How to Set up the AdSense Auto Ads in the Blogger?

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AdSense Auto Ads is the best way to show Ads on any website. It is finding profitable for everyone. Here is no tension to find the best place to show the ad and no tension to select the size of it. For that Auto Ads is the function, it decides size and place for your ad. The Auto ads are the automatic function.
You need to place it only once in your website. After that, you have to forget it. It works automatically. You have not to do individually.
In this article, I am going to show you how to set up AdSense Auto Ad in blogger.

What is AdSense Auto Ads?

As you know AdSense is the tool of Google which give you chance to earn money. AdSense has it’s sub tool and AdSense auto ads is one of it sub tool. Before this time You had to do some trouble to find the best place for the ad code in your article. But now it has changes all the things. Nothing need to do manually here. It works automatically. It will help you to put ads in your article and you nothing need to do. You only have to put the code once in your blog’s theme editor or HTML editor.

The process to Set Up AdSense Auto Ad

This is a very simple process to show an ad on the website. Here is not a headache to put the code each and every page of your website.

1. Get the Ad code from AdSense account

First of all, you need an AdSense account for getting started. Read this tutorial for AdSense account.

First, log in to your approved AdSense account. After that, you have to click on the “Ads” button as shown in the figure. After that, the dropdown options will open. You can see the Auto Ads option now. The Auto Ads tab will open automatically.

adsense auto ads

adsense auto ads

Your auto ad code is in this window as you can see in the image. Everyone has a different code. Here nobody can spam.

Here no need to select the ad style and the ad size. The auto ad tool can understand the size of your website. The style changes every time. Means that many readers can see link ads and many readers can see a banner ad.

2. Copy the AdSense Auto Ad Code

adsense auto ads

Now you have to go to one step ahead. The next step is to copy the code. Yes, now you have to copy the auto ad code from the window as shown in this image.

Don’t try to copy the code manually. AdSense has given us a special button for the purpose of copy. Use always this button to copy the code.

While selecting manually the few letters can be left by you. The code will not work except for one letter. Therefore remember these things while copying.

3. Verify the Website

First of all, you have to verify your website. If you are using the website where you have to get the AdSense approval, no need to verify.

If you are using a different blog, you need to verify your blog. I hope you know the process to verify the website. If you don’t know the process I am going to tell you.

adsense auto ad

First, click on the “Sites” button. In the left menu of your AdSense account, you can see this option. You have to click on this option.

adsense auto ads

Now click on the Add Site button as shown in the image.

Now the new window will open. You can see the empty text box here. You have to enter your website URL here.

adsense auto ads

In the following space you can see the code this is your verification code. You have to copy this code using the Copy Code button.

4. Insert the AdSense Auto Ad Code

Now, this is the time to add this code in your blog. Remember you have to place this code in the correct place. Your mistake can become a big mistake.

You have to navigate to Theme and after that Edit HTML. Now go to the next step.

You have to place the copied code between <head> and </head>. This is a very correct place. You have to place it only in this place.


This was the whole process to add the AdSense Auto ad in the blog.

Here are two types of AdSense account you can see. It may be a different setting for both accounts. I have told you Adsense for content in this article. Difference between hosted and non-hosted AdSense account.

Go ahead and get more benefits from this facility.

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