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How to Apply for AdSense and get instant AdSense Approval? Now a day this is the big question for every new blogger. Today I am going to tell you my experience about how to apply for AdSense.

A few years ago there is no competition in the technical field but now a day competition in the technical field increasing day by day. So also a big competition to get AdSense account approved. Every new people attract toward blogging for only earning purpose. This type of people is wrong.

The only purpose of earning this wrong thing because this type of people can not wait for more time. To start constant earning, there is a long interval of time.

Only people who have a real passion for blogging can become a good blogger. The people who have come for only earning purpose cannot continue in blogging. Because anybody cannot start his earning instantly.

I am talking about some new ideas which can help you to get an instant approval for AdSense. One or two years ago it was too easy to get AdSense to approve. Every new people have a dream to earn money by their passion. But everyone does not have a success. So few people can continue.

What to do to get AdSense Approval?

1. Make a valuable and good looking website

The search engine wants the best and valuable content to show the best result to its visitors. If you want approval earlier than you need a good looking website. If the website is not looking good then the chances decrease. Your content must be original and helpful. It should be too helpful as the search engine should not ignore your articles.

If the articles are not valuable then your site will not be able to rank. Google AdSense needs some traffic to give approval. People are entering in this field newly so they don’t have enough knowledge to write in a big amount so they use the auto writing tools and they are doing copy from other blogs.

Search Engine has the so talented bots and engineers that they can detect any wrong things so I am giving suggestion to people don’t use the auto writing and don’t copy. write your own articles. I am not telling that articles must be a point to point perfect but the articles must be helpful and interesting. so the chances increase. The website should not be so colorful. try to arrange the simple and good looking template to blog. it can also help to grow chances.

2. Create AdSense account

When you started the blog newly on blogger, then you do not get the switch AdSense account button.

First, you have to qualify your blog to get this button. To qualify for that button your blog must have the ten valuable posts. Once you write the post then you can apply for AdSense.

I am suggesting you switch account only when your blog is able to get approval. In fact, you have to switch AdSense account only by using the blogger’s earning section. It improves your chances of getting approval instantly.

As shown in this image you have to do as step by step –

Step 1: Login to your blogger account
Step 2: Select the Earning button as shown in the image
Step 3: Click on the Switch AdSense account
Step 4: Fill the form carefully

Fill all the information correct Because in future all your transactions take place on the basis of this information. You will not get another chance. so fill this form genuinely. After this, it will generate a code.

Why Switch AdSense account from here?

It is very glad to say, If we open the account form here then approval chances more than simple method. Here switch account button activates when the blog becomes able to it. If we open the account from another method then you will not know “Is your blog able to get approval”.

3. Where to put AdSense code?

As per AdSense instruction, you have to place this code between and . Some people place this code in a box of layout section of blogger. This is a totally wrong way. It must be placed at the space given in information only. If you place it in any other space it maybe your mistake in some condition.

My suggestion for you ‘places this code directly go to your theme section’. This is the correct way to place the code.

Step 1: Go to your theme section
Step 2: Search the in it
Step 3: Place code exactly between <head> and </head>

It is not mandatory to place this code exactly after but when AdSense you apply for approval then the community and bots crawl your website and find the code which we have placed in our theme.

If you have placed this code in any widget of your layout then some time crawling is not able to find the code in your template. This is my personal experience. Code with exact placed can represent easy by crawler than the chances increase.

4. Don’t Change the Template

Newby bloggers are not able to get approval so they have been doing wrong things. While you have applied for AdSense approval. then don’t change the template of your blog. When you change the template of your blog then you are placed the verification code delete by yourself and you have not any idea what is this? This is also my personal experience.

This code is mandatory to get approval. Even if you have approved account and if you deleted the code it results your ads will not show on that website. Your units will automatically change.

Newby bloggers are still trying to make their website good looking. For this reason, they change their template day by day. so don’t change the template before applying you have to work on your website. Before applying to AdSense you have to change your template.

5. Article tips to get AdSense approval

You are writing your own article. but this is not only a rule. You have to write 20 to 30 articles. Each article must have more than 500 words. This is not published the rule of writing article but it is a very important one. Remember this rule. This helps you to increase traffic and also increase the chances to be approved.

Suppose AdSense is the part of Google and after approval, they give us the chance to earn money. Think about it, if you do good work then they will give you a good return. Do some more efforts try to make the maximum word. This is not a waste of time. When your blog will become vast. For SEO you have to write more than your competitor. So ahead and increase your word.

Authority wants your talent. People who have a real passion for blogging only they can update their blog daily. This is also like a talent search.

6. Don’t write the adult content

This is a very important point and you have to make this point very seriously. Google AdSense does not place their ads on a page which has adult content. It results in rejection you account. So take proper care about it.

AdSense has some mandatory terms and policies which you have to read carefully. Read all these policies carefully to get approval. This is also a guideline for the future. After getting the approval you must run your blog by these policies.

If you think this is not mandatory then you can not get the approved account for long life. If you want your account approved then go and delete all the adult content from your website and try to ignore that thing to your website.


Don’t make any connection with adult content with your website. If the adult content founds on your website then it will show the infected website. Don’t worry if AdSense declined you to give approval. We have more options for you – AdSense alternative.

Follow this instruction to get the earlier approval of AdSense. Apply for AdSense by following these things guaranteed you will get approval earlier.

I hope this article will help you to make your blog AdSense friendly. I wish you get AdSense approval earlies as possible. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it with your friends. If you find any query about this article, don’t hesitate to ask me.

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