PUBG UC Trick – How to get free UC in PUBG mobile?

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Today in this article I will tell you how you can get UC of PUBG for Free. Actually, this is not a trick, but you can get UC on your own without spending your money. As you know PUBG is one of the most popular and most played games in the world. Along with becoming popular, its craziness is increasing among the people. Every day something new is seen in PUBG such as new clothes, skins et. And keeping your PUBG ID decorated has also become a fashion.

If you play PUBG then you must know that there are several ways so that you can get rewards. Some of them are free like Classic Crates, Premium Crates, Supply Crates, redeem codes, but these are not totally free. By opening all this for free, you do not get the rewards you like, it depends on your luck and there is a limit of free crates.

So if you want to get lots of rewards then you have to spend your money and buy UC. If you have UC then you can spend it and get many rewards from classic crates, premium crates, supply crates, custom crates, spins, and much more. And even you can purchase the Royal Pass too.

How to get free UC in PUBG?

By using the tricks given below, you can get free UC to some extent, but if you think that you can get thousands of UC for free, then let me tell you it is not possible.

#1. Purchase the Royal Pass

This is the first genuine way for free UC. Purchasing a royal pass is like a one-time investment business. You can purchase the royal pass directly from your PUBG account. Here are two types of royal pass the first is Elite Pass (UC 600) and the second is Elite Pass Plus (1800 UC). You get the same rewards from both types of royal passes. But if you bought Elite Pass Plus, you get some extra things like 25 RP rank and exclusive Avatar Frame. And if you increase your RP rank by 100 then you get 600 UC for free.

#2. Play Bonus Challenges

how to get free uc in pubg via bonus challenge

This is an incredible and competitive way to get free UC in PUBG where you have to do hard work, you have to fight against your opponents. They also have come to win, so this becomes very tough to win and compete with them.

Here are all types of matches you can play either classic or team deathmatches (TDM). And here there are players at 3 different levels Novic, Adept, and Expert. According to its difficulty level, you get Battle Coins and you can redeem these Coins in PUBG itself and take Unknown Cash (UC).

By playing the Bonus Challenge, you can easily win as many Battle Coins as you can comfortably take the Royal Pass. Its price is also good, you will get 100 UC on redeeming 1000 Battle Coins.

#3. Play and Earn apps

This is another way thing by which you will get UC by playing other small games. Actually with these type of apps you win real money and you can transfer this money to your bank or PayTM account. Later you can use this money to buy UC in PUBG.

There are very easy games in this type of apps such as carrom, ninja fruit cutting, basketball, shooting games, driving games, and much more. Along with games there are many earning options like refer and earn, watch the video & earn, daily tasks, and much more.

Here is the list of such type of apps –

These are the genuine ways by which you can get UC. There is no such way to get thousands of UC for free, PUBG doesn’t allow you to do this, and also there is no myth.

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