PUBG Mobile Lite Latest Version – How to Update PUBG Mobile Lite?

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Hey, if you have a problem and couldn’t find the solution on how to update PUBG Mobile lite, read and follow this article. You will definitely get PUBG Mobile lite new update version.

PUBG Mobile lite is the compressed version of PUBG Mobile. The devices of 2GB Ram or more can run PUBG Mobile while 1GB Ram can run PUBG Mobile lite. People who have low-end devices can play PUBG Mobile lite on their devices. The system requirement for PUBG Mobile lite is a minimum of 1GB RAM with Android 4 or higher. It is specially made for devices lower than 2GB RAM.

The latest version of PUBG Mobile lite is 0.22.0. You can download or update PUBG Mobile lite in India. Even you can not access the official website of PUBG Mobile lite. Its clean and clear reason is Indian government has banned all the Chinese versions, apps, and games in India.

How to update PUBG Mobile lite?

The ways and processes to update PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile lite are similar. PUBG Mobile lite has also its official website, where you can get an updated version’s PUBG Mobile lite APK.

#1. Update from APK pure

As I have already told you APK pure is one of the best app stores. You can also call it the library of the app. Here how can you get the PUBG mobile lite new version? When the designers and developers of PUBG mobile lite develop an updated version of your game, it displays the Update button on APK pure.

1) Download and install APK pure on your device.
2) Go to APK pure app.
3) Search PUBG Mobile Lite there.
4) If a newer version of PUBG Lite comes, you can see it in APK pure. If it is showing the Update button, go ahead and click on it.
5) After the complete downloading process. Your update button gets replaced with the Install button. Tap on the Install button.

Your PUBG Mobile lite is updating. Congratulations! It was done successfully. I like this process more than other methods. This is straightway to get PUBG Mobile lite’s latest version.

Nowadays, something is going wrong with APK pure. It shows PUBG mobile lite has get closed or it is not available in your country. If you are also facing these problems and have trouble finding PUBG Mobile Lite on APK pure, don’t worry you can definitely get PUBG Mobile lite’s latest version.

#2. Update from Play Store

No one PUBG Mobile version will appear on Google Play Store until the Indian government unbans it in India. But you can see it on the Play store by using VPN. If you want to know the best VPN for PUBG mobile, click on this link.

1) Clear the cache and data of your Play Store first.
2) Connect VPN to your device.
3) Create a brand new Google account (while creating a new Google account keep your VPN connected)
4) open the Play Store with that newly created Google account.
5) Once you have done it, you can see all versions of PUBG on the Play Store.
6) Search PUBG Mobile lite, go for it and install.

This is the method to update PUBG Mobile lite from Play Store. You are doing this after PUBG mobile lite gets banned in India. If still, you are unable to do your PUBG Mobile lite update, don’t worry go for the below method.

#3. Update from Official website

In this method, you can download PUBG mobile lite directly from the official website of PUBG mobile lite. Due to the ban, you can not access the website, therefore you have to use VPN to access the website. Let see how to do –

1) Clear the cache and data of your browser.
2) Connect VPN to your device. (keep your VPN connected until the whole downloading process).
3) Go to the official website of PUBG mobile lite.
4) Click on the APK Download button and your download will start.
5) After downloading, install the downloaded APK.

Now you have the latest version. Now you can enjoy your battle. Now you can disconnect VPN and play. If trouble login in with any account in PUBG mobile lite, you need to connect VPN to your device and try to login again.

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