AWM Full Form – What is the full form of AWM?

What is the full form of AWM?

awm full form
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The full form of AWM is Arctic Warfare Magnum, it is also called as AI-Arctic Warfare Magnum (AI stands for Accuracy International). This is a Bolt action sniper rifle that originated in the British country and it is manufactured by Accuracy International (A British-based firearm manufacturing company). The AWM was designed to allow cartridges of magnum rifles (.338 Lapua) to be used in it.

An interesting thing about AWM is that because it is a western rifle, so it was not very famous in India, but due to the presence of this rifle in games like PUBG Mobile and Free Fire, it got popularity all over the world. In PUBG, the AWM bullet does 105 hit damage, if this bullet hits the head of your enemy, he is eliminated even if he is wearing a level 3 helmet. This gun is considered very valuable in PUBG, so you get this gun only in airdrops.

Structure of AWM

The bolt of the AWM is longer than that of other bold action rifles so that the .300 Winchester Magnum and .338 Lapua Magnum can be used. The bolt head, locking ring, extractor, and magazine used are advanced to withstand the high pressure of larger cartridges. Despite being a sniper, it is fitted with a removable box magazine, which holds 5 rounds. It also has a stand, which proves to be very helpful in hitting the target by being prone.

AWM is also abbriviated for –

AWM – Appliance Wiring Material
AWM – Advantage West Midlands
AWM – Atlantis World Media
AWM – Ardent Window Manager
AWM – Association for Women in Mathematics
AWM – Advanced Wave Memory
AWM – Australian War Memorial

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