How to get bot lobbies in Fortnite?

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Do you want to experience easy gameplay in Fortnite, Bot Lobby is the best solution for this. This article will be favourable to you because, through this article, I will provide you with a comprehensive view of how to get bot lobbies in Fortnite.

Introduction to Fortnite

Fortnite is a world-famous battle royale game developed by Epic Games and was initially released on 21 July 2017. It gained immense popularity due to its battle royale mode where 100 players compete with each other to be the last person or team standing on a shrinking island. Players start with minimal equipment and must find weapons, resources, and items while avoiding opponents.

The building system is a special feature in Fortnite, allowing players to construct structures using assembled materials, adding a strategic element to the gameplay. The game’s vibrant graphics and frequent updates, including themed seasons and collaborations with pop culture franchises, contribute to its widespread appeal.

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What is a bot lobby in Fortnite?

A lobby or match that is populated primarily by computer-controlled characters, commonly known as bots. Bots are AI-controlled players that simulate human behaviour to some extent. These bots are added to matches to ensure that players have a smoother and more accessible gaming experience, especially for newer players.

Bot lobbies in Fortnite are often used for training, testing, or various experiments, like testing the performance of a new weapon and map, or various modes in training and preparation before a match, etc.

Bot lobbies are often for players who are just starting out or those who have lower skill levels. But there are a few techniques to get bot lobbies in Fortnite that I will explain further.

The idea is to provide a less challenging environment for players to learn the game mechanics, improve their skills, introduce them to the game rules and gradually transition into more competitive matches with human opponents.

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How to get bot lobbies in Fortnite?

Remember: Attempting to manipulate the system to get into bot lobbies or exploiting game mechanics is against the game’s terms of service. Fortnite actively takes measures to detect and prevent such behaviour.

Fortnite uses a skill-based matchmaking system, which means players are matched with others of similar skill levels. However, by adding bots to your matchmaking, you can get an easier lobby than normal.

1. Start a match with a bot

For many people who get satisfaction by playing easy games, the best option for them is a lobby full of bots.

A good way to get bot lobbies in Fortnite is to do matchmaking on alternative servers. Fortnite allows players to choose their preferred servers.

Here are steps on how to get lots of bots in your match:

  1. Change the region of matchmaking to Oceania or Asia and start a game like normally you do.
  2. Once you enter a pregame lobby, exit from that match and instantly ready up again.
  3. After that go to the settings and change the region back to which you want to play on.
  4. Once you do this it will be unready, you have to be ready again and start the game again.

When you enter the game you will see the lobby is fully loaded with bots.

2. Play with new player

Matchmaking with a newly created Fortnite account can take you to bot lobbies. This method can be more effective when you alone enter the game, thus you should play duo vs duo or squad.

This method probably brings a lobby fully loaded with bots but you can get maximum bots rather than real players each time you play with a new player. Matchmaking with all three new players increases the chance of getting the lobby fully loaded with bots.

Matchmaking with new players is not always effective due to a skill-based matchmaking system. This system gives equal priorities, thus you can see real players along with bots in your match.

3. Create a new Fortnite account

If you are bored of playing fast and difficult games and want to enjoy playing peacefully, then this method is especially for you. Or you can try this if you get satisfaction by killing bots.

Creating a new account and playing lets you spawn in bot lobbies in Fortnite. When you create a new account, its rank and tier will be very low. Accordingly, your difficulty level is decided and you are put in a lobby where you will be able to compete with your skills.

You can also use this new account with your main account for matchmaking to get bot lobbies in Fortnite.

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How to play less competitive games in Fortnite?

Despite being an experienced and highly skilled player, if you want to play an easy lobby, consider the following legitimate tips:

1. Play Solo vs. Squad

Playing solo vs. squad in Fortnite does not bring full bot lobbies, but it is effective when you want a less competitive experience. This method is an excellent option for rank-pushing.

It is obvious that in Solo vs Squad, you alone will have to face the entire squad. But this squad will not be entirely combined up of skilled players. In such squads, there are mostly unskilled players and the members of these squads are not completely together.

2. Land in less popular areas

If you take some time to set yourself on the battle group of Fortnite, you should land in less popular areas on the map. By doing so, your chances of facing highly skilled players at the beginning of the match are reduced.

Benefits of landing in less popular areas: First of all, you get time to get set up, you get time to assemble proper loot, and you also get some practice by killing a couple of bots. These things work to make you feel more confident and comfortable so that you will have an amazing game.


It is essential for you to keep a positive approach towards the game with a fair mindset. Trying to exploit the system or manipulate lobbies goes against fair play and can result in discontinuing your account. Thus play games in the spirit of sportsmanship and enjoy the challenge of improving your skills over time.

Getting into bot lobbies in Fortnite is possible with the new account and on high-ping servers. Using the above methods you can make a less competitive environment while being a highly skilled player. These are the borders don’t cross, otherwise, you will be discontinued from Fortnite.

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