How to get M416 Glacier Skin in PUBG and BGMI for free?

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Hey, today we are going to talk about M416 Glacier Skin. There will hardly be a player playing PUBG who does not like it, Everyone falls in love on seeing it for the first time. I recommend you to read this article completely, by this you will know everything about this gun skin like where you will get to see it in PUBG, can you get it for free or not and if yes So what is its trick?

As we know, PUBG is one of the most played games in the world. Due to some security reasons, PUBG got banned in India last year. Due to this, PUBG game company Krafton Gaming launched BGMI (Battle Ground Mobile India) in India. That’s why now the craze of PUBG i.e. BGMI in India has increased again.

Introduction to M416

M416 is one of the most liked assault rifles in PUBG/BGMI. If you are an assaulter in PUBG then you must be running M416. There is no better gun than this to strike at short range and mid-range. If you have good practice, a little knowledge of attachments, and good sensitivity, then you can hit the target from about 250 to 300 meters. Which we call Lazer Spray in gaming language.

What is M416 Glacier skin?

This is a skin of M416 gun which is made from a very good concept. We know about glaciers. Just like everything freezes in a glacier, the same concept has also been used to make glacier skin. The M416 looks like snow in this skin, looking at it, it seems that the M416 gun has been frozen and made of ice.

Earlier this skin was an epic item in PUBG, but now it has been removed from there and made a legendary item. Due to this, its demand increased further. This is an upgradeable type of skin that you can upgrade to level 7. You will have to spend a little money to upgrade it. But after upgrading you will get indescribable effects. Your money will be recovered from the satisfaction you will get after seeing it. Upgrading it, you will get effects like kill effect, elimination broadcast, on-hit effect, and loot crate which looks very impressive. Its Elimination Broadcast can be visible to all your opponents, making you look rich.

Elimination broadcast

m416 glacier skin kill message

Elimination broadcast is commonly known as Kill message. You’ll get this when you upgrade your Glacier skin to level 1. All the players present in the match in which you are playing will see this message. As can be seen in the image, this Kill Message appears when you eliminate someone with a glacier-skinned M416 gun. Seeing this too, it seems that this too is made of ice. You can also see ice crystals on it. On this kill message, you will see your name first followed by the M416 made of snow, followed by the name of the player who was knocked by you respectively

Kill Effect

When you upgrade Glacier skin to level 2, you get a Killing effect. Meaning whenever you kill someone with M416, a lot of smoke will start rising from where the enemy is dead and ice crystals will also come out along with the smoke.

On-Hit Effect

It is placed a number five in Glacier skin. Meaning if you upgrade your Glacier skin to level 5 then you will get this On-hit effect. The advantage of this will be that wherever you shoot, a little smoke will come out and some snowflakes will come out, which means that it will look like you have shot on ice.

Loot Crate

m416 glacier skin loot crate

Another amazing thing about Glacier skin is, on upgrading it you get loot crate skin along with it. You’ll get this loot crate when you upgrade your Glacier skin to level 7. As you can see in the image this loot crate is created when you kill someone with a Glacier skin M416 gun. Whenever you kill someone will a glacier skin gun, his crate will become a snowman as you can see in the image. The snowman looks very beautiful and the vapor keeps coming out of it.

Where you get to see M416 Glacier skin?

As you know there are many methods to get rewards in PUBG & BGMI like crate opening, spins, events, redeem codes, etc. Of these, the most preferred method is crate opening. You can do crate opening for free or you can also do it by spending money.

M416 Glacier skin is seen in the Classic crate of the global version of PUBG and BGMI. This is a legendary item and you can get it by opening the Classic crate.

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Tricks to get M416 Glacier skin for free

#1. Redeem code

There is no magic so that you can get this skin instantly. Our first trick is Redeem Code. As you would know, PUBG launches new redeem codes every day. On redeeming which we get some reward. Redeem codes for Glacier skins keep on launching. You see the article on our website here frequently, we keep updating the redeem codes launched every day – PUBG mobile Redeem code today.

#2. Classic crate

This trick is related to your luck. If your luck is good then you can get glacier skin very soon, and if not then it is not our fault or yours. At the time when you are going to open the crate make your character default, remove all the gun skins, and take off your character’s clothes. Then tap two or three times on the reward you want and open the crate. If you have good luck while doing this, then you will get Glacier skin in a few tries.

Before opening the crate, make sure that the reward for which you are opening the crate is downloaded in your resource pack.

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