Ads.txt AdSense code – Where to put it on WordPress & Blogger?

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Hey there, if your AdSense is showing Earnings at risk – You need to fix some ads.txt file issues to avoid severe impact to your revenue, don’t ignore this issue, it may cause a big problem for you. You can fix it in a pinch, all you have to do is paste the ads.txt AdSense code on your website, no matter what platform it is on.

If you don’t have the ads.txt code on your website, then you are definitely missing out on a lot. Because AdSense has difficulty verifying your website, then it does not openly serve ads on your website.

After inserting this code on your website, if you have a little traffic on your website, then I am sure that you will see an increase in your revenue. It will make an impact on your RPM.

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How to get your ads.txt AdSense code?

  1. If you are getting this issue in your AdSense account, then right next to where Earnings at risk – You need to fix some ads.txt file issues to avoid severe impact to your revenue is written, there will be a button of Fix Now, click on it.
  2. Then a dropdown will open and it will be mentioned in which of your website you need to insert ads.txt file along with a Download button, click that button.
  3. A TXT file will download containing your AdSense publisher ID along with a code, you have to open that file and copy entire text.

Now get ready to paste this code into your website.

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How to insert an ads.txt code in webiste?

The process of inserting this code is different in both WordPress and Blogger.

Ads.txt in WordPress

Step 1 – Open your WordPress dashboard
Step 2 – Go to the Plugins >> Add New
Step 3 – Search WP File Manager using search bar

ads.txt adsense code

Step 4 – Click on Install Now button and then Activate button
Step 5 – Open the WP File Manager

Step 6 – In the root folder of the website, click on the New file button
Step 7 – Rename that folder exact as ads.txt

Step 8 – Hold cursor on ads.txt file now right-click on it then click Code Editor
Step 9 – Paste the entire text from AdSense here (Make sure not a single letter should be missed by mistake)

Step 10 – Click on the Save button.

Ads.txt in Blogger

Step 1 – Open your Blogger dashboard
Step 2 – Go to the Setting section of Blogger
Step 3 – Scroll a bit down, there you will find Monetization area
Step 4 – Enable custom ads.txt
Step 5 – Click on Custom ads.txt (an empty text box will open)

Step 6 – Paste the copied code there and heat the Save button.

To check whether the ads.txt file has been uploaded properly on your website, search the URL of your website and put ads.txt in front of it ( There you will see your inserted ads.txt AdSense code.

As soon as you put this code on your website, the issue of AdSense does not go away immediately, AdSense takes some time to verify it. So after 10-15 hours of inserting the code, you will find the line written issue disappeared in AdSense.

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