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Every day thousands of reels are uploaded on Instagram. Everyone looking for a good number of views on videos. But the reality is different only very few numbers of videos are going to go viral even if you master the Instagram algorithm there is no guaranteed formula to get hundreds of millions of views on a single video. Luck is also a big factor in this case. So if you are wondering what is the most viewed reel on Instagram, here are the top 20 world’s most viewed Instagram reels of all time.

The most viewed reel on Instagram in 2024

Sr. No.UsernameVidoe TitleViews
1.@hardikpandya93Take The Shot1.6B
2.@samsungwithgalaxyWhat went down behind the scenes of Epic Worlds1B
3.@riswan_freestyleHas anyone seen the ball?515M
4.@samsungmobileGalaxy S23 Ultra ad with J-Hope330M
5.@samsungwithgalaxyIntroducing Epic Worlds, a short film327M
6.@khaby00Guys how many times it happens to you?299M
7.@samsungmobileThere’s no dark side of the moon with the Galaxy S23 Ultra298M
8.@khaby00Btw I love this kid272M
9.@shivanjaliporje.03260 million views261M
10.@rohiiitsI am So Sorry254M
12.@khaby00Did you get the point?242M
13.@khaby00Ops 238M
14.@khaby00I had the impression that the fish was still alive231M
15.@deepikapadukoneJust looking like a Wow!223M
16.@khaby00Let’s just say he breaks a lot of eggs to make an omelet219M
17.@khaby00Dear, You should have just kept it simple.217M
18.@khaby00My Game My Rules210M
19.@khaby00Yes, sure….197M
20.@khaby00Man please use this type of glass and show the tricks187M
This data is according to the February 2024.

1. Take the shot

The world’s most viewed reel on Instagram is from the star India cricketer Hardik Pandy’s Instagram handle. In this video, it is shown that Hardik has collaborated with BattleGround Mobile India which is self the world’s most-played mobile game. In this video, Hardik is shown wearing a T-shirt of BGMI, during the video he says, “Now I am coming to become the man of the match in the world of Battlegrounds Mobile India.”

2. What went down behind the scenes of Epic Worlds

The second most viewed reel on Instagram is from one of Samsung’s Instagram handle @samsungwithgalaxy. This video shows how a short film named Epic World was shot entirely on the Samsung Galaxy s23 Ultra. The director of this short film is Zee Ntuli and the actor is Emma Myers.

3. Has anyone seen the ball?

The 3rd most viewed reel on Instagram with 515M+ views is from an Indian boy, who uploads new football tips and tricks videos. In this video, Riswan kicks a football and the football hits the rocks and disappears in a waterfall, then after some time the ball suddenly appears in the river. People watch this entire reel out of curiosity to know whether the football that has disappeared in the water comes out or not.

4. Galaxy S23 Ultra ad with J-Hope

This video was posted on Samsung’s Instagram when Samsung collaborated with BTS to promote the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, which has become the 4th most viewed reel on Instagram with 330 million views. In this reel, BTS star J-Hope is seen getting his photos clicked at night in portrait mode on Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, who then asks “Can you send these photos to me?”

5. Introducing Epic Worlds, a short film

Another reel posted by Samsung comes at number 5 in the list of Top 10 Most Watched Reels on Instagram with 327 million views. This video shows how The Epic World, a short film starring Emma Meyr, was shot using only the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

6. Guys how many times it happens to you?

Khaby Lame is a 23-year Italian and Senegalese social media influencer, due to his unique content, his reels get millions of views. One of this guy’s reels has gone so viral that it has become the 6th most viewed reel on Instagram. In this amazing reel, he shows how even after switching off the iron, a person repeatedly confirms whether he has switched off the iron or not. Khaby understands that this is human nature, so he asks the audience how many times this has happened to them.

7. There’s no dark side of the moon with the Galaxy S23 Ultra

A reel posted by Samsung in which the power of the camera of Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra was showcased is the 7th most viewed reel on Instagram. In this reel, photos of the moon have been taken by zooming in with the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra in the dark of night. This reel was posted by Samsung to show off the power of Galaxy S23 Ultra’s camera in the dark at night.

8. Btw I love this kid

One other reel posted by Khaby Lame’s Instagram is among the top 10 most-watched reels on Instagram. This is a funny reel, which teaches us that one should not take unknown people lightly. In this reel, Khaby waves his hand to an unknown child from his car parked at the signal, in return the child shows him the middle finger.

9. Reel by Shivanjali Porje

Shivanjali Porje is an Indian girl influencer who regularly posts reels on Instagram. A video of this girl went so viral that it came in the top 10 most-viewed reels with 261 million views. In this video, this cute girl has shown the art of her eyes on the sound of a gunshot in a piece of music and has given a cute smile in the end. Viewers liked this little artist so much that they made her video viral.

10. I am So Sorry

There is an Indian couple behind this Instagram handle who makes reels on the topic of many conflicts and fights that happen in the daily lives of husband and wife. One such reel of his has become the 10th most viewed reel on Instagram. It is shown in this reel that Rohit’s wife throws away Rohit’s expensive shoe but it is tied with a rope, in return Rohit breaks his wife’s lipstick. Then Rohit’s wife pulls up the shoe tied with a rope, Rohit, while his shoe is intact, breaks the lipstick and apologizes by falling at his wife’s feet.

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