How to restore Classic Widgets by removing Block Widgets in WordPress?

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In this article, I am going to tell you that how you can remove Block Widgets and restore Classic Widgets in your WordPress dashboard.

As you know, new updates keep coming in WordPress and this is a very good thing. But you must have noticed that this time the WordPress update 5.8 has come with a twist and that twist is Block Widgets. Block Widgets are not that difficult to handle but Classic Widgets look much better. In block widgets, everything has to be done manually whereas in classic widgets everything is done with a single click.

Remove Block Widgets by using a code

The below mentioned is a PHP code of which you have to insert into your WordPress. Let us know where and how you have to insert this code in your WordPress.

1. First of all copy the given below code

//disable the brand new WordPress widget editor
add_filter( 'use_widgets_block_editor', '__return_false' );

2. Now go to WordPress dashboard >> Appearance >> Theme Editor

remove block widgets restore classic widgets

3. Go to Theme Functions, in some cases, it is also named functions.php
4. Paste the copied code at the extreme end of Theme Function (as shown in the image)
5. Press the button.

Now you can see the Block Widgets have got remove and the Classic Widgets have been restored successfully.

There are also such types of plugins that allow you to restore Classic Widgets back. If you don’t like the above-mentioned method or even if you are more familiar with using plugins, you can use the plugin. Classic Widgets is the name of an incredible plugin, you just need to install and activate it into your WordPress. Your Block Widgets automatically get converted into Classic Widgets.

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Which method did you use, whether the given methods are really useful or not, please tell us by commenting.

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