5 best ideas to increase KD ratio in BGMI

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Battle Ground Mobile India is the most played game in India. That’s why its craze is so much that everyone wants to show themselves as pro players. KD Matters to Showcase you a dreaded player in BGMI. In this article, we will tell you how you can increase your KD ratio in BGMI.

What is the Kill-Death (KD) ratio in BGMI?

Before going ahead you should know about what is Kill-Death (KD) ratio actually. The KD in Battle Ground Mobile India is the ratio between kills you secured within how much time you died. In BGMI you do not get extra life, meaning once you die in a match, you do not respawn.

This is how the KD is calculated: Suppose you finished 3 matches with 3 kills in each, then your KD ratio will be 3.

KD doesn’t matter more, because many such pro players deserve more KD but due to their rush gameplay they are unable to increase their KD in BGMI. That is why you can not determine a player’s ability based on his KD.

But if you want to play in tournaments, you need to pay attention to your KD ratio. Because an eSport organization check your BGMI account specially your KD before hiring you.

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#1 Avoid hot-drops

I am not saying that stop doing hot drops directly. If you play 10 matches a day, then you can do a hot drop in 2 or 3 matches. If you have done a hot drop in the first match, and if you are thinking of doing a hot drop also in the second match for the kills, then I have to tell you that don’t fall in the greed of kills. Avoiding hot drops like Pochinki, Military Base, Georgopol, and Novo Repnoye can also help to increase a good KD ratio in BGMI. You need to choose the safest place for landing where you shouldn’t get killed. You may get 2-3 bots if you stay for a while.

#2 Play with regular squad

This will also help more, to make your gameplay more effective, and to maintain a good ratio, you should have such a squad that you can play with them every day. You may not know that you have been able to play well with those with whom you play every day. In such a regular squad, everyone knows what their work is. And you and your teammates have good accordance. This coordination is essential. If you tell your regular teammates that you have to increase the ratio, then they will give your all their kills and will also help in getting more kills.

#3 Block hot-drops

This can prove to be a very good and effective strategy to increase your KD in BGMI. As we all know in hot-drop, sometimes the whole squad remains alive, sometimes three players remain alive, and sometimes only one stays alive. So in this case, if you block hot-drop, then you will easily kill those remaining enemies. Now you must be thinking about how to block hot-drop, then let me tell you that bridge block means to block hot-drop, as else sit on Pichinki’s church and drop it from the car as soon as someone passes by.

#4 Do surprise attacks

Surprise attacks are also a very successful way to increase your kills. In such a situation, you get a chance to kill the players of both squads that are already fighting. Now suppose, that two squads are already fighting, and some of their players are knocked out and the rest are in health down. So in such an environment, you can easily collect kills. One more way – if your squad gets into a long-distance fight with another squad, tell your teammates to keep the opponent engaged, and flank on them from the other side and try to secure more kills.

#5. Get more bots to kill

Bots are more helpful to increase your KD in BGMI. I will tell you how you can get more bots further in this step. You may have not observed, but staying at the edge of the zone can get you more bots than normal. This method works more effectively till the first zone gets narrow. Along with this, stay ahead in killing the bots. You can also ask your team to leave the bots for you.

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