How to get PUBG Partner title [BGMI Parter] | Can everyone get this title?

pubg partner title bgmi partner

Do you play PUBG? If yes then definitely read this article because it will enhance your knowledge of PUBG. In this article, I am going to tell you about one of the rarest things about PUBG is about the PUBG Partner title.

First of all, know what is is the title in PUBG? When you do something as specified by PUBG while playing PUBG, then on completing it, PUBG gives you a title for it. And the titles you have achieved, your teammates, and your friends can be seen above your PUBG’s character name. As we know, there are many achievements in PUBG, some are permanent, some are temporary. And on fulfilling the criteria given in some of these achievements, we get some rewards and titles which are considered very valuable in PUBG. And nowadays people try to achieve as many titles as possible. There are also some titles in PUBG, which can be get by collecting achievement points to some extent, and on the basis of those achievement points, you get the title like Overachiever. I hope you understand what is the title in PUBG. So let’s move on to our PUBG Partner title.

What is the PUBG partner title?

PUBG Partner title is a title that can be available to only and only those people who are influencers of PUBG, that is, people who create content related to PUBG. So get it out of your mind right now that you too will get this title. You can search this title by going to the title section in PUBG where the PUBG’s entire achievements titles are mentioned, you will not find this title there not in Achievement. This is not such a title that you get by playing PUBG and completing the achievement. A question must have come to your mind that where does this title come from? So I would like to tell you that it is the PUBG team itself that decides who has to give this title, and for this, they have kept some criteria, which have to be fulfilled to get the title.

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For what purpose this title is?

As we all know that the number of people playing PUBG is increasing day by day and at the same time the number of content creators i.e. streamers is also increasing. There are some very famous streamers whose names are copied by many people in PUBG. And these people create a fake account using any famous player’s name and start hacking and killing the opponents. What happens with this is that the name of the original famous player gets maligned. So this title is given to represent the original. As a blue tick is found on the real accounts of celebrities or influencers on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, then this title can be called a blue tick in PUBG. So this title will show that this account is the official account of this person.

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How can you get the PUBG Partner title?

As I have already told you that the PUBG does not give any offer to get this title to a common man in any conditions. This is a gift from PUBG for those people who share content related to PUBG. You can check on YouTube or any social media that this title is not received by many streamers yet. The reason behind this is that in order to get it, it is necessary to fulfill the criteria kept.

Now let’s see what is the minimum requirements so that you can get this title –

  • 150 average veiws on each your uploaded videos on your channel.
  • Your entire channel’s videos should already have 10000 views.
  • 15% of your entire content should be related to PUBG.
  • You should upload videos with consistency on your channel.
  • You should have positive attitude with your viewers.
  • There should be an art to get new viewers, for which a constructive attitude is nesessary.
  • Along with new videos on your channel, you should also get new subscribers.
  • You should get the majority of views from people who subscribed to your channel.
  • Just like you are acitve on your channel, you should also be on your social media pages.
  • If you have got sponsorship from any brand on your channel, then it should get continuous.

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If you are a PUBG related content creator and upload videos on YouTube, and if your channel follows all the above-mentioned criteria then you can definitely get this title. If you play any version of PUBG like PUBG Korean or PUBG global version then you will get the title PUBG Partner, and If you play BGMI you will get BGMI Partner title. One important thing I want to tell you is that there is no redeem code by which you can get this title, so don’t be a fool.

Thanks for reading.

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