TPP and FPP Full Form – What is TPP and FPP in PUBG

tpp and fpp full form in PUBG

What is the full form of TPP and FPP?

The full form of the term TPP is Third Person Perspective and the full form of the term FPP is First Person Perspective. When you play in the TPP mode of the game, you can see your character and gun while playing, on the other hand, when you play in the FPP mode, you can not see your character, only a gun will appear.

The maximum number of people in India plays TPP mode and it is selected by default in the game. This mode is very easy to play but here competition is very high, while FPP mode is quite difficult but here less competition.

Difference between TPP and FPP

There is not much difference in both modes. You will see the difference only while running, firing without the scope, and at the time of taking cover.

fpp full form
First Person Perspective

Here are some drawbacks while play FPP, such you get less view than TPP. While playing FPP, when you take cover, you can not see, you cannot see whether you are completely hidden or not. This is the major drawback of FPP.

tpp full form
Third Person Perspective

Here is no drawback I haven’t seen ever in TPP. Here you can see, you get more views here in TPP than FPP. In TPP you can fire well, run well, take cover well, and do everything well. By scope in as the view is in TPP, the same view is also visible in FPP. The sensitivity setting is also the same in both TPP and FPP.

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TPPTeppco Partners, L. P.
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TPPTransaction Processing Performance
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TPPTotal Possible Points
TPPBorland Pascal Protected Mode Units
TPPTrans-Pacific Partnership
TPPThermal Protective Performance
TPPTotal Pitching Performance
TPPTest project plan
TPPTrans Pacific Partnership
TPPTarapoto airport
TPPTarapoto, Peru
TPPText Presentation Program
TPPtechnical performance plan
TPPFlames Template File (ternion Corporation)
TPPtheater planning package
FPPFarmland Protection Program 
FPPFrequent Player Points 
FPPFédération des Professionnels de la Piscine 
FPPFilm Photography Podcast 
FPPFréquence Paris Plurielle 
FPPFoundation Paper Piecing 
FPPFlash Panorama Player
FPPFlorida Professional Photographers
FPPFast Passive Parallel
FPPFull Packaged Product
FPPFlow Point Pool
FPPFortran Pre-Processor
FPPFixed Price Packet
FPPFast Parallel Port
FPPFirst Past the Post
FPPFormation à Partir de la Pratique 
FPPFirst Person Plural 
FPPFirst Passage Percolation 
FPPFirst Person Perspective
FPPFloating Point Processor
FPPFully Packaged Product
FPPFamily Planning Program
FPPFamous People Players 
FPPFixed Pitch Propeller
FPPFinal Pricing Principle 
FPPFracture Propagation Pressure 
FPPFaculty Practice Plan
FPPFiscal Policies and Procedures
FPPFinancial Planning Program
FPPFamily Preservation Program
FPPPatriotic Front for Progress 
FPPFamily Partnership Program 
FPPFamily Planning Perspectives 
FPPFocal Plane Package
FPPFlexible Polypropylene
FPPfire protection program
FPPFecha Posible de Parto 
FPPFoundation for Pavement Preservation 
FPPFermetures pour Professionnels 
FPPFederal Practice and Procedure
FPPFixed Path Protocol
FPPFoubert Papiers Plastiques 
FPPFair Play Point 
FPPFront Page Post
FPPFinished Pharmaceutical Product
FPPFresh Frozen Plasma
FPPFrames Per Packet
FPPForamina Parietalia Permagna
FPPFreon Pump Package
FPPFinancial Planning Professional
FPPFloridians for Patient Protection
FPPFood Processing and Packaging Equipment
FPPFee Paying Place 
FPPFederal Processor Permit
FPPFields and Particles Pallet 
FPPForest Peoples Program 
FPPFederal Fisheries Permit
FPPFresh Pond Parkway 
FPPFast Pattern Processor
FPPFront Panel Programming
FPPFiber Patch Panel 
FPPForbidden Planet Productions 
FPPForce Protection Program 
FPPFixed Price Project
FPPFull Protection Package 
FPPFirepower Potential
FPPFirst Playable Prototype 
FPPFederation of Polish Patients 
FPPFerromagnetic Proximity Polarization 
FPPFuel and Economy Purchased Power Rider
FPPFurry Paws Point 
FPPForce Planning Process
FPPFuzzy Preference Programming
FPPFull Parity Protection
FPPFlight Project Practice 
FPPFuture Packaging & Preservation, LLC
FPPFully Preemptive Priority
FPPFinancial Project Planning

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