How to Add YouTube Subscribe Button in Blog?

Do you want more subscribers on your YouTube channel, read this article it is specially for you. I am sharing the knowledge, which can help you to add the subscribe button in your blog.

YouTube subscribe button


This is one of the ways, which can grow your social media followers by adding the YouTube Subscribe button in your blog.
I will cover how to add fan following Facebook page in the blog earlier.
Every marketer must have a YouTube channel. It is the best platform for video sharing.
Let get started the step by step guide to adding the YouTube button-


How to Create a YouTube Subscribe button?

You get the default YouTube Subscribe button in your theme sometime. That button is not standard. For adding the standard button you have to add it externally.
YouTube has given us the facility to add the YouTube Subscribe Button in our blog.
You can grab this button from the official YouTube developer website. For that, there are some customization options.
Your visitors can directly subscribe to your YouTube channel by using this button without living your blog. But they must log in with their Google account.
For going ahead you can use your YouTube channel Id or name also. You can grab the Subscribe button for only YouTube channel. Means that, YouTube channel is mandatory for it.
Now you can generate the code for the button. Once you generated the button code, you can use it in blogger, WordPress or in your article also.
Step 1: You have to go to Google Developer
Step 2: Add your YouTube Channel ID

YouTube subscribe button


For YouTube channel ID you have to go to click on your channel icon. This channel icon is at the upper right corner of your YouTube window.

YouTube subscribe button


This setting will be available only when you are in the Customize Channel option.
Step 3: Copy the newly refreshed code
By following these steps you can easily create the YouTube Subscribe button in your blog. This is the common process for WordPress either blogger.
Note: the Google Developer tool asks you for the name of the channel or channel ID. I recommend for YouTube Channel ID because by using the channel name it does not match with the real name.
Now you need to add this code in your blog. Let start to adding-


How to add YouTube Subscribe Button in Blogger?

This is the simple process of adding the button in blogger. Just a few tasks.
You have to copy the above code. Now go to Layout of your blog. You can place it anywhere as you like. But I am telling the process to add it in the sidebar of your blog.
Step 1: Go to your Blogger account
Step 2: Go to Layout menu in your blog
Step 3: Click on “Add a Gadget” button
Step 4: Select the “HTML/JavaScript” option
Step 5: Add the code in empty space
Step 6: Click on the “Save” button
Congratulations! You have successfully added the subscribe button.


How to Add YouTube Subscribe button in the Blog post?

This is the simplest process. You can add the code directly into your post article. You can add it anywhere in the post.
This is the step by which can add the YouTube Subscribe button in your blog. I have told you two places to add the button. You can add it anywhere in your blog by using the Gadget option.
I have told you the successful way of adding the YouTube Subscribe button in your blog. Similarly, I have written on Create Facebook Fan Page.
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