Which is the best Bolt Action Rifle in BGMI as well as PUBG?

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BGMI (Battleground Mobile Indian) is a popular battle royale game that features a variety of weapons like AR (Assault Rifles), SR (Sniper Rifles), DMR (Designated Marksman Rifles), SMG (Submachine Guns), Shotgun, LMG (Light Machine Guns), Pistols, and Melees. In BGMI, all weapons are divided into above mentioned categories on the basis of their character. In this article, you will know which is the best Bolt Action Rifle in BGMI. Every Bolt Action Rifle usually come under the Sniper Rifles category in BGMI.

What is a Bolt Action Rifle all about?

First of all, we need to know what is a Bolt Action Rifle, so that we will be able to identify it easily. A Bolt Action Rifle is one in which the firing process is accomplished by the bolt, which is mounted in the gun itself. We can identify it by just looking at the bolt present mostly on the right side of the gun. This type of gun is always longer in size, convenient for mounting the scope, and always has a protruding handle which we can call Bolt Handle. The guy who fires using Bolt Action Rifle is usually called a Sniper. Generally, this rifle works in single-firing mode. After firing one bullet, the second bullet is loaded into the gun and fired again after getting time to reload. For this reason, the aim of the sniper should be accurate, so that the enemy can be eliminated in a single bullet.

Which is the best Bolt Action Rifle in BGMI?

Talking about Bolt Actlion Rifles, everyone knows that the most lethal one in BGMI is AWM. But everyone in the game does not get AWM to use, due to it coming in Airdrops and does not spawn everywhere in the map in BGMI. That is why we are going to compare all BARs which can be easily got in the game, to know which is the best BAR. Currently, BGMI has 5 Bolt Action Rifles which are mentioned below:

1) AWM: Arctic Warfare Magnum

Just like the M416 is everyone’s favourite Assault Rifle, the AWM is everyone’s favourite in the Sniper category. AWM stands for Arctic Warfare Magnum. This is the deadliest Bolt Action Rifle in BGMI, just a headshot of it can eliminate your opponent, even if he’s wearing a Level 3 helmet. It is a sniper, so obviously it is only for long-range. In BGMI, AWM is available only in airdrops in classic mode, along with its 25 bullets are also available.

Weapon name: Arctic Warfare Magnum (AWM)
Weapon type: Bolt Action Rifle
Ammunition: .300 Winchester Magnum
Hit damage: 105
Firing mode: Single
Magazine capacity: 5 cartridges (Extended capacity 7)
Attachment points: 4

2) M24

M24 doesn’t need any introduction, because nowadays everyone keeps playing with M24 in the TDM mode of BGMI. This gun can be identified from a far distance by its amazing firing sound.

Weapon name: M24
Weapon type: Bolt Action Rifle
Ammunition: 7.62mm
Hit damage: 75
Firing mode: Single
Magazine capacity: 5 cartridges (Extended capacity 7)
Attachment points: 4

3) Kar98K: Karabiner 98 Kurz

Karabiner 98 Kurz is commonly known as Kar98K. This rifle has its existence in real life as well. Its outer body is made entirely of wood, which makes it look most beautiful in the sniper category. This ancient look of this rifle attracts many people and compels them to pick up the Kar98K in the game, however, there is nothing special in this rifle. Neither does it use any special ammo nor does an extended magazine can be installed. The designers of PUBG also give utmost importance to this gun, so most of the skins among the snipers have been designed only for Kar98K.

Weapon name: Karabiner 98 Kurz (Kar98K)
Weapon type: Bolt Action Rifle
Ammunition: 7.62mm
Hit damage: 79
Firing mode: Single
Magazine capacity: 5 cartridge
Attachment points: 3

4) Mosin Nagant

Mosin Nagant is the newly added Bolt Action Sniper Rifle in BGMI and PUBG. This sniper is normal and is easily found anywhere on the Erangle and Vikendi map. Nowadays it has become a sniper rifle found more than the Kar98K, but its popularity is slightly less than the Kar98K. This gun is very similar to the Kar98K in appearance and features, so there is confusion about which one to pick up. Its sound is similar to that of Win94.

Weapon name: Mosin Nagant
Weapon type: Bolt Action Rifle
Ammunition: 7.62mm
Hit damage: 79
Firing mode: Single
Magazine capacity: 5 cartridges
Attachment points: 3

5. Win94: Winchester Model 1894

Win94 is the only weapon in the Sniper Rifle category that does not need to attach a scope with because it comes with an already attached scope. If we compare, the range of scope of Win94 is similar to the range of 3x or 4x scope. So that we can use this weapon for mid-range combat not more than that. This gun is very common in the game, but only found in Miramar, Sanhok, and Karakin maps.

Weapon name: Winchester Model 1894
Weapon type: Bolt Action Rifle
Ammunition: .45 ACP
Hit damage: 66
Firing mode: Single
Magazine capacity: 5 (Extended capacity 7)
Attachment points: 1

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What is the best location to find Bolt Action Rifle in BGMI?

Bolt action is the gun category whose gun spawns least in BGMI, that’s why these guns are rarely found. These guns spawn somewhere in all the maps in BGMI. There is no such certain location where to find this category of guns. It can be found lying anywhere on the map. Out of these, we only know the fixed location of AWM. Because only this is a bolt action rifle which is available only in airdrops. The Mosin Nagant is mostly found from bots. Kar98 and M24 don’t have a fixed location but can be found by searching properly.

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Frequently asked questions about Bolt Action Rifle in BGMI

1) Is Win94 a Bolt Action Sniper Rifle?
→ Yes, Win94 is a Bolt Action Sniper Rifle.

2) Which is the best bolt action rifle Kar98K or M24?
→ According to damage and reloading time, Kar98K is better than M24.

3) Which is more deadliest Kar98K or Mosin Nagant?
→ These both are the same according to their damage. The Kar98K is more heavily used, so it proves to be deadlier than the Mosin Nagant.

4) Is Lynx AMR a Bolt Action Rifle?
→ Lynx AMR is a powerful Sniper Rifle, but it does not come under the Bolt Action Rifle category.

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    Can you suggest the place where to find bolt action rifle in bgmi?

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      Bolt action rifles can be spawn anywhere in the map

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