How to create a “Sticky” Floating Sidebar Widget in WordPress?

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If you want to know that how you can keep the sidebar in your WordPress website sticky, then stay with me on this article till the end. I am going to tell you the two most artisan and accurate methods, in the first method we will complete this task with the help of CSS and in the second method, we will do this with the help of the plugin.

Let us first know what the sticky sidebar is. A sticky sidebar is a variant of a sidebar. You must have seen that when we scroll down the post of a website, then the sidebar appears till the extreme end of that webpage.

There are several themes available that already have the sticky sidebar feature. But if you like a theme, which you have used on your website but unfortunately it does not have the sicky sidebar feature, then what will you do? So don’t worry, I am going to give a solution to this problem of yours in this article. There are many benefits of using it, let’s know them first –

Advantages of using Sticky Sidebar

If you are placing AdSense or anyone’s ad in the sidebar of your website, then sticking the sidebar is a very good trick to show that ad to visitors for a long time. This increases your chances of getting more impressions and clicks.

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How to make Sidebar sticky in WordPress

We have divided this tutorial into two methods. The first method is very easy in which we will use the plugin, the second method can prove to be a bit difficult, for those who do not have knowledge of coding. But I will try to make it easy so that anyone reading this article can easily make the sidebar sticky. So let’s begin with the first method –

1. By using plugin

You can use any plugin according to you. I have used the Q2W3 Fixed Widget for WordPress plugin in this article for you to understand the tutorial.

1. Go to the WordPress dashboard of your website
2. Now navigate to Plugins >> Add New

How to make wordpress sticky sidebar

3. Search ‘Q2W3 Fixed Widget’ in the search bar
4. Install and Activate the plugin
5. Navigate to Appearance >> Widgets in the dashboard
6. Now you will see entire widgets on your website, you have to find Main Sidebar
7. Click on the widget which you want to make sticky

wordpress sticky sidebar
Click on the widget which you want to make sticky
wordpress sticky sidebar
and then tick the Fixed widget check box

8. Now it will open a widget editor, tick on Fixed widget there
9. Finally click on the Update button at the top right corner of WordPress.

Now reload your website, and you can see your sidebar widget has been floating. One thing I want to recommend is that you should add the sticky widget at the end of the sidebar because other elements of the sidebar do not visible due to the floating of this widget at the top.

WP Sticky Sidebar is also the best plugin to make the sidebar sticky. This is the second accurate plugin by using which you can make your sidebar sticky very easily. Let see how it works.

1. Go to the dashboard of your WordPress website
2. Navigate to Plugins >> Add New
3. Search for ‘WP Sticky Sidebar’ in the search bar

4. Install and Activate the same plugin which you can see the image

Once you have activated this plugin, then the whole work is done. Just reload the website once and you can see that the sidebar will be sticky. The specialty of this plugin is that by using it your entire sidebar becomes sticky and floats from the bottom.

2. By using CSS

This is the ultimate way to make your sidebar sticky and it works with each and every theme which you used on your website. The process of making the sidebar sticky with CSS is a bit lengthy and quite difficult to understand. It is very difficult to implement only by reading the process in written format, so I will refer you to a video.

Now you need to watch the video and implement the same on your website. According to the video first of all you have to find the code of your main sidebar by inspecting your sidebar.

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Wrapping up

These are two straight methods, by implementing which you can make the Sidebar sticky in your WordPress website. Make a floating sidebar using the plugin is the easiest method than using CSS and HTML. I am not recommending you any plugin, it is up to you that you can use any plugin as per your choice. If you found any problem, feel free to ask me, we will togetherly try to find the solution.

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