YouTube SEO

1. Schedule Maintain

Nowadays, competition has increased in each and everywhere. Each second has become very valuable. Therefore the schedule maintain has become very important.
If you do not maintain your schedule of publishing video, your competitors will go ahead because everyone has become clever.

2. Attractive Thumbnail

If you watch YouTube videos, you have seen very interesting thumbnails. This thumbnail has contented with relevant information.
Remember this while uploading the video. Make some special thumbnail that people will attract. Add short detail in your thumbnail.
If you are not a pro photo editor you can use canvas. There you can create easily. Rather than you can use photoshop also.

3. Intro

If you are active on YouTube, you have seen too many channels with different Intro.
The Youtuber who is growing up on YouTube, he does all possible tactics to grow more. The great Intro is one of those tactics.
Many of your viewers are Intro lover, they compare your intro.
The intro should not belong, it will divert your viewer to other videos and finally, you will lose viewers. Don’t give more time to give your introduction.
The intro should content with a short idea about your current video. The viewer should get an idea about your video after the intro.
Many people give more time to ask the viewers for subscribing, don’t do this. If you are spreading good content you do not need to ask for a subscription.

4. Commenting

This is the digital marketing strategy to grow up. Have you seen, the bigger channel asks Yes/No questions?
Yes/No question is those questions that you can give the answer in simply Yes/No.
This method is used by great digital marketing experts. This is the way to clinch more comments compare to others.
From today go ahead and try to ask at least one Yes/No question in your video to good try to understand viewers thinking about you.

5. Video Description

As we know the maximum video makers are not interested in writing. But this will become a great tip for you.
Remember this while uploading the video next time, write a long description for your new video.
Now you will think, what work will text here? Text can work in the only blog, you are right but the text also works on YouTube.
Suppose you have to videos, one is fulfilled with description and other video links, and the second has not any video description. Which video will rank?
You have no idea, the video with description ranks better than the video without description.
Give in it the short notice on why did you create this video and why it is important.

6. Resources Links

You create a very nice video and want to share your equipment with others, you can give that link in your description box.
Sometimes you need to add your website’s link that also you can add in the description box.
Remember don’t add the porn site website link. That will violate the YouTube policy, therefore, don’t do this type of wrong thing.

7. Video Links

Every professional YouTuber always creates another related video, therefore they get the chance to add the related video link.
You can also add the link of the related video in your video.
Now you created the Bank transaction tutorial video and have already created the video on account making. Therefore you can add the link in each video.
It will help the viewer to navigate one video to other videos easily.
Always try to add only related videos don’t add the un-related video in the current video.

8. Hashtags

As you know the algorithm changes day by day hashtags in youtube works for SEO.
Now the proper hashtags has become a very important thing to rank the videos on YouTube.
Like other social media, YouTube videos also rank. The hashtag is one of the ranking factors of YouTube.
When you are going to upload the new video, you have to add some hashtags in the bottom of your video description.
Minimum and maximum of three hashtags are suitable for one video.
The first three hashtags will show on the footer of the video.
This is a good and straight strategy for a good YouTube video ranking. this is the YouTube Techniques.
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