What Is Branding YouTube Watermark & How to Set It in Your Channel?

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Hey, if you want to know all about YouTube watermark, stay here with me till end. In this article I am talking about everything about it. We are going to explore this topic. These all things you need to know if you are looking for set up your branding. Let’s start with this topic without wasting your precious time.

What is YouTube Watermark?

You can see YouTube Watermark at the bottom right corner of the particular video as you can see it in this following image.

youtube branding watermark

This is the shortcut button for viewer to direct access your channel. If someone click on that button, he will redirect to your YouTube channel. It’s also the shortcut for subscribe. You will ask me how? I will tell you “if you hold your curser on that button, it will open a new button named subscribe. That’s the shortcut button to subscribe.

It means if someone like your video, they will subscribe your channel while watching video. No need do go scroll down and subscribe just need to use that button.

Remember, this facility is available only for PC, not for your phones and mobile. If you want to subscribe in mobile, you have to get little bit trouble for it.

What is it’s benefits?

As you know there are more number of viewers who access YouTube in mobile as comparison to viewers who access it in PC. The percentage of viewers in PC is less than mobile viewers. Therefore you will get less benefit but it is sufficient. This facility helps to increase subscriber rate. If you get 1000 views daily and you are getting 100 subscriber then your 30 to 50 subscribers will come by using this facility.

This is obvious thing people like easy things. By setting YouTube watermark you are adding the easy facility to subscribe for your viewers. 50 out of 1000 will guaranteed subscribe using this button.

Also it looks like professional. There are many big YouTuber are on YouTube who don’t know about it. They have not installed watermark on their channel. It look likes they have less knowledge about YouTube. Therefore you can use it if you want to show yourself professional.

How to set YouTube watermark to your channel?

Step 1 – Go to your YouTube studio

Step 2 – Click on “Customize” option

Now it will open three channel customization options

Step 3 – Now click on Branding option out of that three options

Step 4 – Scroll down and you will see “Video Watermark” option

Step 5 – Add there your logo or some thing other as you like

This image must be 150 × 150 pixels in size. This file must be under 1 MB too. If you do not upload that logo as per this above criteria it will not be uploaded successfully.

After selecting image it will show you Display time options end of video, custom start time and entire video. Click on entire video if you want to show that from starting to end. If you want to show that at end of the video go for end of video option.

Custom start time is the option like timer. Yes, you can set display time of your watermark by using this option.

Step 6 – Click on “Publish” button

You can add here your logo too. But I recommend you to add subscribe logo there. Because if viewer want to subscribe he simply click on that button. If you add your logo there, it effect bad. Because many people don’t know this. Therefore there are less chances to getting subscribed. There are increased chances to get instant subscribe when you use subscribe button.

Remember if you make and upload videos on YouTube using mobiles, this facility is not available in YouTube app as well as YouTube’s mobile version website. Therefore you need to go to chrome browser and enable desktop site option there. Entire next process is same as above.


This was the entire YouTube Watermark in three simple and easy steps. Implement this in your channel as soon as possible. There are more benefits of it you will feel after adding it to your channel.

Remember my recommendation to add subscribe logo at the place of your channel logo. It will give you more benefits than channel’s logo. This is the end of the article. I hope you will better understand this simple and easy topic.

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