How to Redeem PUBG Redeem Code – PUBG Mobile Redemption

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To redeem PUBG redeem code is not so difficult task. It is a very simple thing. In this article, I am gonna show you how can you redeem it easily.

PUBG Mobile has become the most popular game all over the world. Every new person is joining in this battle daily. Therefore everybody needs to look expensive. For that PUBG designers design top most outfits daily.

To give that item to us PUBG has several ways like Premium Crate, Classic Create and Spins, etc. But all these things need to spend money. PUBG Redeem code is only one way where you haven’t spend a single rupee. it’s totally free.

Many people search for newbie redeem codes daily. If you want a daily new redeem code, go to the following link. But PUBG corporation does not give the expensive outfits daily but you will get something daily.

To get redeem code go to our redeem code page.

Let start the tutorial –

The redemption process is too easy to do. Everyone can do it in a minimum of 30 seconds. But now a day Indian players need to do some trouble for it.

In India, the PUBG redemption center is not working due to banned PUBG mobile in India. Therefore Indian people need to use VPN to access the PUBG redemption center. You can use any VPN for it. My recommended VPN is VPN – Download Now

Step 1 – Connect the VPN first

pubg redeem code

Step 2 – Go to PUBG redemption site

Step 3 – Fill the form with correct information

  • Character ID – Copy it from your PUBG Id
  • Redeem Code – Copy code from our website
  • Verification Code – Fill verification code correctly

Step 4 – Click on “Redeem” button

After clicking on redeem button you will get the verification message. You need to Confirm your PUBG character id and character name.

Step 5 – Click on “Confirm” button after that click on “Redeem” button

You will get redeemed message after that on your screen. Now go to PUBG Mobile, check your mail box and collect your reward.

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