What is a YouTube comment bot and how does it work?

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Type of bots on Youtube Hey, we are back with a very interesting topic today. I hope you have got the idea about our today’s topic. Today I am going to write this article about the YouTube comment bot. Today I am going to solve what are bots in YouTube comments? what is a comment bot? can YouTube comment bots hack you? how do I stop bots from commenting on YouTube? all these above questions.

Let’s move toward our topic –

What is a YouTube comment bot?

YouTube comment bot is a tool that works automatically on those YouTube videos whose links you have provided to the tool. If you are a YouTuber who has 5000 to 20000 subscribers, this type of bot comments more on your YouTube videos. The very famous comment bot is named “Tom”. Have a look at an example of a comment bot as shown in the image as follows:

YouTube comment bot
YouTube comment bot

There are more comment bots like Tom available on YouTube. This is not human, it’s a bot. People leave them on YouTube to do automatic comments on their channel.

The person behind comment bots grows their own channel by using this strategy. They try to comment maximum YouTube channels as possible. There are many people who open a comment bot’s channel and do subscribe there. Through this strategy, they are growing their channel with high risk.

What do you have to do if a bot comments to your channel? Simply you need to remove its comment from your YouTube video.

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Is a YouTube comment bot allowed on YouTube?

The answer is no, this is not allowed on YouTube. Because people use it for illegal purpose. As I have told you sometime comment bot is used by hacker to get access of your YouTube channel.

Can YouTube comment bots hack you?

There are minimum chances but yes, hacker can get access to your channel when you reply to comment bot’s comment.

As you know, hacker try to hack every possible thing. May be hackers have released such theory by using it they can get access of your YouTube channel when you reply to comment bot. Therefore you need to pay attention while interact with people’s comments.

You may have seen that the big YouTuber does not reply to most of comment, they do only react to your comments, why? Because they have idea about comment bots. From today don’t feel inferior if a youtuber didn’t respond to your comment.

The other use of it is to do spam. They do comment on maximum possible YouTube videos. Comment bots spreading spam on your videos and also there are high chances to get hacked your channel. Here are two things you can do either you can remove those comments or you can directly hide that particular user who is spreading spam in your comments.

Hide that user from channel

As you know comment bot spread spam to your YouTube channel. The best solution for it is hide user from channel. Before knowing it you need to detect comment of comment bot. Because if you accidentally hide your real customer, your image will be tarnished in the minds of those members.

YouTube decide those types of comments as a spam. You can also easily find those types of comments. The comments which does not match with the topic of video, YouTube consider those comments as spam. The possibility of bot’s comment is 5/100. The name of comment bot is in a single word or its look like robotic.

Comment bot comment like a normal thing like awesome or congratulation or something so on. When you try to find it, you will do it easily. After finding comment you have to remove it from your video. To remove the comment follow the following steps –

YouTube comment bot

As you can see three-dotted button in the image. This button is available in front of each and every comment.

Step 1 – Click on the three-dotted button.

Step 2 – Now click on Hide user from the channel.

If you click on hide user from channel, this user won’t able to access your channel on YouTube.

What will happen if you click on Remove? The remove button is only used to remove that particular comment. If you are willing to ban that comment bot account, you can click on Report spam.

How to keep secure your channel from comment hackers?

We have done the above things to restrict that user from your channel. Now I am telling you those things by which you can keep your channel safe from comments bot.

Change YouTube password: To prevent your channel from comments hackers you need to change your YouTube password time to time. Because if someone already have access of your website, by changing your channel’s password. Those person will lose access of your channel.

Enable two-factor authentication: This is second most important thing which you have to do to prevent hackers to get access to your channel.

Check Google security checkup: As you know Google company is strict about their security. If someone try to login to your Google account Google does not allow them logging directly. Google send a security mail to your Gmail. In that mail Google ask you were that you or not? If you click no there. Google completely restrict that invalid login action.

You can also use those bots for promoting purpose. If you are looking to create comment bot, follow step by step below.

How you can create YouTube comment bot?

Not recommended by professionals. If you are willing to use comment bots to promote your YouTube channel, you are going wrong. Because by mistake if you got caught by YouTube as a comment bot. They will ban your channel forever. Think about it, it is a fraud. If you want to become successful on YouTube you must have to do hard work.

The main factor is passions. As I have already told you in my last article you need to keep passions if you want to earn money from blogging and YouTube. If your content is unique and fresh you will definitely get success but after some time, not immediately.

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If you want to get success in YouTube you need to keep passions in your mind. Don’t believe in tricks and tips to increase subscribers. If you get more subscribers using tricks but what about views, from where will you bring views on your videos. Therefore you need to keep passions.

Second thing is you don’t need to use comment bots to promote your channel. If you do something like this you will get permanently banned from YouTube.

Third and important thing is don’t reply on spam comment. Because there are high chances to get hacked your channel, if you reply to a comment bot’s comment.

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