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Hey, today I came back with an interesting topic. If you like to play rummy or if you want to earn money without doing anything, stay with me on this article till the end. In this article, I am going to tell you about the My11Circle app. How you can start and how are things, We will tell your everything including the My11Circle customer care number.

This platform is promoting business by display ads. You have seen their ads on AdSense Ads on website or on the YouTube. Even they are showing ads on TV channels too.

You have to play fantasy sports game on this platform to win money and prizes. You have to make your imaginary team on that platform.

What is Fantasy Sports?

– Fantasy Sports is the type of sport which played using the internet and where you have to create an imaginary team by assembling real-life professional sportsperson in your team.

You have to create your dream team. Here you can assemble players from any team to your team. It means you can create your team by assembling opponents in one team.

What is the My11Circle app?

My11Circle is the best Indian Fantasy sports platform and it has launched in 2019. Games 24×7 is the co-founder and owner of it. Game 24×7 is is a gaming company on the other hand it also operates the online rummy circle. This is Indian’s one of the leading Fantasy Sports platforms like Dream11.

The platform launched by the co-founders of Games 24×7 Bhavin Pandya and Trivikraman. This platform works with the tagline “Play with Champions”.

Since the platform launched in 2019, they select the Indian national cricket team former captain and batsman Sourav Ganguly as their brand ambassador. In 2020 the platform select Afghanistani national cricketer Rashid Khan and Australia national cricketer Shane Watson as their brand ambassador.

Is it legal to play with My11Circle?

Obviously yes! It is very safe to play contests on this platform. The game is based on the your skill and luck. The platform follows all the law of Indian government. If you are from Assam, Odisha and Telangana, this is not legal for you. Because the government of these three states have restricted the skill based cash winning games.

The platform has a 4.3 out of 5 stars user rating and it has 1.3 crore+ total users. Users have won more than ₹100 crore prizes.

How to get started with My11Circle app?

There is two way to go ahead. Either you can go with the official website or you can start with the official mobile app. As like every website, you need to do registration first with your email id and mobile number.


Step 1 – Registration on official website/app.

Step 2 – Login with same email id which you used at the time of registration.

Step 3 – You can see see Upcoming, Live and Completed matches of cricket and football.

Step 4 – Now go to the match and create your dream team.

Step 5 – After successfully team creation you need to take participate in contests.

Now you have to wait for the result. On the basic of your team player’s performance in real match, it declares result.

There is a whole process same on the official website and the My11Circle app. To take participate in the contest, you have to add real money to your account.

How to create team on My11Circle app?

This is most important to create your team. You can do assemble your players in a team by using the website and you can also create a team in a mobile app too. It is very easy to assemble players together but you must have knowledge about players. It seems like guessing because we are not confirmed about any player’s performance. A player plays well in one match and bad in other matches, therefore selecting the players is like guessing.

Let see how to do this –

First of all, select the match where you want to create your team. On the basis of this team, you have to play the contests. Therefore think deeply at the time of player selection.


After selecting an upcoming match, you can see four different sections WK (Wicket Keeper), BAT (Batsman), ALL-R (All-Rounder), and BOWL (Bowler). There is no different section for a different team. Both teams are together.

If you like a player and want to add him to your team, click on the + button of the player. After clicking this button the player will be added to your team. Now you can also remove it by clicking on the close button which replaced the + button after adding the player.


After adding 11 player click on “Next” button. Now you can select the C (Captain) and VC (Vice-Captain). You can add substitute too by clicking “Add Substitute” button. Next click on “Save Team” button.

How to add money to your account?

As I have already told you, you have to add real cash to this platform, if you want to play a contest. Without real money, you can not win prizes. It has a set minimum and maximum limit to add money. You can add a minimum of ₹50 and a maximum of ₹5000. Therefore you can not add less than ₹50 and more than ₹5000.

You get a very good amount of bonus after adding real money to the platform. If you add ₹100, the bonus is ₹50. If you add ₹200, you get ₹150 as a bonus. If you add ₹500, you get ₹500 as a bonus to your account. If you add ₹1000, you get ₹1500 as a bonus. The bonus depends on your amount. You can add money by entering the amount yourself. After entering the amount you have to click on the “Next” button.

There are four payment options Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, and Others. If your Credit card is a Master or VISA card your card is accepted. For the kind information of Debit Card, you must have Debit Card of Maestro, Master, RuPay, SBI, VISA, and VISA Electronic. If you have one of the above cards, you are all set to add money to your account. Net Banking is also accepted here. Every nationalized Indian bank accepted here to add money by using Net Banking. You can also use MobiKwik, PayTM and UPI to add money to your account.

Let see how you can add money –

Step 1 – Click the “Add Cash” button at the right to the logo.

Step 2 – Enter your amount and click the “Next” button (You can add minimum ₹50 and a maximum ₹5000).

Step 3 – Choose you payment detail. (Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking or PayTM).

Step 4 – Click on “Deposit” button.

Step 5 – Complete the payment process by entering OTP.

Here you go, now you have money in your account. You are all set to play contest.

How to play contests?

This is very easy to get participate in the contests. But without making a team you can play contest. There are many types of contests. Some of them are cheap and some are expensive. As you can check there are many contests which have some special prizes with money prizes like iPhone and Samsung phones. There are also many contests which are guaranteed and there you can win ₹100,000.

There are many different types of contest Mega contest, Hot contest, 1 to 1 crore, Beat the expert, Delight contest, ACE contest, 4X or nothing, 8X or nothing, Premium contest, Bumper contest, and so on. I recommend you to join the contest where the fewer contestants. Because there are more winning chances.

Let see how you have to play the contest –

Step 1 – Click on the match where you want to participate in contest.

Step 2 – It will display many different kinds of contests. You have to choose one and click on Join button.

The price of the contest will cut to your account automatically and you will get notified that you have take participate in the contest. Result out at the end of the match, therefore, you need to wait till the end of the match.

Important Advice

If you are not ready to loss a single money, you can directly skip this. Because this is not fixed that you will win definitely. There are more losing chances than winning chances. You need to play it at your risk.

If you want the My11Circle customer care number, They haven’t clearly mentioned that number. If you want to contact them you can email them at

You can easily withdraw your won amount using withdraw option. Click on the button at left to logo on the My11Circle app. You will see first option withdraw, click on it. Enter your bank detail and address detail. Get your money to your bank account.

Thanks for reading.

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