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BGMI (Battleground Mobile India) is the most-played mobile game in India. There are many such features in this game that made it to grab this height of peak. Weapons in BGMI are the biggest attraction for the game. There are a variety of weapons in BGMI such as Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Designated Marksman Rifles, Submachine Guns, Shotguns, Light Machine Guns, Pistols, and Melees. Most of these are guns, and people often have a question in their mind ‘Which is the highest damage gun in BGMI‘.

All these guns are categorized based on their characteristics like firing range, mode of fire, and many different abilities. Sniper gun is the most lethal gun category in the game BGMI. Just one shot on the head of the sniper can eliminate your opponent. You might know AWM is the most powerful gun in the Sniper category in BGMI, but there is one that is more powerful than AWM.

Which gun has the highest damage in BGMI?

Till May 2022, the AWM was the highest damage weapon in the game. BGMI update 2.0 was released in the month May of last year. Within this update, there were many new features along with a new gun under the Sniper category were added to the game.

1. Lynx ARM

Lynx AMR is a Sniper Rifle launched in BGMI update 2.0. Ever since this gun has come into the game, since then the number of people who like it has been increasing. Lynx AMR is the best alternative to AWM Sniper Rifle. Due to hit damage and some additional features Lynx AMR proved to be more lethal than AWM. At the current time, Lynx AMR is the highest damage gun in BGMI, following this AWM comes in second position.

Special abilities of Lynx AMR

highest damage gun in bgmi
  • AMR stands for Anti Material Rifle which means AMR has a special ability that bullets shot from Lynx AMR can penetrate through the vehicle. Just 4-5 bullets fired from this gun can burst a vehicle.
  • Lynx AMR deals 4% more damage than AWM which is very close and not a huge difference because both guns can one-shot kill level 3 helmets and both weapons require the same amount of shot to eliminate your opponent.
  • The velocity of bullet fired from Lynx AMR is approx 1100 m/s, which is more than AWM by 155 points. It means AMR has the lowest bullet drop that’s why the bullet’s hitting accuracy is more than AWM.
  • AMR can remain scope in while firing and take 1.37 second gap between each shot, which is far better than AWM.

Where there are good things, there are also some bad things. The first con of Lynx AMR is it is an airdrop-only weapon, second, it comes with only 10 rounds of ammunition, and third it has only one attachment point.

2. AWM: Arctic Warfare Magnum

This is the gameplay video from casetoo YouTube channel, this will help you to know how powerful AWM is!

At the current time, AWM is the most desired gun, everyone desires to have. AWM is the highest damage Bolt Action Rifle and comes in second position with 105 Hit Damage when we talk about the highest damage gun in BGMI. AWM is found only in airdrops in classic matches, but in every map in BGMI. One disadvantage of AWM is it has its own ammunition type and it comes with only 25 bullets.

Weapon type: Sniper Rifle
Ammunition: .300 Winchester Magnum
Hit damage: 105
Firing mode: Single
Magazine capacity: 5 (7 with Extended Mag)
Attachment points: 4

Highest damage Assault Rifle in BGMI

This video is from the Fatih Gaming YouTube channel

Groza is a fully automated highest damage Assault Rifle. We consider it the most lethal Assault Rifle not only because of the higher damage it retrieves but also by keeping some extra factors in view. Groza can be identified from its unique roaring sound, which makes opponents stay away.

Groza is a rare weapon in the classic games as it can only be obtained through airdrops. The Groza has a base damage of 48, which is the same as the AKM. But Groza makes less recoil while firing which makes Groza different from other 7.62-based Assault Rifles.

Weapon type: Assault Rifle
Ammunition: 7.62mm
Hit damage: 49
Firing mode: Single, Auto
Magazine capacity: 30 (40 with Extended Mag)
Attachment points: 3

Highest damage Designated Marksman Rifles

highest damage gun in bgmi

Mk14 EBR (Mark 14 Enhanced Battle Rifle) is the highest damage gun in BGMI under the DMR category. Mk14 is an airdrop-only weapon. Obviously, Mk14 being a DMR is very good for farther distances. But using Mk14 on auto mode with higher damage makes it more destructive.

One of its disadvantages is its recoil. Due to its uncontrollable recoil, it can only be used in close combat on auto mode and not for mid or long-range.

Weapon type: Designated Marksman Rifle
Ammunition: 7.62mm
Hit damage: 61
Firing mode: Semi-auto, Full-auto
Magazine capacity: 10 (22 with Extended Mag)
Attachment points: 4

Highest damage Submachine Gun in BGMI

This is a tips and tricks video regarding UMP45 uploaded on the Zendex YouTube channel

UMP45 (Universal Machine Pistol 45) holds the title of being the highest damage Submachine Gun in BGMI. Guns under the Submachine category are made for short-range combat, but you can extend it maximum up to mid-range if you have no choice. High damage with more bullet speed makes this gun more lethal than other guns in the SMG category.

Weapon type: Submachine Gun
Ammunition: .45 ACP
Hit damage: 41
Firing mode: Semi-auto, Burst-fire & Full-auto
Magazine capacity: 25 (35 with Extended Mag)
Attachment points: 4

Highest damage Light Machine Gun in BGMI

This is a BGMI gameplay video uploaded on the MEW2 YouTube channel

DP28 might not be liked by everyone, only because it takes more time to reload. However many professional gamers like to use it and should be because DP28 is the highest damage Light Machine Gun in BGMI. Along with damage, DP28 has a high rate of stability, which is why DP28 has high accuracy in firing with 6x too.

DP28 can not be used as the primary gun because it is very good in the long-range but not in the short-range. An AR or an SMG for short range with DP28 for long range is the killer combination. Due to DP28’s firing mode being auto, you can use it immediately when your primary gun is on reload instead of reloading your primary weapon and using it after some time.

Weapon type: Light Machine Gun
Ammunition: 7.62mm
Hit damage: 51
Firing mode: Auto
Magazine capacity: 47
Attachment points: 1

Highest damage gun under the Pistol category

This is the gameplay video of Tony Sama’s YouTube channel with the R1895 pistol gun

R1895 also known as Nagant M1895 is the Pistol category’s highest damage gun in BGMI. You might not know but R1895 can cause higher damage than Mk14 EBR. Therefore this gun can crush the level 1 helmet in just a single bullet and can eliminate the opponent wearing the level 3 helmet in just 2 bullets.

R1895 in the game is found normally on every map and it utilizes 7.62mm ammunition. As it is a pistol-type gun, its bullet velocity is slower so it can only be used for close combats.

Weapon type: Pistol
Ammunition: 7.62mm
Hit damage: 64
Firing mode: Single
Magazine capacity: 7
Attachment points: 1

Wrapping up

Now I hope you got the idea that Sniper-type weapons are the most powerful weapons in the game. Lynx AMR due to its anti-material ability and highest damage becomes different and more lethal than all other weapons in the game. Pistol guns come in second place when we talk about high damage. There are some pistol guns along with R1895 and Desert Eagle can cause higher damage than other category weapons except Sniper Rifles only. After Pistol guns, DMR, LMG, Assault Rifles, SMG, and Shotgun respectively come into the picture.

You will be surprised to hear that Sickle, Crowbar, and Machete have damage of 60 in BGMI, Pan can cause damage of 80 and Crossbow can give damage of 105 i.e. exactly equal to AWM. But the bow fired from the Crossbow does not have enough speed and due to the time taken to reload the Crossbow is not worth comparing with AWM. Now you know which gun is the highest damage gun in BGMI along with the highest damage guns of all categories. Thanks for reading!

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