How to Make an Awesome Game Trailer in 5 Easy Steps

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You have an adrenaline-pumping, high-octane game, and that is wonderful news. But, how do you get gamers, YouTubers, and the gaming community talking about it? 

With a powerfully created game trailer, you can achieve a lot more. It is one of the strongest assets in your marketing arsenal, and you do it the best way! 

With the help of a robust and versatile game video editor, you can create game trailers that inspire, create desire, and trigger emotions high. 

How to make an awesome gaming trailer? 

The game trailer is nothing but a short film. Therefore, it needs to be a strong showcase of the unity of your game. 

It should be that powerful that it is a teaser, grasping the viewer’s attention with all might. In the end, there should be something for the viewer. Your game trailer has to contain impressive visuals with a narrative that goes beyond emotions! 

Here are the five steps to help you create a breathtaking gaming trailer. 

1. You might want to go overboard but keep it simple and easy to understand.

This tip is the first rule of the game. Yes, you are excited to show the world your work of passion. It is your baby, and you would want to show every little part of the game to your viewer. 

But, hold on! 

The rule is to show only so much that can tease the viewer, and that is about it. So, you need to work hard to pick the best of the best scenes — only the special ones — to create the trailer. 

Do not overload the trailer unnecessarily, for it will get the viewer to lose interest in the actual game. Try not to overwhelm the viewer with too much and too fast. The way to go about it is to record the best scenes. And then select just a handful of the very best ones. 

One sure shot way is to take the help of friends or a few selected gamers. Let them come up with the best scenes of the game. Show them your selection of scenes for the trailer. Ask them what should be incorporated in the trailer and give their opinion a sound hearing. 

Ensure that you keep the trailer basic and not fill it with unnecessary details. Try not to overburden your viewer with too much. And do not stretch the trailer – no longer than it is necessary. 

You always choose to use a good game video editor to edit the best scenes for the trailer later. You can add elements to make the trailer visually attractive and impressive using an editor.  

2. Keep a watch on the duration of the trailer.

If you are a gaming company, you may have the budget to create longish trailers. But, being an Indie game developer, it is best to check the duration of the trailer. Ensure that it is no more than 60 seconds. 

Going for shorter trailers has incredible benefits. You can get to the point directly and use the right text animation, visuals, and ad copy to create the right effect. Make sure that every text screen has no more than five to six words. 

A shorter trailer will help showcase the best parts of the game. Catch the peak and captivating moments and capture it in the trailer. Use the stupefying moments of the game to leave the viewer wanting more. 

Deciding the time beforehand helps determine the script accordingly. Choose the most moving scenes from the game and place them in the first few seconds of the trailer. The secret is to hook the viewer in the first few seconds itself. Don’t wait to create the magic because the viewer can soon lose patience. 

3. Time to add the effect!

Scripting, deciding the duration, and getting all the required scenes in one place are the three main steps to making a nice trailer. 

But, what next? 

Now collate all of them to add the right visual effect to the trailer. This point is where you need to use a proven tool. These tools are some of the best game video editors online — some free and others paid — offering a seamless solution to create pro game trailers. 

Use an editor with some ready-made templates, created by professional video editors, to use upfront. Anyone can work upon these templates, and you do not need to have technical skills to create an impressive trailer. 

If it is difficult and time-consuming, you can always hire an experienced professional to get the right visual mix. Ensure that you do not compromise with the visuals at any cost because this is one aspect that can create the desired effect on your viewer.

4. Use voice-over.

Understanding whether the trailer requires a voice-over or not is a big decision. You should definitely be using short messages between scenes. It could be textual and left to the reader to read, or you could use a voice-over to make it all over grasping and effective. 

Should you decide to use voice-over, ensure that you get a powerful voice for the right effects. However, if your game is small, a voice-over might not be a good decision.

5. The Call to Action (CTA) at the end of the trailer.

CTAs are important and play a significant role. Using things like ‘Play Now’ or ‘Join our community’ can encourage interested players to join up, download the game, and so on. 

Use attractive colors to create the right effect. Ensure that you use A/B testing to find the right colors, shapes, ad copy, and size to create compelling CTAs. Remember, the last few seconds of the trailer are the real golden moments when you have the chance to get the interested viewers to try the game. 

Final Words

The above are the five easy steps to create an awesome game trailer. Incorporate your game studio’s logo and branding at the start and the end of the trailer to create the best marketing tool for your game.

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