How to Target Keyword with Blog Posts

Every publisher and online marketer knows the importance of keyword. They know how does keyword work? If you want to rank on search engine, you have to target a keyword in your post. If you did not do this, you will not rank.
Each post has a targeted keyword. This one keyword is supported by so many supporting keywords.
Today I am showing you how to use the keyword in a blog post.
Many people avoid keyword research. They don’t know the important role of the keyword to rank. Keyword research is a one-time process. This one time process helps now and will in the future.
  • You can write a better article on hot and trending topics. Do research for trending topics. Find its special keyword and use it to write quality content. You will get more traffic through these trending topics. Once its trend out, your traffic also be out.
  • If you wrote the article like me and many publishers, you can get more traffic. Write the article on evergreen topics (Example- write a blog, recipes etc.). In short, you have to write your blog post on always running topics.
Here are some examples to write articles on different topics:
    • Recipes: Recipes is the more trending and always running topics. People search it on search engine daily. So many blogs are here related to this topic. You can write or create your blog on this topic. It is not waste your time. People always try to new.
  • Evergreen Topics: Evergreen topic is a very nice topic to write. It consists of so many traffic. Because it runs always. You need to write it once and it ranks always. It is a very profitable niche. (Example – How to create a blog, how to fix a blender, how to make paper plane)
  • Timely Trending Topics: I have given you the idea of this topic. Timely trending topic is not run always. It runs for little time. In this little time, you get more traffic. After this time your traffic out. (Example – world cup, Christmas, Diwali, etc.)
Here are the steps to target your keyword successfully.

Step 1: Find Keyword Opportunities

Before writing the post with targeting your keyword, you need to research your required keyword. Keyword opportunity is the part on keyword research. In keyword opportunity you can find its relevant traffic, difficulty to rank, percent of opportunity to ranking. 
·         If you are writing the article on the timely trending topic, you should use GoogleTrends. It shows accurate data.
·         If you are writing the blog post on any topic, you can use your likely tool. You can use the free keyword tool.

Step 2: Use keyword in your article

Choose a particular topic to write a blog is very difficult. People start a blog with very confidence but after some time there is a lake of confidence.
Here are the tips by which you can write an optimized post as follow:
  • First of all, you have to enter your main targeted keyword in the title tag of your post. Remember don’t use sub keyword here. Avoid using of keyword more than one time in the title.
  • Every person knows that use the keyword in the text of your post. Here is no rule to use a keyword. You have to use not only the main keyword but also relevant means supporting keywords.
  • Use your targeted keyword in meta tag of your post. In blogger, it defined as meta description of the post.
  • If you are using the image or any file in your post, the file name consists of your main target keyword.
  • Alt attribute of the image should have consisted with the keyword.
  • Place the internal link on anchor text. The anchor text should be the keyword.
Follow this all criteria careful. Your one mistake can become your bigger mistake. Don’t do any mistake. If you want to rank, you should follow these all rules. You should go step by step. If you are thinking “after doing this process you will rank immediately” this is totally wrong. Because after this process search engine take some time to rank your performance. Waiting is a must.
NoteOnly keyword is not ranking factor. Expect it there are so many things to do for good ranking. Don’t think immediately ranking. You have to do proper SEO. This is the complete process to ranking. Things you have to do with the keyword.

Final Words:
Friends thanks for reading this article. I hope this article will be liked by you.
I have given you the complete idea about the keyword. Now you have knowledge about how to optimize blog post with the keyword.  Let try it and comment your feedback on.
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