Supply Crate release date – When it will be available in BGMI?

You are currently viewing Supply Crate release date – When it will be available in BGMI?

The question is coming in the mind of many people that when will the Supply Crate arrive in BGMI? That’s why in this article we are going to tell about Supply Crate release date.

Supply Crate is a great way to get items at BGMI and that too for free. However, it can also be opened from UC. But most people open it for free, so people love it very much and eagerly waiting for its arrival again. More items than all other crates are get from the supply crate opening and its coupons are also get more than other crate’s coupons in BGMI. In this, you get very good items, even mythic items can be collected for free, it depends on your luck. Stuffs that have ever been in a premium crate, or spin, the same items are seen in this crate. But here the chance of getting items are more.

Supply Crate release date in BGMI

Cycle 2 Season 4 is currently running at BGMI, and in Cycle 1 itself has had the supply crate removed, and not yet returned. The suspected reason for this is changing the name of supply crate in BGMI. And it must be delaying because of planning to re-release it by changing its name. It is being said by many people that its name will be changed to BGMI Crate, then few are saying that its name will be Knight Crate. If you have played the Korean version of PUBG, then you would know that instead of the Supply Crate, there is a PUBG Crate, the same thing is being tried to do in the Indian version of PUBG i.e. BGMI.

The release date of Supply Crate has not been officially mentioned anywhere. But there have been some leaks of the supply crate in the beta version, which clearly shows that the supply crate will soon be seen in BGMI and may or may not come in BGMI’s 1.9 update. Because it is likely to come in the global version. So if it comes in PUBG then after 1-2 days it will also come in BGMI. According to the calculations, the new update will arrive in BGMI by 15-17 March and the same date will also be for the Supply Crate.

The 1.9 update is coming with a lot of bangs. The supply crate will come but during this update new X-Suit will also arrive and new faces of both male and female characters will also come.


Lastly, I would like to say that update 1.9 is coming and is also bringing the supply crate along. No such update has come out yet whether Supply Crate will be released under another name or not. This is just a fantasy out of the community. The truth of this will be known only when the crate arrives. The leaks of the supply crate have been out, which will be available to see on YouTube. Till then, take heart and keep playing BGMI.

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  1. Vivek Rastogi

    I have heard that Supply Crate is about to come in BGMI soon.

  2. Chhakuli

    Yes you are write, supply crate will release with new update.

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